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Free Lunch

November 29, 2010

They’d been showing up in our mail box every month for the past year. A simple postcard announcing that we were eligible for a free, yes FREE, 3 day break to the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. But being as The Husband and I are both grown ups and life has thought us that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, let alone a free 3 days break to Biloxi, Mississippi, we tossed the simple postcard into the recycle pile each month it made its appearance, until 2 months ago. On a slow evening in September, The Husband was going through the pile of mail when there it was again, our monthly Beau Rivage postcard, this time however curiosity got the better of him and The Husband decided to pick up the phone, dial the toll free number and get to the bottom of this amazing offer.

Fast forward 2 months later and I am currently sitting in our hotel room of the Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino, right on the fabulous Gulf Coast in Biloxi Mississippi, while The Husband is tripling our non-existent children’s college funds at the blackjack tables. Apparently there is occasionally the opportunity to grab a free lunch. That or the casino is hoping they have offered complimentary flights and hotel to a bunch of high-rollers who with a blood stream full of free liquor will lose all inhibitions and blow their retirement funds at the smokey poker tables and slot machines. But little do they know that I will absolutely take their complimentary flight and sleep in their complimentary room, heck I will even drink their complimentary liquor cos it would be rude not to, but I will not be spending all The Husbandsmy, our money on blackjack or poker tables and not because I have no idea how to play either, but because I would rather throw on my trainers, my **fanny-pack** and my shell-suit jacket in bold colorful patterns, take my place next to all my new golden girl friends and blow our life savings feeding slot machines full of quarters. Much more fun.

** To all my Irish friends, yes I absolutely did cringe having to write the words “fanny-pack“, but please know that here in the US, “fanny” does not carry the same meaning. To our American friends it simply means “ass”  so using my now fluent American-Irish English, I can translate for you all that:

fanny-pack = bum-bag (purse type accessory popular in the early 1990’s)

Modern Family

November 27, 2010

Taking advantage of the long weekend and the chilly but sunny weather, we decided to pack up a portion of our motley crew family, pick up a couple of friends and head off to hike the Tallulah Gorge. And for anyone out there who like me has been struggling to get any sort of consistent workout going the past few month, may I suggest taking a 6 month old high energy, intensely curious foster puppy, along with your own 2 year old Dexter on said hike. This is sure to make up for many many months of physical idleness. My cardio was tested cos as we all know, puppy dogs and Dexter dogs love to run.  Strength came into play when both dogs needed to be restrained from chasing any and every random squirrel and chipmunk. And power was the focus when little Crooked became intimidated by some weird metal steps and needed to be carried up several flights of gorge stairs. But even this was not enough to wear my little canines out, cos every time we stopped to grab a few minutes break and check out the views, the 2 boys were all over each other wrestling, chasing and playing tug of war. The cold fresh air, the environment full of new and exciting smells, the fact that the family and some friends were all out together enjoying the fabulous day, had these little doggies completely energized. They were pumped and they just couldn’t hide it.

And due to the challenges of the day, I only have a few point n’ shoot photos to share from our excursion, cos as skilled a multitasker as I am, somehow holding a camera in one hand while trying to restrain a puppy in the other became way to much and eventually I just stopped trying.

The group: Back Row: The Husband, Crooked, me and Cuppy. Front Row: Peter, Dexter and Fanz. Crooked is just too damn cute in his permeant state of tilted headness.

The Husband with both our energizer bunnies. And Crooked, still rockin his crooked.

Just For Fun

November 25, 2010

Its Thanksgiving here in the US, so you know what that means? GOBBLE JOG time. Every year for the past 4 yrs my good friend Mike (aka Cuppy) and I have done the Thanksgiving 5k. This year however, we did flirt with the idea of not competing. Between 3 sprained ankles (twice on the right and once on the left), busy work schedules, saving the worlds abandoned animals, one puppy at a time, we’ve struggled to keep up with any form of consistent training. Bottom line, we were not in peak Gobble Jog form. Then we had a thought, what if we ran it “just for fun?” Not for chasing times. Not for personal records or shiny medals. Just for the craic. A very weird and foreign concept for both of us, but we thought, “what the hell, lets give it a go” and we did.

There I am taking my “just for fun” approach very seriously.

Cuppy is middle of shot in the white vest and maroon shorts and yes, he too is wear his “just for fun” smile.

The sea of Gobble Joggers

Me finishing.

Not lookin and feelin so smiley now, are we??

Cuppy crosses the line.

Also strugglin to rock the smile.

The “congratulations we survived” high-five.

