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Fashion Victims

July 29, 2010

Project Runway is back and I’m very VERY excited. I love this show, love it. Its my personal belief that Heidi Klum and I, if we were to ever met, would be total BFF’s. Tim Gunn for that matter too. Yes, I can see the 3 of us now, hanging out on a Friday night having brutally honest, sarcastically witty conversations over cocktails. Fabulous.

But more than my fictitious celebrity friendships, I love the show for the drama, the fierce creativity and talent, the down right awful, and the straight up bitchiness. We are talking quality reality TV here people. Complete highlight of my Thursday evening. And this season looks like it will not disappoint. I believe I spotted a cat fight and an incident involving an ambulance in some of their “This Season on Project Runway” footage. I can hardly wait.

And speaking of clothing, the other day a shipment of Saucony sportswear arrived for one of Husband’s athletes and I was pumped and proud to see that the very smart and creative people at Saucony, had decided to name one of this season’s hoodies the “Kildare Hoody”. For those not that familiar with Irish geography, Kildare is the county I grew up in, famous mostly for its golf, horses and sheep, it now appears to have elevated itself to a level of coolness deemed worthy of its own hoodie.  Or wait, maybe we’re just a very shifty looking bunch who’s crime rate has struggled to compete with those of the bigger cities due to our limited access to hoodies? Luckily the people at Saucony discovered, through what I’m sure was extensive market research based mostly around focus groups and questionnaires, this highly untapped and potentially profitable market for hoodies. As a result, the people of Kildare can now look forward to higher rankings in future crime rate statistics.

Helena & Kim: Lifestyle

July 27, 2010

They first came into our lives 4 years ago. Two shy’ish girls all the way from Belgium looking for off the track work experience in the world track & field. Three months was the length of their internship. Three months living with Husband and I and working for Doyle Management. However, such was the impression these 2 girls made, that 4 years later, they are still part of our lives. Popping over and back for visits and helping Husband out on the European side of his business.  We refer to them affectionally as “The Waffles”, well, cos their from Belgium, Belgian-Waffles, get it?

Anyway, this year is a special year for both these young ladies. This year they are celebrating 15 years of best-friendness. Yes, its been 15 years since these 2 young girls first showed up at their local track club in Ghent, Belgium and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They both share an obsessive interest in all things track and all things travel and over the past couple of years, they been lucky enough to combine both. And though life has taken them on different paths since college, they still remain close, talk every day, see each other often, travel together when possible and support each other every step of the way on their journey through life.

Both Helena and Kim thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate their 15 years of friendship with a photo shoot and I couldn’t have agreed more. “Waffles I had a blast capturing your 15 year milestone and I hope that whatever life has in store for you, that you will both remain forever besties.”

Because track is what brought them together as friends, it only made sense to start our shoot there, on step no. 15.

If these girls could do anything for the rest of their lives, this would be it.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I shot with Helena and Kim, straight after my shoot with Aston, so some of these photos are also on the University of Oregon Campus and the others we took it to the streets.

We found this display outside American Apparel and couldn’t resist having some fun with the scary, headless, male mannequins.

Work it ladies.

Totally in sync.

A little hang out and gossip time.

Both Helena and Kim have been well bitten by the travel bug and for their next trip they would like to take on Australia.

Your never too old for a little shadow fun.

Stop with the fierceness.

And who doesn’t love a little jump shot??

A different perspective.

I didn’t want to it to happen. When the tell tale signs began to show, I willed and forced it not to be true. My week was busy, there was no time for this. But no matter how hard I tired, or how many pills, vitamins, oranges, grapes and bananas I forced into my system, I eventually hit a wall and illness pounced. Yep, it sucker punched me right in the head, throat, nasal passage and stomach. Oh how I raise an angry fist to nasty inflight air. I truly believe I’ve been decommissioned due the gathering, recycling and re-pumping of multiple airborne viruses from the bodies of 200 + passengers.

