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Its Rainin Rainin

September 29, 2010

Its raining here in the Bahamas and rumors are rife regarding tropical storms supposedly headed our way. But honestly, news like that just made us giddy, mischievous teenager style giddy. So we did what any disobedient teenager worth there weight in mischievous salt would do and went outside to play, or at least walk, in the hopes of seeing/experiencing a tropical storm firsthand. And while we waited, we played a little point n’shoot self-timer.

Life’s A Struggle

September 28, 2010

We’ve waited a long time for this vacation, keeping it front and centre in our minds when things got really busy, when The Husbands travel schedule was so intense we went weeks without seeing each other. Our trip to the Bahamas was the light at the end of the tunnel, the reason we endured and now that we’re here, we’re struggling. Struggling to adapt to the slow, relaxed Island pace. To switch off and go with the lazy flow. But I have a feeling if we persevere, we’ll very quickly start to comfortably embrace, even appreciate our poolside bar and jacuzzi. Or the golden beach located a mere 50m from our patio and the cocktail of water toys at our complete disposal. Yes its tough, but something tells me we are both man enough to handle it, at least for the week.

The pool at night. Trust me, its not this calm and peaceful during daylight hours.

I love these little beachside fire pits. So romantic if you can manage to lock one down, which we haven’t, yet.

All In One Celebrations

September 26, 2010

Its not that nothing has been going on, its that too much has been going on. This week alone we’ve had a birthday (The Husband’s), an anniversary (ours, yes, we made it to 5 years, wahooo), a wedding (one I was shooting) and today a cancelled engagement session due to Biblical levels of rain (boooo).

Unfortunately the birthday and anniversary went uncelebrated, but wait a second, save your tears, cos this week we (The Husband and I) are bundling all the celebrations into one with a week long vacation to the Bahamas. Yes, you heard me, the BAHAMAS and I’m just about ready to go. I’ve packed my sunscreen – to minimize mass freckle production, my bikini – to minimize tan lines, books – cos I’m a wild and crazy like that, my camera (point n’shoot definitely, might leave SLR behind on this one)  - for memories, my laptop – cos I may blog randomly throughout the week, and a positive attitude with high aspirations of switching off and doing absolutely nothing, unless I want to. Basically, I’m ready to go. But before I do I just wanted to take a minute and share a little sneak peek of the wedding I shot yesterday with fellow photographer and friend, Tessa. This couple was too stankin cute and I can’t wait to share some more of their photos over the next week or so.

Dustin & Melodie the stankin cute bride and groom.


As soon as she walked in the door I had envy, leg envy. Its like Erin knew my biggest wish for myself would be to have an extra 4 inches attached to each of my legs, but I don’t and she does and that made me envious. Then she goes and throws on a pair of killer heels and in an instant she went from hot, to smokin hot. At that stage there was absolutely no point in being envious, the girl was fabulous, I had to concede. But the lucky thing for me, I got to shoot this fabulous girl and her very handsome and charming man, Jason. Yes, both Erin and Jason had selflessly agreed to be our engaged couple at the Melissa Jill Workshop last week and absolutely no doubt about it, they did a great job. Which is not easy when you have the lenses of 15 photographers pointed at you for the best part of an hour, but both Erin and Jason rocked-it-out.

Before the shoot, Melissa had spent several hours instructing us on various shooting techniques, lighting, interacting with clients and much more, so this was our opportunity to put some, if not all of it into practice, and I have to admit, I was pretty excited with how most of my photos turned out.

The stunning and adorable Erin & Jason.

I love this moment between the two as we walked from one location to the next.

See, I told you her legs were fierce.

This shot didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted, but I still like it.

A little sunset action.

Love it!

And the last shot of the day.

And here we are, 15 photographers hungry to shoot.

My friend Vanessa captured this shot of me doing my best paparazzi. I’m the girl in the back.

Happy Birthday The Husband

September 22, 2010

One picture, thats all I needed. Just one photo of The Husband and all our furry kids so I could write a cutesy blog about his birthday. But it was never gonna happen. I’m not sure if it was me, my equipment or the uncooperative extras that were Fintan (busy climbing trees and chasing lizards), Dexter (absolutely zero interest in the whole project) and Manson (confused and angry but luckily he’s small enough to be held against his will) or a combination of all 3 that lead to this very sorry display of photos. But it is what it is and The Husband, imperfect as we and all these photos are, we still wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Love, The Wife (me), Fintan (busy climbing tress and chasing lizards), Dexter (absolutely zero interest) and Manson (hostile and held against his will) XOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

This one’s not too bad but still a bit of user (me) error.

Ok, we can all agree that this photo is completely out of focus, but I like it cos Dexter is giving The Husband a big birthday face lick. Obviously an in focus shot would’ve been preferable but lets just say I was being artsy fartsy and leave it at that.

I think its pretty clear that everyone in this photo was a willing participant, not!