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Keane kicked off his Easter weekend with a school day filled with fun. A parade of little bunnies, a party and an Easter Egg hunt. Here Keane spotted me in the crowd of parents and immediately became emotional.

So momma had to jump in and walk with him for a while, which helped turn the mood around and brought a smidgen of joy to his parade experience.

Rocking the Irish bunny ears.

Inside for party time.

Refuses to take off his ears.

Not sure what the conversation is between Keane and his friend David here, but it looks serious.

Outside for to hunt some eggs.

Found one!

Little Cookie Monsters

April 13, 2014

It was Playdate Sunday again for our little boys and this week we opted for some inside fun, the boys got busy and messy with some cookie decorating.

Keane took a very careful and particular approach to his decorating.

Cannon was straight in with the fingers.

Gavin wasn’t really bothered with the decorating and was more about the eating.

Cannon’s mom brought the cookies while I supplied the colorful and edible art supplies, and she was awesome enough to do a letter cookie for each of the boys names.

Keane looks very suspicious about this weirdly colorful and sugary food we presented him with and eats it very cautiously.

Cannon was partial to the tiny bunny rabbit toppers.

Gavin attacked it all Cookie Monsater style.

Cullen muscles his way into the action.

Alli and Gavin team up for some cookie creativity.

Group Shot! Our happy little Sunday Morning Playdate Group.

His Style, Her Style

April 10, 2014

When you leave the responsibility of dressing the baby to The Husband, this is what you come home to. Baby squeezed into a figure hugging version of The Husband’s team jersey. Never mind that its currently the off season.

When you leave the responsibility of dressing the baby to The Wife, this is what you get. Cutie baby, wearing cutie bear whose wearing flying goggles.

Keane, never one to miss a photo bombing opportunity.

Row The Boat

April 7, 2014

This past weekends playdate saw Keane, Cannon & Gavin readying themselves to sail off on a their own little adventure.

It takes teamwork to get a boat like that water bound.

But Cannon thought the best way to free the boat, was to bite through the support rope.

Rock Star Toddler

April 3, 2014

These days absolute chaos and the proverbial sh#t hitting the fan can happen in a split second with absolutely zero warning. One minute I’m calmly and swiftly powering through the evening meal preparation, the next minute I have a 7 week old screaming at me for food at the exact same moment the toddler wakes from his nap, grumpy and looking for his favorite slippers. From there it all becomes a train wrecking, 3 ring circus of ultimate mayhem as I try to balance said 7 week old in one arm, bottle in mouth, supported between my chin and neck, (moms, I know you know this pose) as I walk around the room with said toddler trying to retrace the steps of possible places said favorite slippers could be. Then its back downstairs to a kitchen that hopefully has not burnt to the ground, as I try to regain control of dinner. These moments happen repeatedly throughout the day. And if I didn’t know better, I’d swear my kids were plotting against me. The timing of all these meltdowns is always suspiciously perfect.

Today I happen to be in the midst of another chaotic spin, 7 week old losing his mind for food, a hyper toddler whose attention I was trying to redirect away from emptying the contents of random drawers all over the floor and stove full of over boiling pots. As I raced to the stove trying to regain control of the situation that had the most potential of burning the house down, I turned around in time to see Keane dragging a chair towards the kitchen table where Cullen just happen to be sitting in his beanbag, screaming his head off. I wanted to tell Keane to stop. I knew he was dragging the chair over for climbing purposes, but something told me to shut up and observe. I stood close enough to save him should he fall, but not too close so as to crowd him. From there I watched my 21 month old climb the chair, pick up Cullen’s bottle which was sitting on top of the table and begin feeding him. Unbelievable. This little guy never ceases to amaze me. So of course the next most responsible thing to do was to capture the moment on camera.

Keane my little rock star.