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Listen Like A Sponge

June 23, 2010

He hates when I go to Pottery Barn, Husband that is, cos I want it all. Everything I see. I want the entire store disassembled and reassembled again in my home. I want the fixtures and fittings, the beds and the bedding, photo frames and lamps, the staged office with all of its clocks and the 2 bronzed statues of someone else’s dogs, I want it all.  At the Pottery Barn, I become Veruca Salt, that spoilt brat from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, the original. But last night I managed to keep my inner brat in check when I attended a fabulous wedding event, hosted by none other than, The Pottery Barn of course.

As a wedding photographer its always great to get the opportunity to hang out and chat with other wedding service providers. Designers of everything from dresses, stationary and accessories, to florists, DJ’s and even other photographers. It was an evening jam packed with some amazingly smart and very creative people and the conversations were exciting. We talked about our businesses, the wedding industry and how we can all work together to best serve the needs and expectations of our brides and grooms on one of the most important days of their lives. As a photographer in the early stage of her business, I found myself listening intently, feeling inspired and learning so much. I was excited to be part of the evening, to be making new friends and to the thinking about the many ways in which this will help me grow both as a business women and as a photographer.

Early in the evening I met Katriesa Raines of “Olive”, a designer and stylist who was responsible for this adorable window display. Her dresses were very cute, vintage with a modern twist and she had a collection of brooches I instantly feel in love with.

The staged office with all its clocks and 2 bronzed statues of someone else’s dogs. And of course, I want it. It looks like a more productive office than my own messy corner of the house.

This is me and my friend Rupa having a little fun with a mirror ball.


June 22, 2010

This afternoon I checked in with my blog and noticed I’d had quite a few comments added to my “I Am Officially A Bad Person” blog. Thinking these comments were mostly the work of my hilarious friends and family letting me know that what I’d just shared, was no news to them, I was beyond surprised to discover that they were in fact messages of gratitude from Tommy Foster (the guy on the bike) and his amazingly supportive family and friends. Honestly, I was embarrassed 1. because I had openly admitted my less than stellar attitude towards Tommy when I first discovered him cycling around “My” track and 2. because seriously, the gratitude in this situation did not lie with me, but with Tommy and others like him who step up and take action in the fight against cancer. So for that, we “Thank You”.

Thanks also to my new friends Tommy, Kathy, Jennifer, Fran, Jennifer & Pennie for hunting me down and making me feel less bad, very cool. And if anyone out there would like to congratulate Tommy, offer some support or even better, make a donation to help him reach his Fundraiser Goal of $10,000 then Click Right Here. Your donation will be tax deductible, HURRAY! and seriously, who out there couldn’t use a break in taxes?? Its a total WinWin.

The Dark Side

June 21, 2010

Its no secret I adore my kitty cat, Fintan. This month alone I’ve lost count of how many blogs have been written in his honor. However, Fintan has a dark side. A side I choose never to talk about or bring to the fore cos I want to believe and I want to the world to believe that my cat is the coolest most perfect cat this side of the earth’s divide. And he is, but at the end of the day, he is also A Cat and as a cat he likes to hunt. I’m not a big fan of this aspect of his personality, dealing with the carnage of his excursions can be a little emotional at times, especially if that carnage is wee bird, like today.

I could tell something was up when I saw Fintan sitting on the lawn looking like a proud Sphinx and less than 1 foot away there was Dexter, watching on with restrained excitement. Clearly these two were up to no good, so I decided to investigate, and thats when I found the lifeless body of a wee bird, laying at the mercy of Fintan’s paws. The photo below is a little graphical, so if you think you can’t handle it, look away, NOW!

I would like to assure everyone that the bird was given a proper burial and I did my best to communicate to Fintan how wrong it is to hunt and kill for fun. But he looked mad and confused. Mad cos I just buried his new toy and confused cos how could anyone think hunting was not fun? And with a simple turn of his head, he dismissed himself from my company and sashayed off towards the forrest in a manner that said “Bite me Shinks“. Something tells me that this is not the last time Fintan and I will have this conversation.

Its official, I am a bad person. This morning when I arrived at the track to bang out another day of horrendous 500’s, I noticed a man on his bike, dressed very like Lance Armstrong, cycling laps. “Get off my track” was the first thing to spring to mind. “Who does this dude think he is? This is a track for runners only, absolutely no biking is allowed” and I was in a big hurry to communicate my feelings on the matter via stern facial expressions to this guy once I stepped onto the track, but thats when I noticed all the balloons tied at intervals along the fence surrounding the track. And to each ballon there was a name, the name of a person who had either lost or survived their battle with cancer. And the guy on the bike? Will he was actually in the middle of a 24 hour cycle to raise money for cancer research.

You cannot even begin to imagine the guilt and shame that washed over me as I began to piece this whole situation together. In that moment, I officially became – A Bad Person.

Here are the balloons that decorated and surrounded the track.

This is Tommy Foster, on approximately hour 18 of his 24 hour cycle.

And this is how I tried to rid myself of my guilt and shame. I made a donation and tied a balloon to the fence in the name of my grandfather, Edward Delahunt, who passed away from cancer several years ago.

I knew this would mean a lot to my mam, especially on Father’s Day.

All For A Good Cause

June 19, 2010

Today my friend Tessa was hosting a fundraiser for a special baby girl by the name of Skylar. Skylar is 7 months old and has been diagnosed with type 1 SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), a very sad and severe disease with most babies never making it to their first birthday. As a result Tessa and many volunteers from Skylar’s church decided to pull together a day of fun and photography to raise money to help towards Skylar’s extensive medical bills, and I dropped by for a small part of the day to capture some behind-the-scenes action.

The guest book sign-in was filled with photos of Skylar and her family.

Follow the signs.

A game of botchiball was in full swing. Until today, I’d never heard of the game, but it looks very similar to bowls or curling, minus the ice.

I believe this was part of an old mill, back in the day.

As you can see, the roof is long gone, but what a great view of the cloudy sky.

This is Tessa having some fun with an adorable family inside the mill.