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Think Thelma & Louise but without the connivence store hold-up, the police chase across 3 state lines, the young Brad Pitt encounter or the dramatic drop into the Grand Canyon in a sexy 1960’s convertible and that was my friend Rupa and I on our road trip to North Carolina this past weekend. Well, not really but kinda. We hit up the city of Charlotte with some 12 other photographers to shot and learn alongside photographer extrodinare, Melissa Jill.

Right now I’m just gonna share a shot of Melissa Jill guiding us through the use of angles on the engagement shoot of Erin & Chris and not mention the fact that little Alahenyo, my car, took on a very nervous disposition about 2 hours into our road-trip, threatening to cut out at every “Stop” sign or red light. As a result, stopping became a non-option and we orchestrated a numbers of ways to keep Alahenyo moving while waiting for green lights and “Stop” sign traffic to roll on. Nor will I mention the judgement we were subjected to while ordering a mimosa at the Tike Restaurant in South Carolina. Apparently South Carolina and alcohol on Sunday’s is a big fashion no-no, so slaps on the thirsty wrists of both Rupa and I for ever even mentioning it.

No, I’ll simply post the image, point out Melissa Jill there in the foreground, Rupa on the left and look forward to sharing more later in the week.

Roasted And Toasted

September 18, 2010

Today I’d like to give a roasting to migraines and UPS.

Migraines cos they straight up suck. They’re debilitating, they make me sad and nauseous and they last for 2 long days. UPS cos they make me not a nice person. They make me raise my voice to customer service representatives when they boldly state on their tracking information that they attempted to deliver my package at 4.45pm yesterday but no one was home. Lies, lies, lies. The flippin nerve of them, especially since I didn’t move from the house all afternoon cos I was waiting for them to show up with my package. That and my migraine had paralysis so I couldn’t move even if I wanted. But the UPS lady did assure me that they would attempt another delivery on Monday. Monday??? Stop it UPS lady, your making me madder. Monday is too late. I needed it by Friday. Thats why I requested it by Friday and that is why I waited all afternoon for your brown little van that drives Dexter crazy to show up. Monday is too late. Grrrrrrr

On the flip side I’d like to give a toasting to Wine Gums and behind-the-scenes photos.

Wine Gums are a candy you get in Ireland and for some reason, I’ve been craving them recently. I was close to asking my brother to ship me a few boxes when I stumbled upon a store that had them tucked away on a shelf among many other international food products.What joy. True I paid way more than I would back home, but import tax never tasted so good. And finally a little toasting to some behind-the-scenes photos Rupa and I took of each other as we worked on capturing the kitty cats at DCAC last week.

Me breaking all the rules by getting attached to the pets.

Rupa tries to get a camera shy kitty to look up.

And he eventually does.

Good Enough To Eat

September 15, 2010

They arrived dressed like a bunch of movie extra’s straight off the set of “Outbreak“. Sars masks, goggles and bio-chemical onesies. To say they were intimidating would be an understatement. Instinct was telling me to grab the “kids” (Fintan, Dexter, Manson), close all windows and doors before huddling helplessly in a corner some where. But common sense was telling me to relax, its just the insulation guys coming to protect our house from both cold AND heat.

And protect is what they did with gun loads of liquid, mutating foam, resulting in a home that now looks like its been insulation with marshmallows. Yumm-y. And even though I know its not real, I still can’t quite suppress the urge to lick all my walls. If The Husband left me unsupervised for 5 minutes, thats exactly what I’d do.

The upstairs interior. Design inspired by “Hansel & Gretel”.

Here’s how the exterior is progressing.

And here is a random shot of the moon peeping out over the roof

Its All About Balance

September 13, 2010

We all know those people, the ones we’d cross the street in an effort to avoid. The ones who dress well, carry clip boards or pamphlets and have overly friendly, smiley faces. If they call to the door, you’d turn down the TV and hold your breath so they hear nothing but silence and therefore believe nobody’s home, regardless of the fact that your car is sitting in the driveway. Well, I might be in the shower, they don’t know. Or the phone rings, caller ID announces some random name or company and you dive for cover under the table. True they can’t see me through the phone but just in case, lets leave nothing to chance.

