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The Hunt

April 19, 2020

Not as chaotic an egg hunt as previous years. Corona has made everything different. But we made sure the boys got to enjoy an Easter Sunday hunt, despite the current restrictions. Not the typical stampede of a herd of hunting kids, but a smaller crowd means more eggs for all the little hunters.

Cullen and his buddy Ashton, hot on the trail of eggs.

Eggs in the bucket and Ashton has spotted some more.

Cullen found a haven of eggs hiding in the bushes.

Keane too.

Cheers to Easter eggs!

Minutes into the hunt and Keane’s bucket is already at capacity.

Ashton’s little brother Julian is not as fast as the big boys, but he’s finding the low down stashes.

Thrilled with what they’ve found so far.

A bucket full. A chin full and a handful.

A hunters “show and tell”.

Still more eggs to be found.

Julian is pretty impressed with Keane’s collection.

A little help from Daddy and Julian spots an egg way up in the tree.

The gang.

Oops! Julian lost control of his eggs.

Keane had to get himself an overflow bucket he’d found so many.

Well done to our little group of hunters.

Weird Week

April 13, 2020

Its been a weird week. Technically the kids were on their Spring Break. In a non-corona world, that would mean a week off school and the opportunity for us to go somewhere or do something as a family. But this is currently not that world. So all it meant was another week at home, but the boys did get the week free from school work. Which in my opinion made life a little bit harder. We typically do school work up until lunch time, then the rest of the day is free for activities, phone calls and chats with their friends, a walk, a bike ride and of course the crowd favorite, Minecraft. Missing the morning of school work meant a much longer day of me trying to keep them busy and occupied. But like everything else right now, we made it through.

We also made sure to keep the Easter based activities going, despite the fact that nothing is normal right now. At least if we keep making the effort to celebrate life, even in small ways, it helps keep the spirits up and everyone ploughing forward.

Easter chicks! We got to meet and hold some brand new baby chicks.

Too cute.

Decorating our Easter Tree. Can’t say this was a crowd favorite. Both the boys had been asking for screen time, but it was such a gorgeous day that it felt illegal for them to be stuck inside playing games. So, this was my solution. Keane got into it a bit, as you can see from Cullen’s face, he was allergic.

Either way, Ta-Dah! Here is the Easter tree.

Just before Easter we did the traditional egg dyeing. This I always make an outside activity. Its messy AF

Lots of hard boiled eggs waiting to be dyed all kinds of pretty colors.

Some of the eggs got a little extra sparkle with some glittery paint.


Not easy getting a together shot. Lots of messing.

New Normal

April 5, 2020

Week 3 of lockdown compete and I thought I’d share a few photos of our new normal.

FaceTiming with friends is the new playdate and social life.

These kids can chat for hours. My phone has become their (the boys) phone and the only time I get it back in my possession, is when the battery has died.

Part of Cullen’s homeschooling work has been rocks. Learning about different types of rocks, formation of rocks and of course, decorating rocks. Keane wanted in on this rock painting project.

Spring, another topic Cullen has been learning so much about the past few weeks. One of his assignments was to take a walk outside to look, listen, feel and smell the signs of Springs. We found flowers to smell, we heard the birds singing loud and proud, we felt the Spring rain and we saw all the leaves growing back on the trees.

Cullen had some of his classes via Zoom. So nice to see the teachers and his little classmates.

Keane also had a couple of his classes over Zoom too.

Someone was really enjoying their geometry work. Building a cube using marshmallows and sticks. That also doubled as a snack.

Ant biology by Cullen. And yes, he drew the ant himself. He’s got serious drawing skills.

Someone who likes to show up in the midst of our school work is Boston. He helped Keane with a 3D assignment and had Cullen multitasking his school work with belly rubs.

On the weekend we took our self-isolation to the lake.

Photo Bouncing

March 31, 2020

There’s going to be a bit of bouncing around of photos over the next week or so. Photo I didn’t get around to sharing from our pre-quarantined life and of course photos from some of the things we’re getting up to during this period of quarantine.

Lets go back to this day, a week before the world was forced into quarantine and it was “World Book Day” at Cullen’s school. That day he got to go to school dressed as a character from one of his favorite books. Cullen chose “Pete the Cat” and here he is, rocking it in his red shoes.

You can tell he was really feeling his costume.

Photo-bombed by his big brother.

With that leap I feel like Keane has tapped into an undiscovered classical dance talent.

As always, things end up in a game of pulling and wrestling.

Well, you’d think now that we are in a state of lockdown, I’d have lots of time on my hands to do a catch up on my photo sharing. Wrong! Cos now I’m a mother, a teacher, a cook (cooking 3 meals a day, EVERY damn day. I’m starting to resent my quarantine mates for their constant need for sustenance), a cleaner, a referee for all of the sibling fights, a peace keeper for all of the sibling arguments, the director of entertainment, the boredom buster, an uber driver (always), a coach for any and every sport they want to practice in the garden, a medical professional cos I answer as best I can all of the corona virus questions as well as the standard day to day maintenance of bug bites, scratches and cuts. And I’m pretty sure I’ve left out a bunch of other roles I now play in our new lockdown lives. It can get pretty exhausting. So you can understand that once the kids are in bed for the evening, bed is the only place I want to be too. To try and recharge and stay positive for another day in the trenches of corona virus lockdown. But I’ve rallied this evening. I did finally get around to popping up the last of the pics from our pre-lockdown Winter break trip to Tybee Island.

Visit to Fort Pulaski, a military base used by the Union army during the civil war.

Lots of tunnels to help the soldier moved through the base undetected.

The boys were so excited, but a little nervous about going into the tunnels. They kept checking to make sure Daddy and I were right behind them.

“We’re still here Keane”.

Another bridge into the main part of the base.

Roof top cannons.

Looking down at one of the tunnels.

This wall was used to protect the soldiers from gun fire. Keane thought it was a ninja wall for the soldiers to train on.

Exiting through more tunnels.

The next day we took the boys to Oakland Wildlife Centre.

Follow the footprints to find the animals.

Big rush to see the animals.

Looking for the alligators. Didn’t see them.

Not sure what we were suppose to see here, but you can tell by Cullen’s disappointed face, that we didn’t see it.

Cougars were a no-show too. Not sure what was going on. Weather too cold perhaps?

A nice boardwalk through the water.

Finally we saw something.

The bald eagle.

Fun in the giant nest.

Hard to see cos he’s camouflaged, but there is a wolf resting on the tree stump.

Not one to follow rules is our Cullen.

The morning of our departure and Keane is helping pack up the camper.