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Pot O’ Gold Diggers

March 18, 2019

Prior to kids my St. Patricks Day looked a lot different. More of a pub, adult beverage, music and craic kind of celebration. With kids, we hunt for chocolate leprechaun gold and build magic rainbows with fruit loops. Honestly, my pre-kid self wouldn’t even recognize me now if she met me. But this St. Patricks Day the craic was all about the kids and their friends, who showed up bright and early to figure out if and where the leprechaun’s had buried their stash of gold. As it turns out, those cheeky little leprechaun’s did bury gold, leaving a bunch of clues and a fool proof trail to its whereabouts. It was chaos, but these little Pot O’ Gold diggers had the best time chasing down the trail to chocolate glory.

First clue found. As the oldest of the group, Keane elected himself leader and reader of the clues.

Ashton’s leprechaun hat only impaired his vision slightly.

The reading of the clue.

Thinking caps on as everyone trys to make sense of the clue.

The trail has been spotted.

And we are off and running! Our leader Keane.

Followed by our friend Henry

Followed by Cullen.

Followed by Ashton.

Luke and Keane ploughing ahead.

Logan feels like he might be on the right track.

The flags mark the spot.

This year the leprechaun’s buried 2 pots of gold.

Let the digging begin!

Brothers Luke and Logan team up to try and find the 2nd buried pot.

Working in shifts so they don’t get tired.

One of the Dad’s stepped in to get through a rough spot.

And one of the pots has been found.



Logan is so proud to show his momma what he found.

Team 1 have also found their pot.

Now its a free for all. Everyone trying to grab their share of the gold.

Yeah we’re pretty proud of our chocolate riches.

Comparing quantities.

Group shot! And the impossible task of getting everyone to look at the camera.

Mad rush to get back to the house and eat some leprechaun chocolate.

The dads are on post hunt clean up.

Back at the house and we’re getting creative with some fruit loop magic rainbows.

Break To Participate

March 12, 2019

Role switch the past few days. The Husband played Mammy to the kids, while I was out bringing home the bacon. So just getting around to posting the last of the pics from our little Jamaican adventure. And I just realized that I actually have not had my camera in my hand for the past 2 weeks. This for me, is unheard of. My camera is typically a 3rd appendage, capturing the various things the boys get up to from one week to the next. But sometimes you just need a break from capturing moments, so you can actively participate in the moments. All about the balance. Balance, overrated, unobtainable yet the very thing all us mothers go nuts trying to achieve.

Last morning on the island and time for a round of golf.

A very unique putting technique by Cullen.

Last beach day.

Keane trying to feed the fish, but these bad ass seagulls showed up.

Winter in 1

March 7, 2019

Our weather has been shit. Your weather has been shit. Between Ireland and the US, in the last 7 days, we’ve had literally 3 months worth of winter. Freezing temps. Snow. Ice. Never ending rain. Cold on cold and then some more cold. So trust me when I tell you, posting these photos of another fun and lazy day on another fabulous beach in Jamaica, I hated us too.

The ocean and the beach, Cullen’s happy place.

Daddy and Keane heading off for a snorkel.

Way out to sea, where the more fishy swim.

Stopping off at the ocean trampoline for a bounce.

Meanwhile on the beach, Cullen and I are busy digging trenches and playing sharks.

When your big brother can’t resist bounding over your play zone.

Getting snorkel fitted.

Hates it. Says its too tight and he can’t breath. Tried to explain the whole breathing through the tube element of snorkeling, but he was done listening to our BS.

He’s got his goggles, all is well and he’s convinced he’s actually snorkeling.

Cullen also stops off for a bounce on the trampoline.

Hitching a ride back to shore.

Momma’s turn to snorkel.

Off I go.

It wouldn’t be a trip to the beach without a burial.

And of course Cullen wanted to be buried too.

Day At Dolphin Cove

March 4, 2019

As promised, here we go with tons of photos from our day at Dolphin Cove in beautiful Jamaica.

Not long after we arrived and the boys have spotted something very cool.

A shark! Cullen was beyond excited.

Keane in deep thought.

Ah yes, swimming with stingrays.

No way Keane was missing an opportunity to swim with the stingrays.

Snorkel gear on.

Ready to go.

Stingray hunters.

Caught a curious little dolphin in the background having a peek at what was going on.

The moment Cullen changed his mind about taking on the waterslide. “No thank you Dada”.

Someone who would never say “no” to a waterslide, Keane.

A dip in the beachside pool before we go swim with the dolphins.

Here we are, ready to swim with some dolphins.

Walking in an orderly fashion.

There they are. The dolphins!

I was limited in where I could stand to take photos. The people in charge want to make sure you purchase the photos they capture, so my shots are from a bit of a distance. But here, the moment the boys got to meet their dolphin, Coco.

The Husband and the boys, getting in position to swim with Coco.

Keane and Coco, about to go for a ride.

Off they go!

Love how excited The Husband and Cullen are in the back.

Next Coco takes Dada and Cullen for a ride.

Coco gets some fishy treats for being amazing.

This moment, when Cullen found the courage to take a solo ride with Coco.

He was so happy.

Love this shot. Looks like Cullen is being chased by a shark.

Keane gets another solo ride.

Special pics with Coco.

Look at the face on Cullen : ). Side-eye riddled.

Less fear, more joy.

Now its all good.

A final wave to Coco.

Sad that its all over.

After drying off, we stopped by the Dolphin Cove petting zoo.

As it turns out, if you have a hand filled with seeds, you’ll find yourself very popular with the birds.

Curious Cullen.

He wanted to feed the birds himself.

Until they landed on his arm.

Then he suddenly changed his mind

The bird whisperer.

Spring In The Air

March 3, 2019

Didn’t manage to get our visit to Dolphin Cove photos up over the weekend like I’d hoped. Its almost Spring and the kids activates are back in full swing. Swim classes, lacrosse practice, a couple of playdates and a night out wine tasting with some friends (me, not the kids) and suddenly the weekend just slipped past. So all I have to offer is this snap of some Doyle boys, excited to be heading into the water to swim with some dolphins. Lots of dolphin pictures soon.