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I Run For Eddie

January 25, 2015

It was all planned out, our first 5k of 2015 was going to be me and the boys, my friend Rachel and her baby Maya, our mutual friend Mike and lots and lots of chocolate. The Atlanta Hot Chocolate 5k was suppose to be a morning of competitive family fun, until 2 days before the event when we went to pick up our numbers and were told that no strollers were allowed on the course. What the What?? It had to be repeated to me several times before the reality of the message actually sunk in. No strollers?? In all of the 5k races I’ve run, I’ve never heard of a stroller ban. Usually participants who plan to run with their kids are encourage to line up behind all of the other competitors so as not to obstruct the more serious athlete, which is completely understandable and I have no issue with that, but an outright ban on strollers? Never in all of my road running years have I heard of such a thing. Needless to say I was pissed. Primary cos I didn’t know how I was going to break it to my 2 year old, who was so excited about getting to race with momma, that it wasn’t going to happen. We tried to think of every option possible before we finally accepted that the babies would have to sit this one out. As it turned out, it was actually the smartest decision not to involve them as the tempters that morning were baltic. The race started at 7.30am, which would have meant waking them up and taking them from their cozy beds at 5.00am and with 30,000 plus people participating, logistically it was going to be a real nightmare. Yes, at the end of the day the Hot Chocolate organizers knew exactly what they were doing when they decided to exclude strollers.

Another angle to this 5k story is that about 2 months ago my friend Lisa (who’s wonderful family I got to capture on a trip back to Ireland last September) e-mailed me to tell me about a program called “I Run For…” where you elect to run on behalf of a child you know with special needs or disabilities. Lisa asked me if I would consider running for her baby boy Eddie, who was born with spina bifida. Needless to say this was a no brainer, of course I would be honored to run Eddie and this past weekend marked the first of what we hope will be many races in the name of little Eddie.

Boys Oh Boys

January 21, 2015

Playdates are now double the fun. Our 3 originals of Keane, Cannon and Gavin now all have baby brothers. Welcome to the madness Cullen, Harvey and newest member baby Sawyer. The entire supersized crew got together last weekend for what we hope will be the first of many playdates and as you can imagine, it was CRA-ZY. The boys had an absolute blast and right at the end when most of their energy had been burned up, we decided that would be the time to try and get a group shot of the lads. And we were somewhat right. As you can see we got a very adorable shot of all 6 boys.

But in our efforts to secure the adorable shot, we had to work through a little confusion and some emotional moments.

However, the one consistent thing through all the photos was baby Sawyer. He was straight chillin the entire time.

Bye Bye Humongous Tree

January 19, 2015

We’ve finally gotten around to taking down our humongous festive tree and now our lives and our home feel empty. Keane misses tossing all of his toys and bouncy balls into its loosely packed branches and Cullen misses reaching through the rails of our upstairs landing to pull off some of its ornaments and swat at the star topper. But they don’t have to feel too sad, cos what should a family do when a tree that size has served its primary purpose as displayer of festive lights and decorations? Why they should turn it into some sort of lawn lounger, at least temporarily. So thats what the boys did this weekend.

Ah yeah, just chillin in the tree.

Now Daddy is in on the action.

Doing a little airplane spotting.

Murphy’s Law of Rain

January 16, 2015

It has literally rained every day since Monday here in Georgia, so today (Friday) we finally went and bought the blue umbrella Keane’s been demanding the entire week, and guess what? Dry and sunny all day long. But rain or no rain be damned, today Keane was determined to take that new umbrella outside, and of course Cullen is always up for whatever, so he was happy to suit and boot up and tag along for all of the dry umbrella fun.

Keane: “Momma, maybe if I put on my rain jacket and boots, then take my umbrella outside, the rain will come.” I had to admire his belief and his “you never know unless you try” attitude

Cullen desperately wanted a turn of the umbrella, Keane however was not very open to handing over his new “toy”, but he did let Cullen touch it for about a minute.

Finding Our Feet

January 9, 2015

The Holidays are most certainly over. This week we were back into the full throttle of life. Keane returned to school and Cullen started baby school. So figuring out the morning routine and logistics of 2 separate drop-off’s and pick-ups to 2 different schools has been a real blast. On top of that swim classes and music classes were back on the schedule for both boys, so even more logistical juggling. But after a couple of minor f*#k-ups, I believe we have streamed-lined our game plan heading into next week. So crossing the fingers for improvement in efficiency.

But whiny time management issues aside, by the end of the week one little man was getting closer and closer to taking some first steps. Here we are at daddy’s gym and Cullen decided he wanted to dabble in some solo standing.

Keane ever the caring big brother swooped in to provide Cullen some walking assistance. “I’m just going to help Cu’en walk momma”. Ever so carefully I tried to praise Keane for helping his brother, but also to explain how Cullen has to learn to do it by himself.

He took the information well and sat down next to our friend Jordan to cheer Cullen on.

Oops, baby down.

And the boys engage in some brief wrestling.

Cullen really wanted to try and walk to momma, but just in case this was the walking moment, momma really wanted to try and capture it, so here I am doing my best to shoot and encourage Cullen towards me.

Last attempt and to help build his confidence we had daddy stand a little closer so Cullen could feel the thrill of making it without falling.