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Beverly Hills Baby

April 27, 2016

For our last day in California we got to hang out in swanky Beverly Hills. The Husband had some meetings there so while he busied himself with all the business stuff, the boys and I busied ourselves walking the swanky streets searching for a place where a girl could drop a cool million on something shiny for herself. Namely I was looking for Rodeo Drive. Cos lets be honest, there’s no women out there who doesn’t want to do the Julia Roberts, Pretty Women thing to a couple of snooty, stuck up Rodeo Drive sales assistances. Grant it Julia didn’t have 2 little boys in tow when she put her best bitch forward, but this was me, making the situation my own. Only problem was, we got lost, and the boys got hot and tired. So it was back to the hotel. No Rodeo Drive window shopping for the totallty unattainable for this girl, at least not that day (wink, wink).

Our hotel and a view of the streets and downtown LA. from out room.

On my nerve with the boys always wanting to hang out on the balcony. They’re both climbers and I just didn’t need the stress of them deciding to climb these rails.

Off for our walk/hunt for Rodeo Drive.

Cullen shares my enthusiasm for the expensive. He can’t wait to see him some high-end merchandise.

Keane decided to bring his own pen and paper so he could map our walk.



And sprinkles was as good as it got. They were having fun, until they weren’t.

I’m not a natural teacher. I sometimes find it hard to explain myself, with words, so often times a conversation with me, is more like a high energy game of charades, complete with frantic hand gestures and lots of physical demonstrations. I’m so very Broadway (HELLOOOOO JAZZ HANDS!!!!), or at the least, a product of the Billy Barry Stage School (Irish people know exactly what I’m talking about). Anyway, last Saturday my good friend Gianne and I got together to do a little shooting practice. 2 years ago when I was just starting out in my photography business, Gianne was actually one of my very first brides. She had heard I was taking photography classes and was interested in becoming a wedding photographer, so the very brave and trusting girl that she is, Gianne contacted me and asked if I would not only do her and her future husband’s engagement photos, but their wedding too. I was beyond excited but completely terrified at the same time. I was so raw, so new and still trying to develop my photography confidence. Up to this point my only “real client” had been my kitty-cat, Fintan, who I’d been practicing on daily. But I knew if I was ever going to take the necessary steps towards becoming a wedding photographer, then terrified as I was feeling, I needed to say “yes” to this opportunity, so I did.

Then last summer Gianne contacted me again, she had become obsessed with all things photography since her wedding and had pestered her husband into buying her first DSLR camera. Only problem, she didn’t really know what to do with it, so she asked if I would give her a few lessons. Now, once again Gianne had succeeded in scaring the pants off me cos as I’ve just mentioned, I am not a natural teacher, but on top of that I still view myself as the hungry student, always looking to learn and develop my own shooting skills, so I doubted my ability to be of much assistance, but figuring it was yet another opportunity for me to push and challenge myself, I again said “yes”. As it turns out, Gianne speaks my language perfectly, well, minus the Irish accent and the swearing, but she was clued into everything I tried to verbalize, but even more importantly, was completely clued into my frantic Billy Barry dramatics. Our sessions together became a lot of fun and Gianne learned very fast. So fast I was able to have her 2nd shoot some of my weddings with me last year. This year we continue working together and practicing our shooting techniques, which is what we were doing last Saturday when she snapped this photo of me in the throws of a teaching moment, where I’m apparently threatening to chop her head off if she doesn’t start obeying my every command.

And here is the wonderful Gianne, in a big fat hurry to get as far away from the crazy pregnant women as she possibly can.

Practice Practice

January 24, 2012

He’s always so willing to help. A real people-pleaser. Crookie is a sensitive soul and wants nothing more than for people to like him, but only after he decides he likes you. If he doesn’t like you, trust me, you’ll know, or more accurately, your ankles will know. Dexter on the other hand is a self-pleaser and dances to the beat of his own drum. You can’t make him do anything he doesn’t want to do, unless you come baring treats, and even at that he’ll only give you the bare minimum of his time and effort. So this afternoon when I took my camera out to practice my shooting skills in harsh light, I knew Crookie would be the man to model. He’s patient (well, compared to Dexter), obedient (again, if compared to Dexter) but more importantly the harsh sunlight meant he got to channel his inner rock-star……

…..and I believe his elevated level of coolness might have made Dexter a little jealous.

Then The Husband arrived home, so I made him part of the exercise by grabbing a wee family shot, just in time for Crookie to be completely over it.

Guest Sign In Album

September 28, 2011

Last week I was so excited to receive the Guest Sign In Album from Sherie & Bobby’s engagement session and I have to say, I loooove it! For those of you who may not be familiar with what the Guest Sign In Album is, its a flush mounted album, usually 8×8 in size, designed using the couples engagement images and laid out in a way that leaves plenty of negative white space for wedding guests to write messages for the couple at the wedding reception. This year I’m thrilled to say that most of my clients have ordered the Guest Sign In Album, it really is a perfect documentation of their engagement session and also a perfect memento of the wedding day.

For all my albums I use Azura Albums. They’re albums are simple, classy and timeless. Their use of top grain cowhide and distressed leather ensure my clients albums look great today, tomorrow and as they celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

For my wedding album designs I use Albumesque, cos truth be told, I know very little about photoshop. I find it intimidating and overwhelming so the idea of spending hours, even days pulling my eyelashes out in frustration as I try to figure out basic album design with this awesome tool, is way more than my sanity or marriage can handle. So for these reasons I am more than happy leave it to the professionals. To someone who does a much better job than I ever could and who showcases my clients images in the clean, fresh and modern way I prefer.

And just to give you an idea of what the final product looks like, I’ve included some photos of Sherie and Bobby’s album and a few sample layouts.

The album is Azura 8×8 black leather with blind emboss.

And here are a few pictures of the layouts as designed by Amy at Albumesque.

You’ll notice there is plenty of negative white space available for guests to leave their messages.

The last page and back cover.

Behind The Scenes

August 29, 2011

Usually when I attend photography workshops, I regress back to my days as a competitive professional athlete. My adrenaline is pumping with excitement and nervous energy. My vision is tunnel and I’m in the total zone as I listen with intent and ride the highs and lows that go along with learning any new skill set. Sometimes you nail it, and other times, you bomb, bad. This pervious workshop as we moved in rotation, taking turns to pose our models, set up the various lighting equipment and capture our shots, I got the opportunity to step back and get some behind-the-scenes images. Obviously I wasn’t able to shoot images of myself in action, but each time I’d completed my own pose and capture challenge, I took a minute to snag a few behind-the-scenes shots of the other photographers working their lighting magic. Its kinda cool, for me at least, and it gives you a little sneak peak into the goings on from our side of the camera.

Here we have the wonderful Brett Jarnagin (right) giving some guidance and advice to my new friend and fellow photographer, Bradley (left).

On the left is fellow workshop attendee and also new friend, Enrique and to be honest, I actually snapped this photo by accident. I was testing the equipment and my camera settings right before I set about capturing the image below.

This is what the above set up lead me to capture.

Again Bradley is working his mad skills on our model Billy and this will give up an idea of what went into my capturing……..

……..this image.

Change of location, change of model and a look at what went into my nailing……..

………this image.

Same model, different location and an unflattering shot of Craig getting down and dirty to get his shot. I fortunately did not have to spread eagle in my efforts to capture……….

………this image.

Brett teaches us how to incorporate a glowing night sky, which led to me being able to snap……..

……..this image.

And that’s it. A little tour of the photographic antics and behind-the-scenes action of the Brett Jarnagin workshop.