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Back To School Corona Style

August 20, 2020

Back in March when this whole pandemic kicked off, I could never have imagined that 5 months later, my kids would still be unable to go to school. Yet here we are and thats exactly what’s happening.

This past Monday the boys had their first day of virtual school. So we did what we do at the start of every new school year. We got dressed up. Dragged out the chalkboard sign for the obligatory “First Day of School Photo” and at least pretended that things were normal. Whatever your school choice (or lack of choice) right now, I know its been a tough one. Best of luck to us all this strange, strange year.

My happy, healthy growing boys.

3rd Grade for Keane.

1st Grade for Cullen.

I hope he’s always this happy.

Cullen lost his 2nd top front tooth the night before.

Giddy Up

August 8, 2020

Despite pandemic life, we are still managing to have a pretty good summer. In our efforts to keep social distance and avoid any kind of indoor activity, the boys are getting to try out some new things. Cullen is a huge animal lover and on our trips back to Ireland a good friend of mine who owns a riding school (shout out to Nicola), would always make time for the boys to stop by and she would put them through some intense riding lessons. Cullen took to the riding very easily and comfortably, so this year we signed him up for his first riding camp. And he loved it. The final day of the camp, all the kids put on a display of their newly learned skills for all of us proud parents.

The helmet strap struggle is real people.

Cullen and his horse Gizmo.

Up and ready to ride.

Proud little face.

Waiting patiently in line to show us his skills.

Keeping control of the horse and his balance for the ring placement challenge.

Horsey soccer.

The fans, Daddy & Keane.

Daddy making sure to get some video memories.

A medal for amazing riding skills. Well done Cullen!

Some of the amazing camp instructors and Cullen, still beaming over his medal.

Of course we had to get a photo of both boys with Gizmo.

Cullen made a new bestie at the camp too.

One very happy little cowboy.

The camper van is turning out to be the best gift we’ve ever given ourselves. For years we were back and forth over buying one. Wondering if we’d get the opportunity to use it as much as we’d want to. But just before Christmas, we pulled the trigger and finally decided to go ahead and purchase. Then, 2020 showed up in all its manic mayhem and this little camper van has been the saving of our sanity. We’ve been able to take off on adventures, keep our social distance and pretend the world is not the big fat fu@king mess it actually is right now. Without these escapes, am pretty sure I would’ve  snapped beyond the point of mental return.

Our most recent trip was over 4th of July weekend, where we actually teamed up with some friends and fellow camper van owners and took off to Hiawassee, Georgia.

Shortly after our arrival, camper is parked, we begin unloading of all the stuff, while Cullen takes Dexter for a stroll.

A little fishing pond right in the middle of the camp ground. The boys and their friends are straight into it. The fishing that is, not the pond.

Logan was more excited about scooping up the gross pond algae.

Keane is in the fishing zone.

And look what he caught, A FISH!!

Evening rolling in and we’re all getting tired.

Bright and early the following morning and we kicked off our 4th of July with a hike up Bell Mountain.

Hard to see them as they blend in with all the graffiti, but there are 4 little boys amongst the rocky cliffs.

Keane at the peak.

Our view of Hiawassee from the top.

Daddy, Cullen & Dexter.

4 little rock climbing friends.

Great seat with a great view for Keane.

A few more steps and a bit more climbing.

They felt like they were on top of the world.

Keane with his bestie, Luke.

The lads.


Back on solid ground we spent the afternoon at the lake. Keane & Daddy off for a kayak and a paddle.

Cullen kept himself busy on a great white shark.

While Logan struggled to get on top of a hammerhead.


Luke & Cullen.

Back at the campground for a nice 4th of July BBQ, the boys were straight into the fishing.

Logan keeps Cullen stocked with fresh bait.

Here fishy fishy.

Logan the cast master.

Just before sunset and we are getting ready for some 4th of July fireworks.

Lighting the sparklers.

Glow masks and glow sticks.

For the final day of our weekend escape, we went tubing!! Logan and Keane called the first go.

Cullen and Luke cheering from the boat.

Cullen getting ready for his turn.

“Have fun guys”.

I think they’re enjoying it.

The big boys, Luke and Keane.

Logan, Cullen and Keane.

Luke, Logan and Keane.

Luke and Logan got bounced off the tube.

Here they are swimming back to Keane, the only one to have survived the bounce.

We dropped anchor for a while so the boys could play around in lake.

A high flying Cullen.

Keane and Cullen, always wrestling.

Keane and Daddy have a turn on the tube.

Followed by Cullen and I.

All the 4 friends.


Co-captain, Logan.

It was movie night back at the camp ground.

May Is Now July

July 7, 2020

Don’t think I’m ok with the randomness and lack of frequency with which I’m blogging these days. But life is not normal and like everything else in 2020, I just have to surrender to the situation and be ok with it.  And if that means sharing our May trip to the strawberry farm, in July, then so be it. Its not like every day, week and month of pandemic life doesn’t feel the same right now anyway.

So here it is, our May strawberry picking trip, shared with you in July. Enjoy!

Pack Up Your Camper

June 17, 2020

A few weeks ago we took off on a little camping adventure. And I’m not even going to try and explain why it takes me so long to post on the blog anymore. Just know that the lockdown lifestyle with 2 kids, does not always allow opportunities to sit down and have the blog chats. So for now posts will apparently be random and delayed. But back to camper living, cos camping is obviouly what you do when you need a break from the 4 walls of your home. You switch it for the 4 walls of a much smaller camper. All in the name of adventure.

Keane & Daddy getting the camper set up.

Bright and early the next morning. Ready for an adventure.

A short drive away from our camp site in South Georgia, was Little Grand Canyon.

The boys trying to figure out if a partially exposed pipe, is actually a snake.

Not a long hike in and all downhill too. Bonus!

Figuring our which canyons to explore first.

So glad we picked a nice warm, dry day to do this, cos the bottom of the canyon was full of little mud rivers.

Headed into the belly of our first canyon.

I think there were a total of 8 canyons, and we made sure to explore them all.

2 little Doyle boys in a canyon cave.

Happy little canyon explorers.

Trekking back through the muddy rivers.

A mini rescue mission.

Making friends with a tiny frog at the base of the canyon.

Starting the walk back up to the rim. Not as fast and easy as the hike down thats for sure.

Came across a random truck graveyard on the way out.

It took a while and there may have been a bit of whining along the trail, but we made it.

Taking in the view from the top.

The view down into the canyon.

Day number 3 and we hit the lake for a spot of fishing.

Life jackets on.

Open waters, Daddy taking the selfies and the boys keeping the eyes peeled for alligators.

The cool crew.

Prepping to fish.

No fish biting this day.

Hmmm, not sure we’ll be swimming in this lake.