As a result of my pounding head and my inability to breath clearly, sleep has been difficult, nay, impossible, which is not helping with the healing process. So the other night I decided to take matters into my own hands by calling on the assistance of first world pharmaceuticals and popping a sleeping pill. However, I grossly underestimated the speed at which said pill would kick in and just as I picked up my phone to text Husband, things had already begun to feel weird. The phone screen appeared to be moving in gentle wave like motions and all of a sudden the number of fingers on each of my hands seemed to have doubled. At this point I’d also completely forgotten the true purpose of my text to Husband. I was under the influence and influence had taken over, so I just went with it. The spelling and punctuation here will make my secondary school english teacher cringe, sorry Mr. McDermot.

My Texts:

- Jaysus

- I just took a sleepin pill, oh man

- I feel so wasted

- Trying is hard! I have to manny fingers and the butons are so small

Husband’s Text:

- What is wrong with you?

My Texts:

- I took the sleep pill

- Its makin it all so werid (and it was at this point that I passed right out. Off to blissful drug induced sleep)

This is what my diet has been comprised of for the majority of the week..

Random photo on more carriage house progress.

So I’ve been doing some profile shoots recently for a couple of the new athletes who have joined Doyle Management Group, but I don’t think I’ve ever really explained, for those who may not be aware, that Doyle Management is actually Husband’s company. Husband is not just my husband (which is a full time job in itself sometimes), but he is in fact a sports agent for track & field athletes. Currently he represents about 60 athletes from 10 different countries and works hard traveling and taking care of all of their on and off the track needs.

This year there’s been a couple of amazingly talented new additions to the Group, which is very exciting and as a result there are new websites and marketing packets to be built along with some profile shots to be taken and this is where I jumped in.

First up we have Ashton Eaton. Not only is Aston a disgustingly talented US decathlete who back in March of this year broke the Indoor Heptathlon world record previously held by Dan O’Brien, but he is also one of the good guys. He’s the guy that holds the door, pulls the chair out for you to sit down and stands up again if you leave to go to the restroom. Yes, he’s that guy, apparently, they do exist. Such a gentleman. So on behalf of all ladies everywhere, I would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to Ashton’s mom for a job well done. “Thanks Ashton’s mom”. And if all that wasn’t enough, he’s also very humble, laid back, positive and pretty damn funny. We definitely had a lot of fun with this shoot.

Since Ashton is a graduate of the University of Oregon and I happen to be in Oregon that weekend, we thought this would be a great place to shoot. The buildings, the little campus roads and the greenery were just perfect.

Oh, did I mention his great smile?

Yep, I told him it was cheesy, but Aston insists he’s cool enough to bring “thumbs up” back.

There’s that smile again.

And just when you think he’s gone all serious……

…he breaks into a random air guitar.

The feet of a man built for speed, power and distance.

Nothing like ending on a GQ note.

There are rules when it comes to dating. Rules you internally set for the person your dating, but of course never share, not with them anyway, oh no, heaven forbid, no, you simply make a mental note of when they’re falling short, talk about it with your friends later and determine wether or not they are serious offenses or just cautionary, as in, proceed to date with caution. But there are also the rules you set for yourself when dating. Rules to help you put your most fabulous, hilarious, lovable self forward. Before I met my Husband, back when I was young single and ready to mingle, I had one very important rule when it came to dating – absolutely under no circumstance order the spaghetti.

Maybe its just me, but for some reason I cannot make eating spaghetti look ladylike, elegant or sexy. If its not slipping off the fork straight into the lap of my sexy new outfit, then its snake slapping me in the face, leaving lovely big streaks of tomato sauce, randomly scattered in the space between my hairline and my chin, i.e all over my face. Which is a total distraction for your date and leaves a lasting impression that no matter what you may have said or how smart you tried to come across, at the end of the day, you are in fact just a messy 1 and a half year old.

Much like this messy little 1 and a half year old. Yep, this is my nephew Evan, proving to the world that he is just a chip off the old block when it comes to eating his pasta. Clearly if he’s going to have any luck with the ladies in the future, then he’s going to need to adhere to my no spaghetti and dating rules.