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Eat Cake

June 30, 2010

Ok so it was getting late and dark tonight when I realized I did not have a photo of the day to post. Nothing. And because it was the end of a long day the creative inspirational juices were not in full flow. The only thing I was completely focused on was a big slice of the chocolate cake sitting in my fridge and a first class seat on the couch to watch one of my favourite shows “Modern Family”. If you have not yet seen this show, all I can say is “shame on you”, its hilarious. Easily the funniest thing on TV since the dawning of “Friends”.

Anyway, as a result of my lazy mindset and my desire for nothing but cake and TV, photo of the day is based around anything even remotely interesting I could find within a 20m radius of the front door. Yep, I was that lazy. So prepare yourself for random.

The lady that own the property before us appeared to have a keen interest in birds. As evident by the large number of little bird houses scattered at various points around the property. Which is a little confusing to be honest, as there is absolutely nothing but tress covering most of our 12 acres. Perhaps she was pioneering some sort of assisted housing for those birds who due to injury or lack of basic bird like instincts, were unable to build a home of their own. Who knows?

And just as I was about to take my place on the couch, remote in one hand, plate with cake in the other, I looked out the window and saw this amazing evening sky. And there was no way this could go without being captured.

Finally I got around to posting some photos of Chandra & Maurice’s wedding. This is the wedding I shot in North Carolina with my good friend Katrina. And this is the couple who had anything and everything that could go wrong, go wrong on their big day. It was crazy. But through it all both Chandra and Maurice remained focused. Every dilemma was handled with a calmness and control that only 2 people who serve in the military could pull off. This couples relationship and team work capabilities were being tested even before they had the chance to say their “I do”s. And if you ask me, they passed with flying colors. They proved to everyone there that absolutely, without a shadow of doubt, they were meant to be together.

Chandra gets beautified for her big day.

Maid of honor, does the honors.

Maurice’s stylish boutonniere.

Mauirce, I know you were uncomfortable in front of the camera, but you nailed it, you look great.

Chandra’s daughter Jasmine, was very excited to be Junior Maid of Honor.

The ceremony.

A little victory dance post ceremony.

We had the bridal party blow off some steam after all the mornings drama. I love it.


Stunning again.

To see some more photos of Chandra & Maurice’s day CLICK HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW.

This morning I woke up still a little tired and a lot emotional. The only thing that was going to make me feel better, a good cry and a 10 minute soliloquy on why my life sucks. I would have gladly turned to Husband and given him an open invitation to my pity party, but this weekend he is on location in Jamaica and a snotty, blabbering call complete with self pity rant to his cell phone at colossal international rates, well that would not have been embraced in the “there there, everything will be ok” manner I was seeking, so instead I turned to my parents, they’re always available to listen to my woes. But when I called, there was no answer. What the?? Ok, that’s fine, they have a life outside of me, I get it. I’m not happy, but I get it, I’ll just call my brother, but no answer there either. All this unavailability is sending me over the emotional edge, so I send emergency texts to Husband:

My text: I’m emotional, I want to cry and no one is picking up their phones. Its making me want to cry more.

Husband’s text: Who you callin?

My text: My parents, my brother, everyone.

Husband’s text: Try calling The Scratcher, she fell in her race yesterday, so she’ll probably want to cry with you.

For those who don’t know, The Scratcher (not her real name) is an Irish 100m hurdler and one of my BFF’s and Scratcher if your reading this, am sorry to broadcast your racing mishap, but it was an important part of the story.

My text: Awesome, Scratcher will definitely be up for a good cry.

So I call, but she’s not picking up either. What the?? I give up, nobody wants to hear from me. The pity party has been cancelled due to lack of interest and all thats left for me to do is get on with the rest of my day. Its so not fair.

But for today’s photo I decided to post this little gem of a shot. Yep, that’s me giving my best worst side profile face. Katrina captured this magic moment as I was shooting the groomsmen walking towards me at a wedding a couple of weeks ago. I was actually walking backwards as I was shooting and so didn’t realize until the last second that I was about to back up right into Katrina. This was that moment of realization. Thanks girl for snapping that.

And if your not jealous of my uber trendy camera bag, then you should be. Its called a Shootsac (I know, great name huh?) and this wee thing packs everything I need for a full day of wedding shooting. Lenses, batteries, flash, CF cards, water, snacks and gum, all in one little messenger style shoulder bag. Love it!

And here is the shot I was so focused on capturing.

Full Plate

June 26, 2010

Its been a crazy busy week and its spilled over into my weekend. I attended “The Perfect Wedding Guide” networking cocktail hour, which was actually 2 hours of cocktails on Wednesday evening. Before this I’d never actually been to a formal networking event and I felt like the new kid on the block and very fish out of water. But luckily there were a couple of people I knew there, so that helped ease the strain and awkwardness just a little.

But here are some photos of the amazing spread the fine people at Sun Dial restaurant put on for everyone and of course the views of Downtown Atlanta as seen from our perch in the restaurant.

Friday I spent the evening listening and learning from some of the top wedding photographers in the US. The average person may not recognized these names, but trust me, in the photo world, David Jay, Promise Tangeman and Ron Dawson are some of the industries heavy guns and it was so great to get the opportunity to sit and listen.

My new BFF Andrew, helped me turn my listening into actual doing. Thats me in the top right corner, learning intently.

And right now I’m just back from shooting a wedding with my friend Tessa. It was so much fun and the location was absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to share some of the photos soon. But for now, I’m beat down and ready for nothing but sleep. So good Saturday night cyber world.

Details Details: Wedding

June 24, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my trip to North Carolina to shoot the wedding of Chandra & Maurice with my friend Katrina. I’m excited to blog some photos from the wedding soon, but until then, here is a sneak peek at some of the details.

Chandra’s bedazzled baseball cap.

The invite.

Some fine fancy footwear.

The bling.

A little Mad Hatter Cake.