Thanks to my friend Fanz for coming out to cheer us on, for snapping these photos and for cooking an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Not having to cook after a hard day of Gobble Jogging was very much appreciated.  Thanks Fanz XO

Sherie & Bobby – Engagement

November 22, 2010

We’d never met, never even spoken, but Sherie came across my website, loved my work and so sent me an e-mail asking if I would shoot her engagement session. To say I was flattered would be an understatement, but I was also a little nervous, cos lets be honest, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m high energy and completely excitable. I jabber on like a jack-rabbit. My sense of humor is a little on the sarcastic side and I have been known to drop the odd f-bomb, ooopsie. Having not had the opportunity to meet before the actual engagement session, I was worried Sherie and Bobby would find me just a little too much and the 2 hour shoot would feel torturous. But my fears were unjustified, cos within seconds of meeting, Sherie and I both jabbered on like jack-rabbits and bounced off each others energy perfectly. I had an absolute blast documenting her and Bobby’s engagement.

As your about to see, this couple is fierce, like way fierce. Sherie has a larger than life personality, laughs deep and hard, has a fabulous sense of style and the confidence to rock it out in front of the camera. And 6 years ago at a Starbucks in a downtown Atlanta mall, Bobby first laid eyes on Sherie and knew straight away that there was something about this girl. Yes she was stunning, but there was something else, something that compelled him to get up off his seat, walk across the coffee shop and strike up a conversation. Lucky for Bobby, Sherie was thinking the same thing. Something about Bobby compelled her to stay and listen to what this handsome man had to say. From there phone numbers were exchanged, dates were had and now, Sherie and Bobby are in the throws of planning the rest of their lives together.

Sherie and Bobby, congratulations to you both. I know we just met, but I had so much fun on this shoot it felt like we’d been friends for years. Thank you also for bringing along your high sense of style, your both too fabulous for words and made my job very easy.

And now to the photos. Because there were way too many fabulous photos, it would have been way too hard to blog them all, so I included a slideshow at the end of this post.

The fierce and fabulous Bobby and Sherie.

As we all know, I’m a sucker for a fabulous shoe shot and Sherie’s shoes did not disappoint.


Workin it!

Sherie, you’re stunning.

Tell me this girl does not belong in a fashion magazine?

I wish I could pull off bold red lipstick like Sherie.

Not to be outdone in the footwear department, Bobby rocked out the yellow socks.

Sherie just could not stay serious for long.

Love this shot.

Go on with your bad selves.

So fierce I can’t even stand it.

A quick outfit change and then its back to rockin the fab.

Totally gorgeous.

And totally handsome.

A little quiet time.

If anyone knows how to laugh, its Sherie.

A downtown parking deck has never looked so hot.

One last look to rock.

Classy and fierce, all in one.

The bling.

Photographers out there might be tempted to think I used some sort of reflector to get that golden glow onto Sherie’s face, but I used nothing. The setting sun, the amazing Fall colored leaves worked perfectly to cast this warm glow on Sherie and I simply worked fast to make sure I got it before the sun disappeared behind a cloud.

On some of the final shots of the day I had Sherie and Bobby take a romantic walk down a small street, decorated with blazing Fall colored trees…….

…….when all of a sudden Sherie broke into this unprompted sideways heel click. I honestly laughed so hard I almost dropped my camera. This is easily my favorite shot of the day cos it happened so organically. Love it!

To see even more of Sherie and Bobby’s engagement session CLICK right Here!

Up To No Good

November 21, 2010

In the past when I’ve taken a few days leave of absence from my blog, it usually means I’ve been up to no-good. And this time my friends is no different. Let me introduce you to “no-good”

Please say hello to little Crooked.

Now before y’all start rolling your eyes and whispering behind my back, let me make it clear that Crooked is a foster baby. Even I know we can’t squeeze another little fur baby into the family right now, but Crooked is our house guest for the week, then he packs up his little food and water dish to move on to an awesome new family and home.

Crooked is a miniature pit-bull, 6 months old and was brought into the shelter several weeks ago with a neck injury that has left his head permanently tiled to the left. Which is how the staff ended up giving him his name. Its not clear how his injury came about, we believe he was attacked by some of his siblings when he was very young. But Crooked is the sweetest little fella you will ever meet and his idea of a good time is balling up on your lap for a good long nap and maybe the odd lick to the face. He’s eager to make friends and start playing with Dexter and Manson but so far Dexter appears to be a little scared of his awkward puppy like energy and playfulness and Manson made his feelings on the matter very clear by staging a “lets poop on the carpet” type of protest this morning. Even though the front door was wide open and he was less than 5 meters away, he still took a squat and pooped right in front of me. When I yelled out his name in disbelief, he merely glanced back over his shoulder, flipped me the middle finger (seriously, I won’t make that up) and waddled off back to the couch, leaving me with absolutely no doubt that he too was excited to have Crooked around. What a very embracing bunch of kids I have. See how quickly they forget that they too were once shelter babies. Anyway, its just a temporary situation and pretty soon Crooked will be settled into a new home and family and Dexter and Manson can go back to feeling secure about their position within our family.