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Amen To That

December 19, 2010

The flight to Dublin, Ireland leaves Tuesday evening at 5.55pm and my plan is to be on board, if I can just get myself organized. Have a feeling what I’m doing right now, sitting in front of the fire, watching football with The Husband and our 4 furry babies is not going to help me reach my goal of organization. Shouldn’t I be doing laundry, readying the bags for packing or rushing towards the mall to pick up the last of the family gifts? Nah, as The Husband likes to say, “why do today what you can put off til tomorrow“. And this evening, I say “Amen” to that, as does Fintan.

Random Questions Of The Day

December 16, 2010

Question: Are you really crazy if you can sit there and acknowledge that everything your saying and doing, is actually crazy??

Question: Why is foster baby Crooked convinced he can ball himself up small enough to sleep in Fintan’s (my cat’s) bed this evening? It does not look comfortable.

Question: I know the Post Office is not the place to be this time of year. In fact, if your me, the Post Office is never the place to be. I don’t have the patients for the long, slow moving lines being served by only 2 workers, one of which goes on break just as its about to be your turn. “Grrrrr, don’t lie Post Office worker, you did it on purpose. You see the frustration on my face. I want you to see it. I put it there deliberately. But your the one with the power right now. In this moment, I need you more than you need me and cos of all my huffing & puffing and projected hostility, you thought you’d flip me the mental middle finger by taking your break just as I moved in the general direction of your position.Rude! So my question is this; Post Office, why do you torture me so??

Question: Why didn’t The Husband listen when I told him driving Bruschi (his beloved pick-up truck) gave me anxiety? Honey, driving Bruschi gives me anxiety. Its too big and inhibits my ability to judge space accurately. I’m in constant fear of scraping and denting him, again, and you remember how much it hurt last time?” Now unfortunately Bruschi is sporting a brand new scrap AND dent, an almost identical match to the scrap AND dent on the opposite side. Sorry sweetie :(

Question: Christmas is a week away, why don’t I know what I’m getting anyone yet?

Slush Puppy Weather

December 14, 2010

Want to know if its cold in Georgia right now? Well take a look at these photos. Its freeeeezing.

On a not so freezing day, this is a tranquil water fountain. Now its just a big old Mr. Frosty.  Anyone out there remember Mr. Frosty? A homemade slushie contraption popular in the 1980’s? Ringing any bells? No? Showing my age I guess. Anywho, a simple dash of your favorite flavoring to that fountain and voilá, gynormous slushie heaven.

Emotional Limits

December 13, 2010

I have a husband, but wait, I’m not bragging, I’m venting. Honey, I love ya, but I’m not gonna lie, sometimes, you push me to my emotional limits. There are definite qualities about you I manage to somehow simultaneously love and loath and there are times, honestly, when you make absolutely no sense, like no sense, and your thought process is so random. I can’t keep up. I shake/scratch my head and walk away baffled. Then there are times when you are wrong, so very wrong but you won’t listen. These are the moments when you force my Irish temper to the surface and in my minds eye I want nothing more than to rugby tackle you to the ground again and again until you see things my way. But your bigger than me and I’m almost certain the impact would hurt me more than it would ever hurt you. But if I could just get a good run at ya, who knows the outcome. Do I see Lingerie Bowl or cage fighting in my future??

Having said all that, I do appreciate your ability to say “sorry“, first. Although, me often wonders if you really know what it is you should be sorry for, or are simply embarking on a mission of peace keeping? But lets not be petty. Marriage is all about choosing your battles and to be honest, when the rational side of my brain is fully operational or I can take a quick second to breath and stop myself mid rugby tackle, then even I can spot a fight worth having v’s red misted frustration. The Husband, you are the master of pushing my buttons. When you get it wrong, you get it very wrong. But when you get it right, you make me want to fist pump, Jersey style.

Block It Out

December 11, 2010

My week has been full. Up to the brim with a little over spill type full, but I managed to get nothing achieved. Absolutely nothing and it doesn’t feel good. It feels stressful. My mental “To-Do” list comes to bed with me at night and keeps me awake with its non-stop chatter until eventually I become immune enough to pop off to blissful broken, tossie, turnie sleep. On top of that I’ve been struck with a bout of writers block. Couldn’t think of one thing to write about. Not one thing. Hence my week long absence from the blog. Am sure things have been happening, maybe even interesting things, but for some reason when it came time to put virtual pen to virtual paper? Crickets, like a bad comedian. I guess I could have talked about my new ghetto fabulous highlights and how I’ve been putting off making the necessary dash to the pharmacy for some out of the box dye to fix the situation, cos I’m kinda enjoying the license to act a little Bon Qui Qui. Or I could have mentioned the fact that this week we had our office Christmas party, but honestly, I was really too ill to string the necessary words together. And not cos I polished off multiple glasses of champagne and the odd cocktail, oh no, its my personal belief that I may have eaten something dodgy, something that didn’t agree with my system. That’s my story your honor and I am sticking with it. Instead, in light of my struggle with writers block I have chosen to showcase some recent photos of my little fur babies. Don’t pretend your not excited. You’ve all been secretly begging for it. And since Christmas is just around the corner, I decided to grant you all your secret wish. So here are most of my little babies. Fintan wasn’t feeling very camera ready, so we’ve rescheduled his session.

Little Dexter giving me his best “sit” pose and throwing in some side profile action.

Foster baby Crooked. Yes, he is still with us. Don’t ask, its a long story, well, not really but he’s here and he’s adorable. On the left we have his “oh look, something shiny” pose. On the right we have his rookie “sit” pose. He’s not as good as Dexter, but he’s working hard.

And last but not least, little Manson, who is not a fan of 1. the cold weather, hence his cutesy little hoodie, or 2. having his photo taken, hence the look of almost misery.

And just for laughs and my own entertainment, I thought I’d include some behind the scenes photos. This is what I had to endure in my effort to capture the above photos. Crooked and Dexter were more interested in a quick game of tug-a-war with a random stick.

Followed by the “if you want it, come and get it” chasing game.

Followed by even more chasing.

Then we have Manson, anxious to make a break for it, back to his blanket on the couch..

Oops, a little wardrobe malfunction, a hood that won’t stop slipping.

Crooked trying to steal some of Manson’s camera time.

But how can you be mad, look how cute.

Eventually Manson and foster baby Crooked staged a coup de photo shoot. They’d had enough. It was time to leave.