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Kid Free

July 19, 2016

A little quiet on the blog this week cos this momma has sent her boys to summer camp. Wahoo! For this entire week my mornings are now kid free. Its so exciting. I can’t even prioritize what should get my focus and attention for those 4 hours I’m that excited. Having the ability to go through the supermarket a leisurely pace is a luxury I haven’t experienced in 4 years. Usually I’m racing though at a panic pace, trying to get everything I need before 1 or both of them demands to get out of the trolley, grabs something off a shelf, wants to taste test everything, starts fighting with each other or starts telling everyone how bored they are and how they hate the grocery store. Honestly some trips are barely survivable. Now however I’ve been gifted the time to get things done, kid free, yet I’m feeling so under pressure to enjoy that time that I’m actually panicking about not enjoying it enough. Motherhood, eah? But I still prefer this type of panic to the one I have when the kids are tagging along.

And in the absence of any new photos to share, and just to prevent a long stretch of blog silence, here are a couple more photos of the boys celebrating 4th of July with a patriotic tandem slide.

Boys Toys

July 14, 2016

Keane got a remote control boat for his birthday and he can’t get enough of it. Its been over a month now and driving it around the lake is still one of his favorite things to do. Yep, its a pretty big deal. I wouldn’t say his driving skills are excellent, or improving at any great speed (he yells at it for going backward when he wanted it to go forward, never mind that he was mashing on the backward throttle), but theres not really a lot of damage he can do to the boat or anyone else on the open lake, so no need to take his lack of boat driving skills on as a genuine concern.

Lets Make a Mess

July 12, 2016

I spent most of the weekend trying to keep the house in some sort of order. We had people coming to visit and I was trying my best not to be seen in our natural state of mess and chaos. But its absolutely no joke trying to keep up with the trail of destruction 2 boys can cause in the blink of an eye. I became crazy obsessive compulsive mom, literally following them around, brush in one hand vacuum in the other, sucking and sweeping as they dropped.  ”Can we just try keeping all the toys in the play room for one f*#king day (didn’t really use the word f*#king (out loud) but wanted to)”? “No, you can use the couch cushions to build a tunnel after our friends leave“. “No toilet paper gliders are to be thrown from upstairs until further notice.” “Hey, why don’t we do all of our eating of meals, snacking of snacks and drinking of beverages over the sink and/or bin, just for today, so we can, you know, keep messes and spills to a minimum??” Even the 2 year old gave me a “bitch has lost it” look on that last statement. By the time Monday rolled around I was exhausted, exhausted by my temporary role as obsessive compulsive mom, exhausted pretending like ours is a house that is constantly clean, tidy and orderly. It was time to drop the act and celebrate by doing what we do best, making a mess.

Who wants to paint?? I’ve done this particular activity with the boys before, but they love it, so no reason not to do it again. Especially since we’d just been to that art gallery.

As usual the hands are the first things to get painted.

Its looking like there’ll be more than one bath happening today.

With Cullen there’ll always be a truck involved.

With Keane its all about the dinosaurs.

A T-Rex original piece.

Nothing worse than waiting for paint to dry. Keane helps to speed up the process.

A race car, painted by momma, hung by Cullen.

I hep you paint the tow truck momma“. And by help he means he yelled at me for not giving the truck eyes and teeth. So I quickly fixed that oversight.

Keane’s masterpieces, 2 dinosaurs.

Not So Kid Friendly

July 7, 2016

I’m still struggling to understand why a museum puts on an art display aimed at kids in the toddler to 6 year old age range, then has its staff hover over you as you make your way around, watching with disapproving eyes and faces that leave you feeling like your child is acting completely inappropriately and therefore not welcome at the museum. It was so stressful. My kids love the Eric Carle books and were so excited to go to the museum and see all the familiar paintings his stories are based on. They acted like children the entire time, happy, curious and excited, yet this was apparently not the behavior the museum wanted to see for them. Ideally I think they would have preferred that all the children coming to enjoy the “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” exhibit do so from a state of sleep. I was on edge the entire time, fighting a constant urge to check my kids, even though they weren’t doing anything wrong. But I sucked up the judgmental presence of the staff, let the boys enjoy the exhibit and resisted the desire to just leave. High Museum of Atlanta, today I award you the winner of the “Kid Unfriendly Award”, for being so unfriendly.

Staff presences aside, it was actually a really cute exhibit.

Keane and our friend Wyatt and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Cullen’s reaction to seeing the caterpillar, pure joy.

Art pieces from some of Carle’s other books.

Little painting impersonators.

Wyatt the choo-choo fan.

Inspired to flamingo, by the flamingo.

Loves ladybugs.

Wyatt shows great patience in waiting his turn.

Lounge mode.

The 2 minutes they all stopped to read about the paintings.

The playroom, where we met up with our friend Bryson.

Weird little hand puppets that surprisingly didn’t freak everyone out.

Working on the light and shine puzzle.

Now the outside play zone was fun and unique.


4th Of July 2016

July 4, 2016

For the first year in about 4, its been a rain free 4th of July. So we took full advantage and did everything you’re suppose to do to celebrate American Independence, starting with an early morning parade. This was the first time the boys had been to a parade, and waving flags while cheering for firemen, policemen and soldiers was all they could talk about.

Claiming their spot for the best viewing action.

The sport of spectator is a serious business, one should always make sure to stretch beforehand.

Here we go with a vintage firetruck.

The parade is in full swing, as is our enthusiasm.

The reliable boy scouts.

Hooray for the firemen.

Cullen was so excited to see the fire trucks and the firemen, until one was standing right in front of him.

Mini fireman.

City of Marietta mascot…

…with a handshake for Keane.

A bunch of Scarlet O’Hara’s.

The soldiers.

And the veterans.

Later that evening it was back to the Square for the fireworks display.

Keane brought his sleeping bag so he could camp and nap if he got tired.

The show begins.