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Party Pooper

January 30, 2011

All winter long one element has been tracking us, monitoring all our movements, listening to all our plans, watching as we get giddy with excitement, laughing with a mocking tone cos it knows, right at the last second, its about to absolutely rain on our parade in the biggest way possible. And that element is SNOW.

And just like its been doing on all our previous trips, snow showed up all over the New York and Boston area Wednesday afternoon and on into Thursday morning. Dumping a whopping 15 inches all over the city and airport. Which for us meant cancelled flights. Cancelled flights and missed Broadway shows and a Broadway customer service agent who had zero sympathy for our situation. Would not give us a refund, full or partial, would not offer Broadway credit, would not send a private plane, wouldn’t even channel her inner Moses and part the Red Sea of raging storm clouds that covered the entire Northeast of the country. Selfish. But what she would do was give us any spare or empty seat to the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday shows. Which is lovely, if you live in New York. Not so lovely, if you live in Atlanta and are only in New York, for the weekend.  The good news is, yes there is some, I did eventually make it to New York late, very late Thursday night and was therefore able to report for pace-making duties at the start line of the women’s 1500m.

And if your looking for something different to occupy the next 5 minutes of your time, please feel free to CLICK HERE to see me in all my pace-making glory.

And even though it was a distant, distant, distant 2nd place to our Broadway show plans, I did venture out on a wee walk around New York to get a glimpse of the city in snow.

To No-One In Particular

January 26, 2011

This e-mail is to no-one in particular, but you’ll know yourself who you are, I’m just sayin.

To the growing pile of discarded clotheing lying next to your side of the bed. You said it’s cos our laundry basket went AWOL during the move. Well its back and yet there is still a growing pile. You’ll need to come up with a better excuse. I’m just sayin.

To the lazy-man approach of just leaving your dishes in the sink. You said its cos we didn’t have a dish washer. Well in the new house, we do, SO STOP LEAVING YOUR DISHES IN THE SINK. I’m just sayin.

To the post shower towels left hanging on the doors. You said they’re not yours. Well guess what? THEY’RE NOT MINE. I’m just sayin.

In other less coded news, this weekend I am off to the Big Apple, New York City, to kick off my first pace-making gig of 2011. I’ll be rabbiting the women’s 1500m at the 2011 Millrose Games, Friday night in Madison Square Garden and I’m pretty excited. Also on this trip, my bestfriend, Cuppy will joining me, to offer some pace-making moral support and so the 2 of us can take in a Broadway show. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am off to the theatre. How very sheshe-poopoo of me, I know. However truth be told, I’m not much of a musical, theatre type girl but its my personal belief that there is no way you can ever look back and say  ”yes, I’ve been to New York but no, I never took in a Broadway show”. Seriously, its the equivalent of going to Paris, but skipping the Eiffel Tower, sorta. And I’m sure if I had a bucket list of any kind, seeing a show on Broadway would find its way onto it. So get your jazz hands ready people, its time for some live theatre and a little shot of NYC culture.

Apple. Big Apple. Get it?

Micro Tree

January 23, 2011

Georgia Department of Forestry called, the pines trees we ordered had arrived and were ready to be picked up, all 250 of them. Yes, 250. Hmmm, wonder what we’ll be doing this weekend, planting a tree of 2 maybe? The Husband removed everything from the back of Bruschi (his pick-up truck) and we speculated about the number of trips needed to get all 250 back to the property. My guess was “loads”, loads of trips back and forth, all day and all night we’d be shuttling pine trees. I should definitely consider adding extra protein and extra carbs to my breakfast menu. As it turns out, only one trip was needed. The trees were micro. No bigger than a tree prop on the set of a Lego village. I couldn’t stop laughing. The entire collection fit in my wannabe $900 Louis Vuitton purse and the planting process looked like it would be as complex as throwing caution/pine seedlings to the wind.

Look at how cute. Bigger than a pine cone, but only just.

All Things Billy

January 21, 2011

I’m obsessed with Billy Elliot lately. Yes, the movie, not the little boy himself. Thats just weird and you should be very ashamed for thinking otherwise. Anyway, I can’t get enough of it. I’ve watched/fallen asleep to it at least 3 times so far this week. The soundtrack has been downloaded to my iTouch and should you be one of the 12 drivers I share my 5am commute with most mornings, then yes, that absolutely is me attempting the prefect pirouette from behind my steering wheel. And trust me, I will nail it. You definitely want to be driving next to me when I pull that one off. Camera phones out my friends. Camera phones out.

I have no idea where the obsession is coming from, but I am possessed with a definite urge to dance me ass off on the daily. To dance like no one is watching. And since its not hurting anyone, not yet anyway. Maybe I should abstain from the steering wheel ballet moves for a while and keep it strictly to a kitchen or supermarket/bank/post-office queue indulgence. If nothing else it makes me happy and will be a conversation starter for my fellow shopper/banker/post-office(er)(??)

Impressionable Me

January 17, 2011

I have waaaay too many clothes, its official. Moving into our new home has shined a spotlight so big on this fact, Sputnik 12 cited impaired vision due to a reflective light who’s origin is believed to be somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia as the main reason for a recently failed attempt on a satellite repair. Its officially ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is the sheer volumes of highly questionable clothing, purchased by me, in a state of sound mind (although that aspect is totally debatable) WITH the intention of wearing. Clothes so tight not even a 48 hour bout of food poison followed by 3 back-to-back marathons would give you the ability to squeeze into some of these pieces. Then there are the varying lengths of skirt. Anything from the constant tripping and potential tooth chipping of the gypsy length, to the “oh-my-god is it a skirt or a belt” street-walker length. Sadly I’m not kidding. All this stuff is actually in my closet. But I’m blaming Carrie Bradshaw for this entire wardrobe malfunction. Seriously, if it wasn’t for her ability to pull off all kinds of weird and random clothing combinations, I wouldn’t be out shopping under the assumption that I could do likewise. Silly, silly impressionable me.

And no no, your eyes do not deceive you. This is a florescent pink skirt. Never worn, thank god and now happily making its way to a Goodwill donation box.