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The Final Day

July 23, 2014

The final day of our trip and the boys got to do something very cool. They got to compete at Patriot Stadium. A big deal if your a New England Patriots fan, which thanks to their dad’s, all our boys are, and once a year the stadium runs a series of kids races inside the actual stadium. Such a cool idea. However, just like our adventures in strawberry picking, it was a hotter then hades day, and zero shade meant nowhere to hide from the baking sun and sweatifying heat. But the event was so well organized and all of the kids races went off smoothly and rapidly, which helped keep the potential for heatstroke to a minimum and made for a happier stadium experience.

Inside the stadium, with the finish set up right on the 50 yard line.

Challenging Detail No.1: The races happened to be scheduled right in the middle of Keane’s afternoon nap, and I knew him not getting his middle of the day rest was a risky business that could leave me struggling with a very tired and emotional toddler. And I was correct, it did.

Here is said tired and emotional toddler.

Challenging Detail No. 2: The minimum age to compete was 3 yrs old, but when registering the boys, my sister-in-law Dinara, skillfully danced around the minor detail of Keane only being 2. So when they called all 3 and 4 year olds to the line, Keane took his place, albeit emotionally, next to his cousin James. James gives the thumbs up that he is ready to race, while Keane does his best to process what is actually happening.

The gun goes off and James it out.

At one point I was sure Keane was going to refuse to participate, but the little guy took it on, at his own pace.

James was the winner (Go James!) and after he crossed the line he waited to cheer Keane on and give him a big post-race high five.

A local photographer takes a photo of the 3 boys. James and Keane proudly wear their medals as Paul awaits his own race.

Paul competed in the 6 and 7 year old age group and here he is, storming his way to victory.

Patriot team mascot (Pat the Patriot) with our 2 champions.

And with momma and Keane.

The brother-in-law (Uncle Mookie) with all of our little competitors.

Even though he was way to young to compete, Cullen played an amazing supportive role.

Now that is a lot of Doyle boys right there.

Paul & Keane

Dinara and Cullen.

The boys, chillin in the stands.

Keane gets his second wind just in time for us to leave.

Back at the house Paul and James play a little baseball with Pa.

While Keane has a blast in a post rain puddle.

Nothing but joy on the face of this baby as he watches his brother River Dance in the puddle.

Paul, James & Keane, all rocking their team jerseys.

All the boys, together on the last evening of our trip.

Pool Party

July 21, 2014

Towards the end of our stay, one of The Husband’s friends from childhood (S’up Miller Family!) invited us over for a pool party. Since The Husband had already left us to get back to work, I thought it might be a tad rude to crash the pool party without the actual known and invited guest. But the hot Massachusetts summer, coupled with the information that I did in fact meet said childhood friends before at a family wedding (lets just say there was a free bar, I was a thirsty girl, so the details of that initial meeting are a little hazy), helped liberate me of my party crashing concerns. So off we went for a fabulous evening of swim, food, football (the world cup was still on) and the re-making of new friends.

Paul, James and Keane get ready to take the plunge.

The eldest first.

Love James’s flying bird, into chair dive.

Last but no least, my big man Keane.

I really wanted to get a photo of Keane and Cullen enjoying their pool time together, but as you can see, Keane hated the idea and just wanted to get back to his diving. So I let him off but had secret plans to try again later.

No to be left out, Cullen gets a little diving in too.

Paul progresses to a legit dive, off a f’real board.

A relaxing float for baby Cullen.

Now Keane is happy to get his photo taken with his brother, but now I can’t get Cullen to take his eyes off whatever it is that has his attention on the floaty.

A rare shot of me with my boys. Thanks Dinara : )

Mean Keane & Happy Keane.

Paul & Cullen, just chillin.


July 19, 2014

I interrupt the sharing of all the Boston trip photos to bring some very exciting news. This week Cullen had been making a few solid stabs at sitting up by himself, but today he finally nailed it. Hoorray for our sitting man.

You can tell by his face that it was a lot of hard work that he took very seriously. But he finally go there.

And did it all while rocking himself a cheeky little baby-crack.

The Ever Physical

July 17, 2014

I don’t have girls, so I’m not sure if mothers of little girls love the playgrounds as much as mothers of little boys. Little boys are so physical. Always wanting to climb, swing, run, jump and explore. They are full-on and completely non-stop, and like it or not, being the mother of little boys means you too get dragged along on this ever physical roller-coaster. So there’s nothing like a trip to the park to burn up some of the endless physical energy these little men appear to have stored up.

Not 100% sure of the conversation that went down between Keane and this little girl.

But it left him looking a little surprised and confused.

Like a bunch of tree monkeys.

James doin some tunneling.

Paul captured in a tire moment.

I love this tire shot of the 3 boys.

A climbing frame more suited to the bigger boys.

Everyboedy loved the monkey bars.

Tales in Berry Pickin

July 15, 2014

The day we went strawberry picking was hot, hot, hot. Our plan was to leave the house somewhere between 7.30am and 8am, that way we could arrive early, execute our strawberry picking with military efficiency and be back home before lunch and before the torturous afternoon heat. Well, we ended up leaving the house around 8.20am, which with 2 kids, 1 toddler and 1 baby to corral, I considered it a very successful, more or less on-time departure. We arrived at the farm only to discover we were not the only smart little piggies planning to do our strawberry picking early. The place was already jammers, the sun was already eagerly high and over enthusiastically hot. The line for the tractor ride to take us to the strawberry fields wasn’t too long, but it felt endless in the heat. The tractor ride itself was only 7 minutes, but with zero shade it may as well have been 7 hot and sweaty hours. The picking of the strawberries was the equivalent of fruit picking in Hades. We were hot, sweaty, stressed and borderline emotional, but that was just the mothers, the kids? they were completely unfazed and totally in the moment. Yes, the only whiny bitches on this field trip were us momma’s. The children were heat enduring saints.

The fruit farm had a small collection of goats and chickens that the kids were allowed to feed and pet.

Paul and Keane offer this billy goat a little breakfast.

And of course Cullen was curious to make their introduction.

Staring competition in 3-2-1-Go!

Well hello you chicken you.

“Can I help you?”

James doin some goat spotting.

My child the climber.

Horaay! Hot and sweaty tractor ride to the strawberry fields.

Now what kind of mother puts a white t-shirt on their toddler to go pick strawberries?? Mmmmm, that would be me (said in sheepish tone).

As you can see, there was plenty of taste testing going on.

Paul was on the hunt for the big and juicy kind.

James believed in tasting most of his pickings.

“Look momma, is lickul”

Awaiting our transportation back.

Oh the faces tell the story of our struggle with the heat.

And of course once we got home there was only one way for everyone to cool off. Hose!