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Hostage Situation

October 31, 2010

It felt like a hostage situation. I was confined to the couch or bed, but mostly the couch. I was not allowed to move around freely. Not to the bathroom, not to kitchen, not even to the cubbards to steal mini Snickers that were suppose to be for wee trick or treater’s. Periodically my captor (The Husband) would make his rounds, dishing out ice-packs, anti-inflammatories and instructions to keep my ankle elevated. And in return I would dish out attitude. Lots and lots of attitude. You see I’m not a great hostage and I’m even a worse patient. Much like a stubborn 2 year old, I hate not doing things for myself. I’m a control freak and I have my own unique ways and systems of getting things done, especially in the house, so releasing all power and responsibility to The Husband for the duration of my confinement, was very, very hard. But biting my tongue when he arrived back from grocery shopping with nothing but potato chips, Cheez-Its, pop-tarts and a replacement flusher apparatus for the toilet, was even harder. “Oh sh*t, I forgot to get milk”, he said. I looked at him in bewilderment. “Milk?? Milk?? Seriously?? What about fruits, vegetables, or anything carrying a nutritional value outside of sugar, high fructose corn syrup or modified cornstarch?? Huh??”. But I said nothing. He was trying.

Luckily I had promised my friend Tessa I would help her with a couple of photos shoots she had going on today, and after much “debating” (i.e arguing), a through examination of the foot, the issuing of a survival pack full of pills, supports, dry ice, fluids and the promise to utilize the contents of said pack at regular intervals, I was granted permission to leave the house for a couple of hours. Halleluia. And thank goodness, cos it was such a perfect day for shooting the engagement session of Sarah & Adam, a smashing couple who are getting married next weekend. And as Tessa and I waddled our way down towards a reservoir to capture some scenic shots, I looked back up the hill and saw little Sade, sitting deep in thought as she waited for us to finish. Sade is an awesomely sweet Highschool senior who came along to assist Tessa and I with the shoot. And she did an amazing job, handling the reflector like a complete pro. If Sade didn’t have big dreams of  heading off to college to become a child psychologist, I would put her in my camera bag and take her on all my shoots. She had me smiling and laughing all day long.

Happy Sunday everyone. And Happy Halloween.

Just Listen!

October 29, 2010

Two weeks ago the universe tried to send me a message when I not once, but twice twisted my right ankle in the space of 2 days. The incident’s caused me to miss my first week back training after a 6 week break. But no biggy, it was only a week and last Monday I was back in action.

However, I clearly was not listening and had not picked up on the initial message being sent, cos this week I busted up my left ankle. And no, I’m not kidding. It was during a step-up drill, my left foot was planting on the ground, it hit an awkward ridge and cause my ankle to roll with the full weight of my body coming down on top of it. Within a split second I was simultaneously on my arse and rolling around in unbearable pain. It was just the worst. I am either THE most clumsiest person every to graze the earth’s surface or someone is desperately trying to send me the message that I need to reconsider my choice of sports. Clearly I’m being forced into becoming Ireland’s answer to Michael Phelps, minus certain recreational activities of course (wink, wink) or, an international wheel-barrow racer. Basically anything that does not require me to be on my feet in any way shape or form for any period of time. Personally I believe I can’t go wrong with the wheel-barrow racing. My gut and now the universe is telling me that this is where my sporting star will shine at its brightest.

Old Wounds

October 28, 2010

Anyone seen “The Social Network” yet? Well The Husband and I checked it out last night and I have to say good movie, but it pissed (I’m sorry, I know I should have use abbreviations here but somehow it just didn’t look the same) me off. Why? Because it brought up old memories of an idea I had years ago while studying for my finals at Waterford IT. And that idea, was the KitKat Chunky. Yes people, I am the original mastermind behind the KitKat Chunky.

It came to me so organically one day as I tired to elevate my blood sugar levels right before a Statistics final by consuming your standard 4-fingered KitKat original. For some reason the millimeter thickness of chocolate that covered each civilized finger of wafer, was doing absolutely nothing to satisfy my addict style chocolate craving, so I ended up polishing off a second serving.  About half way through that second bar I turned to my friend Darina and said “you know what KitKat need to do girl? They need to make one giant ass finger of wafer and smother it in chocolate so thick, you’d need a hammer a chisel to help you eat it“. Being a choc addict like myself, Darina of course thought this was a genius.

