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Time To Go Snow

December 10, 2017

We are heading in to Day 3 with no heat or electricity, but still plenty of snow. So we’ve turned our focus to igloo building for survival. If it works for the Eskimos…. The boys are showing no signs of snow burn out yet, but I’m so ready for this snow to move on. I’ve had my fun, and this no heat, no power adventure has well and truly runs its course. Bring back my first world amenities please!

The garden does look pretty though.

We’ve had a good 10″ of the fluffy stuff.

Cullen is up to his knees in it.

Not really up to his waist here, he’s actually kneeling down.

This big snowball is all thats left of our snowman. The boys kicked him down, not long after we build him actually.

Now its a Jurassic playground for Cullen’s dinosaurs.


Operation build an igloo.

Almost big enough to fit.

A little more digging and there we go. Perfect!

Hey neighbour!

This igloo as doubled as a cave for the dinosaurs and as a shelter for baby Jesus (that yellow thing is the manger). Yep, Cullen robbed baby Jesus from his cozy stable and set him up in the cave, with a couple of T-Rex’s to watch over and protect him. Good luck baby Jesus.

Well this was an unexpected and completely random snow storm that blew its way into town today. Its been chilly all week, but nobody saw this coming. Unfortunately, I spent most of it in my car navigating the slushy downtown traffic at crawl pace, begging it not to freeze. Luckily the temps hovered above freezing for most of the day and I eventually made it home, 3 hours later then my normal time, but still with just enough daylight left for some snow play with the boys.

Licensed To Drive

December 6, 2017

And just like that my kids became licensed drivers. Old enough to operate their own vehicle. They sure do grow up fast these days. Especially at Tiny Towne, which is where Keane and Cullen went with their friend Bryson and got their hands on some mini Mini Coopers to take out onto this makeshift small town’s roads.

License in hand and we are ready to get ourselves behind the wheel of some tiny cars.

Keane, loving that feeling only the freedom of the road can bring.

As another driver, if I had to share the road with Cullen, I just wouldn’t. He was bad. Easily distracted by everything around him, he might also have been texting and I’m pretty positive I saw him guzzle a beer before he got into his car.

He hit every barrier, multiple times.

Acing his driving skills, Bryson.

Yep, right into the wall.

And then straight across into the barrier.

Can’t leave without a ride on the Towne Choo-choo.

That Time Of Year

December 3, 2017

We are spirited. The purchasing of our Christmas tree has made us so. Our house is bursting with festive vibes. The boys are bouncing off the walls with excitement, yes because in a few short weeks Santa will be here, but more so because of all the preparations and all of the little holiday traditions we’ve established over the past few years. To be honest they talk more about those traditions, things like selecting and settling up the tree, decorating the house, visiting the Botanical Garden’s night of lights, festive ice-skating, gingerbread house decorating, just to name a few, then they do about what presents they want. For them its all about the experiences this time of year brings. How nice it is to see Christmas through their eyes, pressure free, last minute shopping, guest prepping and dinner stressing immune. Its such a nice reminder to stop, slow down and take a moment to listen and enjoy the angel faced Christmas Carolers, but only after I hit the “refresh” button for the 1000th time on the various UPS packages I’m currently tracking to see when the hell I can expect them to arrive.

Both boys, expert Christmas tree shoppers at this point.

The Christmas tree ornaments they made recently at the Home Depot Kids Workshop.

All the vehicle related ornaments never made it onto the tree. Cullen had other plans for them.

Hammer Of Approval

November 29, 2017

Its rare that we have an open weekend. A weekend when The Husband has no meeting or travel obligations, a weekend when I’m not working, or the kids don’t have any activity scheduled. But last weekend we were wide open. Its was so nice not having to start a day off rushing around like an overly caffeinated drill sergeant, rounding up kids, packing snack bags, filling water bottles, looking for missing shin guards, swim goggles, a left shoe or a favorite blue sweater, but not the blue sweater I’m standing there holding, a different blue sweater that has a tiny shark on the tag. I swear to you, if a mother doesn’t go bat shit crazy, or drive everybody else bat shit crazy in her efforts to get 2 young kids out the door, on time, any given morning, then she needs to be knighted, sainted and a bronzed statue of her erected in the middle of the village square for all to admire and celebrate.

But last weekend it was such a treat to kick each morning off in a state of complete sanity. Also, it finally gave us the opportunity to check out the Home Depot Saturday morning kids workshops. We’ve been wanting to attend one of these for a while, but Saturday is a peak day for the kids sport and other activities, so its never really worked out, until now. And I have to say, they are amazing. Everything from the set up, to the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff was great. No long winded explanations or list of rules or instructions, everything was simple, brief and all about letting the kids get their hands on the tools and stuck into the project. Keane and Cullen really enjoyed it and were so proud of their finished products. So we walk away giving the Home Depot kids workshops a big hammer of approval.

The boys get to their work station.

They were allowed to use real tools. Not your miniature, plastic versions of the real thing.

Cullen needed a more solid surface than the table could offer to do his hammering.

The painting stage.

A few finishing touches.

Ta-Dah! A Christmas tree photo frame made by their own little hands.

Daddy had some shopping to do while we were there. Still some home improvement projects happening around here. So the store became the boys temporary playground.

My vehicle obsessed youngest, comes face to face with a forklift.

Checking out some exterior doors.

Oh, hello Keane!