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Bring It!

November 17, 2010

Sweat pants, the oversized ones, cozy and comfortable, I’ve had them for years. A hot cup of tea, chocolate biscuits (cookies) on the side. A blazing fire. Three little pets, peppered around the room, sleeping hard. All I need now are a few ladies in waiting to work on their needle-point, while I catch up on my correspondence as we exchange pleasant conversation about the upcoming ball, and we have ourselves a real live Jane Austen novel. Well, minus the oversized sweatpants. Am thinking thats not really Jane’s style. That and the fact that I’m really not working on my correspondence, but watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, Modern Family. But its my style, its what I’m doing this evening and I’m happy. So come on Winter, bring on your best cold front, your rain storms and your freezing, cos me, my sweatpants, my cup of tea and blazing fire, we’re ready for ya.

Random photo of myself included in this blog, why?  Why not? It was taken by my good friend Kate Giovinco and I like it, she made me look good. Chilled, just like I feel this evening. Thanks Kate, my corporate bound companion ;)

Kathryn & Kyle – Wedding

November 15, 2010

Kathryn sat in her Ugg boots, surrounded by her mom and her sister, beaming in her girlish way, fidgety with the excitement that today, was finally her wedding day.  Less that 50m away, in a room almost next door, Kyle sat with his best-man, his dad and the father of the bride, talking golf and trying to give the impression that everything was cool. But his eyes and his smile gave it away. On the inside he too was fidgety and excited, cos today, was finally his wedding day.

Kathryn & Kyle are two of the sweetest, kindest most genuine people you could ever met. They have such a positive, happy outlook on the world and their smiles are infectious. I am honored to call them my friends and beyond happy they asked me to document their wedding day. Kathryn & Kyle, its been a complete joy and pleasure capturing this journey for you both, from your engagement session to your wedding day. I wish you both a future filled with joy and happiness. I hope your having a blast on your honeymoon. See you y’all next week. XO KS

This is where it all went down, The Little Chapel on the fabulous Emory campus.

Kathryn looking amazing even without her make-up on, jealous.

The excitement was written all over her face. This girl is ready.

I loved how Kathryn’s dad just sat quietly, watching his little girl prepare for her big day.

The stunning dress.

And equally stunning shoes.

A simply perfect bouquet.

The rings.

Kyle prepares to put his best side forward.

This is how every bride should feel right before she gets into her dress. I love it.

The finishing touches.

Proud father and his gorgeous daughter.

See, Kyle could not hide his excitement.

Right outside the Chapel was this little round window giving us a peep into the ceremony.

I’m very proud to say that this shot was captured by The Husband and I love his angle.

Kathryn’s parents.

Kyle’s parents.

The seal that makes it official.

Kathryn & Kyle, your both just so fierce.

And fabulous.

Work it!

One of my favorite shots of the happy couple.

Yes, your fierce and you know it.

Still workin it.

Kyle, you got this posing thing down perfectly. You rocked it out.

Off to the celebrations.

Kathryn, I still want to taste this cake. I’m not even lying..

Random Unwelcome Guests

November 13, 2010

Its been such a random, busy week. Every day was non-stop and full of its own unique challenges. The most unique being the residential take over by an aggressive and completely unintimidated raccoon. Yep, the cheeky monster let himself in through Fintan’s kitty door and paraded around the house like he owned the joint. Drinking out of Manson’s water dish, chewing on Dexter’s bone, sniffing the scented candles and giving us the stank eye like we were the ones invading his space. Not even Dexter could intimidate this guy into leaving. No, instead Mr. raccoon became the aggressor and within minutes Fintan was scooped up under one arm, Manson under the other and Dexter tugged behind on his leash as I ran screaming for the door. Once safely outside a speed dial emergency phone call complete with hysterical breakdown was made to The Husband who was on his way into a very important meeting. Was being the operative word, cos this was clearly a life and death situation, much more needing of his immediate attention. Someone had to do the virtual hand holding as I tried to deep breath myself into calmness and figure out the best way of smoking this monster out of the house.

Calls to exterminators were fruitless. One suggested I pay him $400 or run for hills as it might very well be a rabbit raccoon. “Sir, I assure you, I may not be from this country but I do know the difference between a rabbit and a raccoon and this is definitely a raccoon.” But by rabbit he meant the raccoon might have rabies. Excellent news. Like I wasn’t freaked out enough. Either way this situation needed to be handled and in the absence of a willingness to spend $400, a Husband or a friend, Dexter and I decided to take charge and turn the tables of intimidation back on Mr. raccoon, and so with Fintan safely locked up in The Husbands car, Manson locked in mine, we began the slow approach back towards the house, opening all doors leading to the outside world insuring Mr. raccoon had multiple exiting options once we closed ranks. And after his bullying tactics didn’t work a second time, the raccoon slowly, upon conclusion of his house inspection, made his exit through the back door. Dexter and I raced around sealing any opportunities for re-entry and both Fintan and Manson were retrieved from their separate vehicles and returned to their rightful home. And to date, there have been no more sightings of our new uninvited “friend”, the raccoon.