Fast forward roughly one year later and I’m walking from Connolly Station to Heuston Station in Dublin. A discarded wrapper catches my attention. To my horror I discover that its a wrapper of none other than A KitKat Chunky. I was stopped in my tracks. There, laying on the streets of Dublin was my original idea realized. What the..?? Who stole it? Who is sitting pretty on billions of Euros worth of profit from a concept that I came up with??  I-was-mad and felt just like those meat-head rowers in the movie, the only difference? No big shot corporation was being forced to throw $65 million in my direction by way of apology. Rude! I wonder if its too late for me to assemble a legal team and take what is rightfully my share of a chocolate fortune. Maybe the meat-head rowers would be interested in offering some advice and representation.

In a completely unrelated issue, I wanted to share the photos of this little teddy bear of a puppy that I photographed at DCAC yesterday. I can’t even begin to explain how hard it was not to take this little guy home. Too stankin cute and a perfect distraction from any hard feelings about missing millions in chunky chocolate sales. If anyone is interested, he and lots more of his little friends are available for adoption either directly through DCAC or

Carla and Michael wrote their own vows, choosing to express how much they meant to each other in their own words. Michael became overwhelmed with emotion as he shared with Carla and the entire congregation how much she means to him and how his life has changed for the better since they first met 6 years ago, outside a Florida hotel, as he roller-bladed past her window at 2am. Carla understands Michael’s passion for The Braves, feels protected as he follows her around the house, unplugging her curling iron, her lap-top or her charger, least any or all cause the house to go up in flames. The fact that these 2 people belong together could not have been clearer. There wasn’t one dry eye in the entire church.

I was so glad my friend Laura asked me to help her shoot this wedding, cos it gave me the opportunity to met with and capture some very special moments for 2 families who could not have been nicer, more welcoming or grateful. Before the evenings celebrations were through, Laura and I almost felt like we’d been adopted. So I’m excited to share some of my photo’s from the day, wish Carla and Michael a long and happy life together and tell Laura, “thank you”, I really had a blast shooting together. Now to some photos.

How do you think the boys were preparing for the big day? Why, with a spot of golf of course.

The groom Michael, distracts his pre-wedding nerves with a little putting practice.

The men behind the groom.

Carla had her maid of honor deliver a special card, with a special message to Michael.

The finishing touches.

While the boys perfect their golf swings, the ladies perfected their make-up.

Carla’s stunning dress.

Mother of the bride and maid of honor help Carla into her dress.

A final spray to hold everything in place.

The ladies help Carla through some difficult terrain for her bridal portraits.

Carla, you look stunning.

Now this little guy, he was the glue that kept all these boys in check.

Heading off for some formal shots, Reservoir Dogs style.

Michael looking handsome as some of his boys high-five a joke at his expense.

Carla’s final preparations before her walk down the aisle.

Carla and her wonderful dad seconds before their walk.

The groom couldn’t take his eyes off his stunning bride.

Its official.

Loved everything about this cake.

First dance.

I love this shot of Carla and Michael’s parents during the first dance.

A tree full of love and messages for the newlyweds.

Father daughter dance.

This crowd sure knew how to get down.

The perfect end to a perfect day.

Client Websites

October 25, 2010

One thing I love about Showit, the company I built and host my website with, is that they also give me the power and creativity to build websites for my wedding clients. Its awesome. Clients get their own personal site and can share their story, platform their recent Engagement Session photos and later their wedding photos, as well as share the details about their much anticipated wedding day with all of their family and friends. You can’t get cooler than that, not even if you tried.

This week I completed Ellen & Drew’s wedding website and I have to say, I love it. But more importantly, they love it. And cos I hate to leave anyone out of all the excitement, I’ve shared the finished product here on my blog. To have a peek at the fully completed website, simply click on the image of Ellen & Drew’s homepage below. And speaking of Ellen and Drew, I want to say a quick but big “thank you” to both for allowing me to share their site. Your a bunch of rockstars, the both of ya.