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Testing Testing

October 24, 2010

The great thing about family, or random people who stay at our house, is that they are always there for you. No matter what the situation, they will always step up. True, they don’t have much of a choice and the fact that they might have just gotten off an 18 hour flight from Beijing to Tokyo to Atlanta, doesn’t even matter. If Shinks got a new lens and wants desperately to try it out, then its best to be submissive. Things will move much faster and she’ll be done and out of your face a lot quicker if you just give her a few seconds to do her test shots, squeal with excitement about how awesome her new lens is and then rave about how The Husband is the best Husband in the world for buying it . Yes, this definitely is the best approach. Husband learned this a long time ago, as did the pets.

So when the new lens arrived this week nobody was surprised to see me whip it out of the box, put it straight onto the camera and immediately start a manhunt for my various family members and house guests to shoot.

Victims 1 & 2, The Husband and house guest Asafa Powell. Both just hours off an 18 hour flight from Beijing, China and looking as fresh as a couple of spring daisy’s (cough cough).

Victims 3 & 4, Dexter and Manson. Yep, Manson is finally up and about and feeling much better after his procedure this week. All thanks to the magical healing powers of his new tartan blanket I’m sure.

Victim 5 and the biggest fugitive of the bunch, Fintan. Very hard to nail this guy down for a few shots, so when you do, its best to shoot a lot.

Bon Appetit Birthday

October 23, 2010

Last night was the joint birthday celebration dinner for Rupa and I, so today, I am wiped out. But no struggling. Based on my track record of over doing things on the beverage front (lets be honest), one might be tempted to think I was in somewhat of a delicate disposition today, getting up close and personal with the bathroom loo. But I’m happy to report that last night was more about the company, the restaurant, the food, the hilariously inappropriate conversations, the craic, the cake, the after hours nightclub and of course the wine and cocktails, but consumed in a very adult and dare I say, cos I’m not use to seeing this word next to a description of myself, mature manner. Wait, whats that I hear? A collective gathering of jaws being lifted off the floor. Yes, its shocking but true. Shinks acted responsible. Soak it up people, I have a feeling this may have been an isolated incident.

And as I share a few photos of last nights action, I want to take a minute to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the fabulous ladies, and Cuppy, for coming out and giving Rupa and I an evening we won’t soon forget. Thanks y’all. P.S I also want to wish my brother Edward a “Happy Birthday”. Today is his special day. I hope he’s mature enough not to find himself in a delicate disposition tomorrow morning too ;)

Sick Puppy

October 21, 2010

My poor little Manson is not feeling so good and its all my fault. Yesterday he got neutered and today, he is absolutely miserable. I feel so guilty. I try to show him that I’m sorry by lavishing him with extra love and attention, but he’s in pain and just cries out when I try to give him any affection. Its awful. So being as I can’t hold him myself right now and knowing Manson loves nothing more than to roll around and bury himself in warm fuzzy blankets and duvets, I went off and bought him his very own, brand new, warm and cozy recovery blanket in the very Irish style of tartan to reflect his celtic heritage. And as you can see, he loves it. I’m hoping this will help easy him through the next couple of days until I can get my hands on him and give him a big old squeeze myself.

Feel better little Manson.

Look at his sad little face. Poor fella :(

Be You’nique

October 20, 2010

I love when clients want to do something different. To make certain aspects of their wedding a bit more personal and reflective of who they are as a couple. Ellen and Drew knew they wanted their “Save the Date” card to be unique and fun, to create the same buzz and excitement they’re both feeling about their upcoming wedding. So in the lead up to their Engagement Session, we brain stormed a couple of ideas and finally settled on something that was so simple, it was perfect.

With a chalkboard, some chalk, a fabulous backdrop and an enthusiastic couple, a “Save the Date” concept was created and we love it. Its very Ellen and Drew.

I’m sitting on the couch, my right foot wrapped tightly in an ice-pack and elevated to hip level. Why? well in the past 2 days I’ve managed to roll over my ankle not once but twice. Yes, twice and both times the common denominator was Dexter, my dog Dexter, not the Showtime¬†serial killer Dexter. The first incedent was Sunday morning on the Kennesaw Mountain trails. Dexter got the sudden urge to take off towards a stream for a refreshing dip. I’m running behind at a pretty fast pace when all of a sudden, a camouflaged tree stump appears from no where, causing my right foot to bend and roll in directions its ball and socket structure was never meant to bend and roll in. The pain was instantaneous and excruciating. I swore the thing was broken. I wanted to cry but I was in so much pain the tears just would not flow. So instead I’m hobbling and rolling, hobbling and rolling with a face contorted in an expression of someone who needs nothing more than a big ass bawling session, but for some bizarre reason, cannot for the life of her, muster up a good solid tear. It was frustrating beyond belief. The pain eventually subsided enough for me to hop my way from tree to tree all the way back to my car. And for the rest of the day I elevated and iced, and entertained myself by sending The Husband hourly picture texts documenting the progression of my ankles swelling and bruising.

Then on Monday evening, knowing I was in no condition to walk too much, let alone run, I decided to take Dexter to the park so he could wear himself out playing with other dogs. As I’m standing there talking to another dog owner, Dexter and 2 of his friends come wrestling and chasing in my direction. They are in a state of total tunnel vision, having too much fun to see anyone or anything. In a split second, at the peak of their speed, all 3 of them pound right into me causing me to lose balance and once again roll over on my already weak, swollen and bruised ankle. This time however, I didn’t feel the urge to cry. No, this time the pain was so bad, I almost puked, all over the other dog owner. It was a frightening, vulnerable and worrisome moment for both us, but luckily, with some lamaze style shallow breathing, I was able to suppress my pukey urge and exhale the pain away from my mangled and torn ligaments and tendons. And for the second night in a row, I watched my already grapefruit sized ankle, morph and cultivate itself into a cankle the size of a watermelon, sexy.

Now, instead of getting back into some training, which after a 6 week break I was planning to do this week, I find myself on my couch, simultaneously watching “The Biggest Loser” (a TV show about overweight people trying to shed the lb’s) and eating a ridiculously super-sized slice of red velvet cheesecake. Irony? You bet your ass it is, but I have emotions to suppress people and celery sticks just won’t cut it.

This past Saturday however, before the whole debacle with my ankle began, I got the opportunity to jump in and 2nd shoot a wedding with my good friend Laura Stone. Laura and I have not shot together in months, so it was nice to have the chance to team up again and capture the wedding of a super sweet couple, Carla and Michael. Sadly its gonna be a week or so before I get around to sharing some of the images from the day, bit of a messy week ahead, but I promise to do it soon.

Until then, here is a shot of the couple just after the ceremony. It was right at dusk. The sun had set minutes before and the moon popped up in sky and cast a perfect glow on Carla and Michael.