This weekend I also had the privilege of shooting the wedding of an adorable couple and 2 awesome friends, Kathryn and Kyle. And guess who stepped up to the roll of my assistant and 2nd shooter for the occasion? The Husband. And he did a great job. I was very impressed. If he’s lucky I might consider offering him the position of permanent assistant and 2nd shooter. But only if he’s lucky.

Thank you The Husband, you did a perfect job.

He also managed to snap this photo of me, being very girlie and excited as I congratulated Kathryn and Kyle seconds after they were declared husband and wife.

Azura Wedding Albums

November 12, 2010

The hunt started several months ago. The hunt for the perfect wedding album to offer my brides. Something that was elegant, classy and completely timeless. Something they could pull out many many years from now and show their grandchildren. And while I’m certain that within 30 years, the dress, suits, shoes and head-pieces might appear a little dated, everything about their album would remain completely ageless.

The hunt eventually brought me to Azura Albums, who I was amazed and happy to discover are right here in Atlanta. Their albums were exactly what I was looking for, simple, elegant and  hand made using the highest quality leather. The perfect showcase and eventual heirloom for all of my couples. Lek and Shelly are the fabulous brains behind the operations at Azura and a nicer couple you could never meet. They took the time to sit down and educate me about each of their products. The thickness of the pages. The UV and sticky finger protection applied to every page. The touch feel and smell of the genuine leather covers and the personalized imprinting. Then it was on to the factory floor to get see first hand how all of the albums are put together. It was so cool and very reminiscent of a primary school field trip. Seeing the time, care and attention being put into every album design, preserving the wedding day memories of many couples was very exciting. For me the album is so important. Its what The Husband and I treasure most from our own wedding day. When the food has been eaten, the champagne drained, the flowers wilted, the dress a little too tight in the waist and the shoes completely worn out from dancing, the album is the one thing that helps your wedding to live on. For me its important that all my couples walk away with similar memories and that’s why I’m happy to now be adding Azura albums to all my wedding collections. Cos memories should not stay trapped on laptops and cell phones.

Some of the Azura album options.

Every element of the album process is done by hand.

This I loved. All the lettering for cover imprinting. Very old school and vintage. Made me feel like I was part of a period movie based in old time London.

The amazing Shelly and Lek, thank you both so much for your time, education and tour.

Blue In The Face

November 9, 2010

I’m blue in the face making decisions these days. Like Every which way I turn something is needing to be decided. I see the Husband coming and I literally dive for cover under a table. When he enters the room calling out my name “Shinks?, Shinks? Where are you?”  I retain my World War 2 blitzing position and whisper softly into the wind, “Shinks in not here, so keep it movin”. I know what he wants and I just can’t stand the idea of going yet another round of choosing and deciding. My taste is not his taste. I make my selection, he shoots it down. He makes his selection, I shoot it down and for the next several minutes, hours or days, we plead our cases, defend our choices and try our best to discredit the other persons preference just so someone can walk away with the title of “winner”. Its exhausting. For The Husband and I compromise can be hard. We are both stubborn and have very strong and often differing opinions, so no decision we make is ever easy. Not tile or grout choices, door styles or door knobs, bathroom fixtures, overhead lighting, kitchen cabinetry, none of it. But at this stage I’m broken and tired and often hungry (I’m finally back training so the appetite is through the roof) and I’m starting to not care. I don’t care that yesterday after the painters left, I discovered the colors of our new master bedroom and guest room were straight from the color palette labelled “diarrhea”. Like f’real. Ok, possible slight exaggeration here, but its close people and I don’t even care. Or maybe I do, but for now I’d rather assume ostrich pose** on the situation, at least until I feel less like I’ve been shot out of a cannon. So..

…Dear The Husband,

Get plenty of rest while your away this week, cos when you come back, more decisions need to be made. Now I’m off to the gym and maybe a massage to get in shape for our decision making process.

Your loving wife,

The Wife.

**Ostrich Pose: burying ones head in the sand on important issues in the hope that they will 1. sort themselves out, 2. just disappear.