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Ladies Night

May 26, 2010

Tonight was ladies night. Make-up, munchies and lots of girlie giggles. My friend Katrina hosted a Mary Kay make-up party so it was down and dirty with some eye shadow, blusher and mascara for all involved.

This is my good friend Rupa, with pen in hand ready to order.

This is Katrina’s daughter, the adorable Avalyn, looking to play with some of mommy’s lip gloss.

And this is Saber, he was non too impressed with the high volume of females knocking around his house on a Wednesday evening.

And this post is brief, cos I am oh so tired and want nothing more than to get to my bed right now. Oíche mhaith (that’s Irish for “Good Night)

Evil Genius

May 25, 2010

If there’s one thing I hate its disorganization, yet I believe I am the most disorganized person I know and it frustrates the hell out of me. I blame my busy head. I have a brain that runs at a million miles an hour. All day every day, even at night, in the middle of the night, I’ll wake up with an idea,  a reminder or something I absolutely cannot forget to address in the morning and if I don’t get it written down immediately, then there’s a chance I won’t  sleep for fear I’ll forget. As a result I have many notebooks. Well, I have many notebooks cos I have a secret crush on all things paper, especially pretty and unusual paper types. They stimulate my creativity and make me want to write. Weird, I know, but its how I roll.

Now the problem with this is I end up with so many notebooks, notepads or post-its all bursting with my ideas, reminders or rants. When the moment hits, I grab whatever is closest, just to get the thought out of my head and scribbled onto something concrete. Either I’m the biggest scattered mess this side of the Rio Grand or I’m a crazy evil genius. Obviously it serves me best to believe the latter.

Anyway, in an effort to get myself more together and organized I’ve elected to now have just one notebook, 1, that I will carry in my purse at all times, that I will put next to my bed at night, that will sit next to me at my computer and this is where all my scribbles will go. Safely contained in 1 area. Genius.

You’ll even notice that its divided into categories (I know, total overachiever), cos lets face it, all thoughts are not alike. This idea was passed onto by my friend Tasra and I have to say, so far its working really well. Mad props to Tasra.

And on the carriage house front there has been a little more progress. However, the progress is somewhat concerning. For some reason my house is looking a little derelict and like something you’d see on the wrong side of town. All that boarding makes me think we’re about to be condemned. Where are all my windows gone? Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if I woke up in the morning and the whole structure was covered in graffiti, compliments of the local teenage community.

Honey, if your reading this, call me, I have questions.

Love, Your Wife.

Do you need a really good reason to book a photoshoot? Absolutely not. Can it just be that you are celebrating 6 years of togetherness? Absolutely. And so thats what we did. Fanni and Peter are coming up to their 6th year together and what better way to mark this milestone for both of them than to document their lives as they are right now, young, fabulous and dare I say it, in love. Yes Peter, sorry, I had to go there. I know its awkward to say out loud, but honestly, the photo’s don’t lie. Your secret is already out. But its ok, seeing how smoking hot Fanni is and its completely understandable.

Anyway, we all got together last week and had an absolute blast shooting at a very unique side of Atlanta. Lots of little antique stores and an old railway station provided the perfect backdrop and compliment to how fierce and sharp both Fanni and Peter were looking that day. And just to prove it, here are some of the photos.

Love all of those bath tubs. So cool.

Peter looking very GQ.

I came across this old barber chair at the entrance to one of the antique stores and just couldn’t resist a couple of shots.

“Yes” for bold gold jewelry and fabulous purses.

This was one of my favorite shots from the day. Fanni looks amazing up there on that caboose.

Ok, the shoot did slip into a little bit of bridal, but let me explain. A friend of a friend had a wedding dress she wanted to sell online but needed some photos to post along with the ad showcasing the dress, so Fanni agreed to put it on and I agreed to grab some shots. Only problem was I got a little carried away and well, ended up with a lot of photos of Fanni and Peter looking all bride & groomie. Oopsie. Oh well.


The Effort of Tanning

May 23, 2010

Now how in the world do you expect to get a tan, if you won’t go out into the sun?? Thats the dilemma I’m facing right now. The summer is here. The weather is hot, too hot and I must be the paste’iest looking girl walking the streets of Atlanta. For me the summer heat of Georgia is all about endurance, not enjoyment. Shade is my friend and AC is my best friend, yet I want a tan. That golden even tan that looks perfect in all my summer dresses, shorts and cute tanks. But being Irish I must first suffer the burn, followed by some minor peeling or major depending on how bad the burn is, then and only then do I turn a few shades darker with a scattering of freckles. Its quite the process and one I have to mentally and physically prepare for. Sun-screen, fluids, ice, fluids and preferably access to a pool for when things become a little too hot to handle. Summer is all about planned survival for Shinks. It has to be, heat is not my friend.

A little more progress on the carriage house today too.

And yes, right now the inside looks more like a Swedish sauna than a home, but trust me, this is not the final design.

Downstairs is just the garage area, so nothing but space going on here.

Fit To Burst

May 22, 2010

Am absolutely fit to burst right now. Tonight one of Husband’s athletes, Andy and his stunning wife Lindsey hosted a BBQ for all the athletes in the training group that are about to jet off to Europe for a long summer of travel and competition. To say the food was amazing would be an understatement. Lindsey is a designer by day, but if you ask me and everyone else at the BBQ, she really should consider a double career as a chef too. Food was Phenomenal. And the cakes, To-Die-For. Lindsey baked not just 1 but 2 cakes for dessert, a red velvet AND some ridiculously sinful chocolate cake and it was precisely at this point that my inner fat girl showed her greedy face and lead me to my current situation of Fit-To-Burst.

Another one of Husband’s athletes from Jamaica was also in town for the night, Asafa Powell. He was the 100m world record holder before Usain Bolt blatantly stole it from under him by running a crazy, crazy time of 9.58 sec, crazy. Anyway, since he was here and since he was hungry, we allowed him to tag along too.

The ridiculously sinful chocolate cake and the red velvet cake tucked neatly behind.

As a girl who loves her footwear, the cake stand really caught my attention. Too cute.

Being the professional athlete that he is, Asafa opted not to have any cake. That and he knows only too well how unforgiving that spandex can be for a person who indulges in too much cake.

Group shot. Smack in the center are our fabulous hosts Lindsey & Andy. Thank you guys so much for a fun and tasty evening.