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This weekend I am second shooting a wedding in North Carolina with my good friend Katrina Wheeler for an absolutely adorable and very down to earth couple, Chandra & Maurice

Both Chandra & Maurice serve in the US Military and because they are currently stationed at opposite ends of the country, Maurice in Colorado and Chandra here in Atlanta, today was the only real opportunity they had to be together long enough to capture some engagement photos. I was on hand primarily to get some video footage of Katrina in action, but so cool and completely natural was this couple, that I couldn’t resist grabbing a few photos too. They are literally days away from getting married yet they are completely calm and unfazed by any and all of the last minute wedding arrangements and logistics. Am guessing this is due to their military experience of staying calm under pressure. A skill I would find useful let me tell you.

And even though the morning started off wet and raining, by the time it came to the shoot, everything seemed to stop. Timing was perfect, the couple was perfect and location was just right for the type of photos Chandra and Maurice were looking for.

We shot close to Downtown Atlanta and I love this picture cos I was able to incorporate some of the city buildings into the backdrop.

This photo with the American flag just felt so right. Right cos its Memorial Day today, but right also cos its a nod of gratitude to both Chandra & Maurice for the service and protection they provide for this nation. For that, we are truly grateful.


May 30, 2010

Sunday night and I’m sitting at my laptop doing some photo editing. The movie Wall Street with a baby faced Charlie Sheen and a much much slimmer Michael Douglas is my background noise of choice. Dexter is sleeping hard at my feet and Fintan is balled up on the sofa. At chez Shinkins-Doyle this evening, all is calm.

And just in case your curious, here is a sneak peek of what I’ve been editing. Its a photo from the wedding I second shot with my new photographer friend, Rebekah a couple of weeks ago in Florida and I’m excited to blog it later this week.

Here we have the groom Daniel and all his boys, toasting his final hours as a single man.

Zen and Unzen

May 29, 2010

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that gets up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and grazes the little market stalls that pop up in local parks all over the city on weekends. The people that graze these markets have a calmness and serenity about them. They don’t walk among the stalls and displays, they float. Organization is their middle name, yoga is their workout of choice and a “To Do” list?? Never heard of it, they’re way to zen for that. I on the other hand have a life that spins on its head most of the time and my “To Do” list would rival The Great Wall in length, therefore, I have no business grazing any market places on a Saturday or Sunday morning. My business is spending the weekend getting caught up on everything I didn’t get done during the week.

However, this weekend I decided to flip my own script. Throw caution to the wind. “To Do” list be damned and I headed down to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park with my friend Rupa to graze the market stalls and pick ourselves up some Georgia peaches.

Then I picked up some treats for Dexter,

before harassing the stall owner to let me take a photo of her tattoo’s.

I thought this tattoo was so cute. Such a sad little girl. Wait, I think she’s sad cos all of the blood spilling out of her cowboy hat. Weird.

And cos stall grazing can be oh so tiring and the weather was oh so hot, we stopped off for a little lunch, of the liquid kind.

All n’ all it was a lovely morning, until I returned to Bruschi (Husband’s truck) and found this………

……..and this. Yep, Bruschi picked himself up a new accessory and I was NOT impressed.

The unfairness of the situation was infuriating. I was parked in a legitimate parking spot, just not in an area I was legitimately shopping in, so a Bruschi lockdown was the punishment. I wanted to scream. I was between a rock and a hard place and the clamper people held the power. I called the number that was slapped on my window and when the clamper man pulled up, I would rather have slapped him. Nothing would have given me more satisfaction, but we barely exchanged a word. There was no point, this dude did not care and I’m sure there was nothing I could have called him or yelled at him that he hasn’t heard a million times before. The guy was void of human emotion that much was obvious, so I just saved my breath, paid the ransom and got the hell out of there before I had a change of heart and went all Jack Nicholson on his ass (think The Shining, The Departed, A Few Good Men).

Tonight I go to bed happy. Like I may have a silly little grin on my face as I sleep type happy, why? Because today I got most of those crappy little files I have laying around on my desk top, moved to a hard drive and let me tell you, it feels awesome. Now when I open up my laptop, I’m not instanly smacked in the face by a screen full of tiny virtual folders, who eyeball and judge me for not being more organized.

And the second reason I’m happy? Finally, finally my crappy little point n’ shoot has died. Hallelujah. This thing has been a thorn in my side from day one. But because it fulfilled its basic function of taking a photo, albeit badly, I felt unjustified in purchasing a new one. Now with the passing of said camera, of natural causes, my conscious is free to start the search for a replacement. Very excited.

RIP little camera. You served me well…’ish

At our house we don’t have a front door, we have a revolving door, its true. Our home spends more time moonlighting as a guest house or B & B, then it does serving the residential needs of the core 4, Husband and I, Fintan and Dexter. 90% of our staying guests are athletes and friends and the remaining 10% is family. Hmmm, we appear to more popular with the athletes and friends than with our own family, I’m wondering if I need to take this personally?

Anyway, most of the athletes and friends that stay with us generally like to show their appreciation and gratitude for our hospitality by making a small contribution to the household. Not a financial contribution, but a creative contribution. Currently our guest is Sherone Simpson. Sherone is Jamaican and the Olympic 100m silver medalist from Beijing 2008 and she’s in town for a week or so to get treatment on a small hamstring issue she’s been having. Sherone is one of the sweetest and funniest people you could ever meet and when I tell you she absolutely could not wait to pull her weight around the house, I mean she could not wait.

She was up at the crack of dawn this morning, sawing away to help get this carriage house of ours built.

But at one point she was bold enough to ask for a break, that was until I explained to her, “Sherone, as an athlete you are aware that time is money. The faster you run, the more money you make. Well its the same with building a house. The faster you work, the more money we save. Really it all comes down to the basic economic principle of supply and demand (not really, I know that, but how smart did I sound throwing that out there?) so quit your cryin and get back to work.”

And as you can see, Sherone really took everything I said on board and was more than happy to get back to some hard work : ) Just look at her there and that happy little face, bless her.