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To the Beat of Their Own Drum

November 23, 2014

This week at music class Ms. Jennifer busted out the big drums and the boys went crazy. It was like the gift of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a birthday had been handed to them, wrapped in a humongous red bow. Before the music even starting, they were beating their little hearts out.

Inspiration and creativity took hold of Keane and he felt compelled to start playing with his feet. Thankfully Ms. Jennifer is the type to encourage a little creativity.

Cullen is a little surprised by Keane’s foot beating technique, so he does a quick facial check to make sure Ms. Jennifer is in total support of whats happening.

Once he see’s the green light, he unleashes his now creative streak and proceeds to climb the drum.

Keane is into it, singing and beating for all he’s worth.

The brothers team up for a duet.

Not satisfied with the 1 drum, Cullen goes all out with 2.

The “Playdate”

November 20, 2014

Our little friend baby Maya dropped by yesterday morning for a playdate of sorts. Really it was a date for the momma’s, but I’m of the firm belief that if there’s 2 or more children gathered together in a room, and at least 1 of those children is not your own, then you are totally within your rights to label said gathering “a playdate”. Therefore releasing yourself from any possible feelings of guilt that the true purpose of the gathering, was to enjoy a coffee and a bitch chat with a friend. Our “playdate” also morphed itself into a bit of a photo lesson, Rachel (friend and mother of baby Maya) brought along her newish camera for a little guidance on how to put said camera to work. So we bundled up the kids, told them we were going out to play and then forced them to model for us.

Keane not at all pleased to find all the seats in the buggy occupied by the babies.

I think he may be trying to talk at least one of the babies out of the buggy.

No takers, no problem, he’ll just climb aboard anyway.

Maya thinks this is very amusing, Cullen, not so much.

No, Cullen is definitely over it, so back to the house with us.

As a little reward for their “modeling” I allowed the boys to build a slide on the furniture.

Cullen desperate to climb like his big brother.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to get Cullen his first haircut before his 1st birthday, but I think its time.


November 18, 2014

Sometimes you just need a break from your norm. Sometimes, when the kids are tucked up in their beds, warm, safe and cozy, you just don’t feel like tackling the trail of destruction left behind from their day of play and art projects. You don’t want to fold the laundry or get a head start on the next days chores. You don’t want to tidy the kitchen for the 700th time, that day. Or sit in front of your computer screen choosing the projects that get your attention before the fatigue you’ve managed to keep at bay all day, finally engulfs you. Sometimes, you just want to sit with your husband and talk about our goals, fears and future plans. Or fall asleep next to each other as we attempt to watch a movie or a football game. Other times you just want a little personal space to take a bath, or read a book you’ve been trying to read for the past 11 months. Sometimes you just want your brain to check out. And thats where I’ve been the past week. I just couldn’t muster up the motivation or drive to do anything other than some of the stuff shared. To my parents who I know have been checking most days, wondering why there’ve been no updates on the grandchildren; the kids are fine. As you can see, Cullen is learning to pull cheeky faces, and with the help of an iPad for distraction games and encouragement, Keane is making great progress with his potty training.

All About the Bike

November 11, 2014

We have a little bike that I’m not 100% sure how it came to be in our possession. My brother may or may not have sent it to us a couple of years ago, but the past few weeks it’s been Keane’s favorite toy. We have to allocate a few extra minutes in our morning routine for Keane to ride his bike around the driveway before we load up for school. And also in the evening before it gets dark. This evening, for a little biking thrill (cos several weeks of cycling around ones driveway can start to feel a tad stale), I took Keane and his bike, and his little brother to a popular run/walking loop.

Keane and the little bike he can’t live without right now.

Cullen takes his car for a ride-along.

Cullen wondering why his car has stopped moving tries to force it forward so he can catch up to his brother.

A pit-stop so Cullen could investigate the rope fence that separates the run/walk path from the soccer fields.

A little breaking and entering going on here.

The happy face of someone who knows he just busted into a place he probably shouldn’t be.

Cullen, surprised to see his brother pop up on the other side of the fence.

Keane continues to enjoy that feeling of being bad.

Not to be left out of the fun, Keane helps Cullen onto the pitch.

Yes, I was very nervous this move by Keane would cause Cullen to roll backwards out of his car, so I demanded the car be placed back on its 4 wheels, after I got the scary shot of course.

Some monkeying around on the car.


Before we left, someone got to have a go of the big boy toy.

A New Park

November 5, 2014

Today we went to a new park. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but to a 2 year old and an 8 month old, this is pure adventure. Also, with each passing month, Cullen inches his way closer to being able to fully interact and play alongside his brother on the various park toys.

The park was an immediate hit with Keane when he spotted the train.

The climbers and the crawlers.

The second after I snapped this photo I had abandon the camera and obstruct this curious baby’s plans to take a solo plunge down the tunnel slide.

Underage driving, much safer.

Keane, always climbing.

Keane enjoys the view from the top, while Cullen enjoys taste testing the wood chips at the bottom.

Right next to the playground was a skateboard park.

The little boys watching the big boys play.