Now that I’m a volunteer at the Dekalb County Animal Control (DCAC), I know that I’m in danger of becoming that clipboard chasing, doorbell ringing, telephone stalker we all work so creatively to avoid. Yes these animals and their situation is important to me and I want desperately to bring it to the attention of others, purely to help these guys out in the hope of finding their way into new, comfortable and loving homes. But the last thing I want is for people to through their eyes in the air and do a dive-roll across a street of oncoming traffic in sheer desperation at avoiding me, just in case I make them take home a puppy or kitten. So let me reassure you all, that won’t happen. Buuut, having said all that I’m going to mention the fact that I’m a Libra and as a Libra I’m all about fairness and equilibrium. The scales must balance otherwise I run the risk of being in “precession of an equinox”. Now I have absolutely no idea what that means, but it doesn’t sound good and I’m sure none of us want it to happen. As a result I’m going to share just a few photos I shot last week of some of the kitty cats currently residing at DCAC who are looking for new homes. As usual you can find these little fellas on or at DCAC.

Ok, I’m not gonna lie, this little sweetheart almost found her way into my camera bag, f’real. She was so scared, shy and desperate to hide that my camera bag seemed like the best option. Had she made it, I would have simply zipped her up, took her home and pretended I had no idea she was there. But with the house still adapting to Manson, it was a little too soon.

This little guy was so playful and worked hard at trying to get at my camera strap.

Look at the cutie-pie. We don’t know what happened, but this little guy was brought in covered in paint and his eyes glued shut. In an effort to get them open he had to lose a little skin under both eyes. Poor wee thing.

Chilled and very chilled was the best way to describe this guy.

And this one really took advantage of the time out of her cage. She couldn’t get enough of that strap.

I have no idea where this guy got those baby blues, but I want them.

And just to end things on a positive note, you might remember this little guy here. Dog no. 33486. I blogged about him just over a week ago. He was one of the first dogs I photographed at DCAC and I never forgot him. He was so cute but completely terrified.

Well, I’m happy to report that dog no. 33486, is now called Jimbo and Jimbo has left the shelter to start a new life with his new owner, Joey. Just as I arrived to shot the kitty cats last week, Jimbo was getting ready to leave and I was able to capture a couple of shots of him and Joey getting acquainted.

“Oh Look, Something Shiny”

September 11, 2010

The Husband called me into his office, Shinks, can you come here for a sec? We need to make a decision about the insulation for the carriage house. O-M-G how boring, but being the supportive wife that I am I dropped what I was doing and headed into the office. Standing next to his office chair as he discussed the merits of foam insulation versus traditional, as well as R3, R12 and R172 values, I found my thoughts drifting. Drifting to the fashion magazine I’d fanned through while in line at the grocery store. Where I discovered that this fall/winter, flares are back. Ohmygod, I am too excited for words. I love flares me. Flares paired with a killer boot/heel, simple black turtleneck and stand alone belt = classy and flawless. I can see me now walking the streets of New York in my classy flawless flares, accessorized with aviator sunglasses, high-end name brand leather bag over one shoulder and a scarf. Always a scarf. Amazing and fashion forward in the manner of Carrie Bradshaw.

“So Shinks, what do you think?This question from The Husband yanked me straight out of my fantasy.  ”Wait a second, your asking ME to make a decision? I don’t know, which way is more cost efficient?Phew, now that made it sound like I’d heard everything he said, or did it? “Shinks, its not about being cost efficient, well it is to some degree but there’s more stuff to consider like.….bla, bla, bla, yep, right there he’d lost me again, well almost  “Wait a second, I said, a thought suddenly struck me,  “have you been in the carriage house lately? Did you not feel how stankin hot it is in there? Its like a feckin sauna, do you even think we need insulation? The Husband looked at me like I’d just spoken to him in Cantonese. “What?” I said loud and defensively. “Shinks, insulation is to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer, you know that right?” What are you talking about? Insulation is all about heat and keeping it in. Trust me, I’ve helped my dad insulate many a wall and attic I know what I’m talking about.” But apparently I didn’t. See in Ireland we only worry about protecting ourselves from the cold and rain. Heat never comes into the equation, cos lets be honest, Ireland is no Costa del Anything, so it never even occurred to me that insulation had a dual function. I’m only glad this conversation took place between me and The Husband and not at the dinner party of some highly educated, well connected and influential billionaires, otherwise I would’ve looked like nothing more than a pretty face with a huge space between her ears marked “Vacant”.

In other news, Dexter and Manson went for their first walk together today but really, Manson was absolutely no match for Dexter. He tired his best to keep up for a minute but his tired little messed up legs couldn’t handle the pace and eventually he begged to be picked up. Here they both are, Dexter taking a rest between swimming bouts and Manson happy just to sit and watch.