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Welcome Baby Sawyer

January 13, 2015

A new year and our good friends Alli & Tyler have a new little bundle of manliness to add to our all boy playgroup-troupe. I was so excited to finally meet and capture baby Sawyer in all of his newborn cuteness and see how well big brother Gavin is adjusting to the new arrival.

3 becomes 4 in the adorable Perkins family.

Only 11 days old and baby Sawyer is already eyes open and trying to take in as much of this new world as he can.

So cute when Gavin wanted to hold his baby brother’s hand.

Even cuter when he started giving kisses.

Love this shot of Alli and Sawyer.

Eyes open the whole time.

Giving the thumbs-up to the world.

Baby feet.

Nothing cuter than a man holding a perfect little baby.

Mom, Dad and the new addition.

Gavin gave me a little second shooting assistance. Hard to see but he is actually holding a tiny camera in his hands and trying to copy everything I’m shooting.

Some final shots of the new brothers.

All About The Family

December 4, 2014

Today the blog is taking a break from whats been going on in my family, to share some adorable photos of 2 other families I was privileged to work with this past weekend.

First up with have Kristen and her beyond adorable little boy Wyatt. Its been a full year, almost to the day since I captured Wyatt’s newborn session (Click here for flashback) and what a little stud he is turning out to be.

Us mothers don’t always get the opportunity to be in photos with our babies, sometimes its by choice (a long night can have us looking a little rough the next day) and other times its cos we are the ones behind the camera trying to freeze and preserve life’s little memories. So for that reason we put aside a little time early in the session to capture some precious moments of Kristen with her baby boy.

Eventually we let Daddy in for a family shot.

The air toss never fails to bring joy.

Next we have the fabulous Demeritte family.

But baby Grayson decided he had much better things to do, so took off to do them.

Look photographer lady, a rock!”

Looks like a party up there on Daddy’s head.

Snuggles with Momma.

Love this natural, happy moment between Gianne and Dominic.

Fabulous family.

The Brett Family

September 13, 2014

So I’m opening up the sharing of photos from our trip to Ireland not with images of my boys (I know, collective jaw drop), but with images of another wonderful family.

I first met Lisa and her family 2 years ago, I was in Ireland visiting my family for Christmas and my dad had found a tiny stray puppy abandon close to our house and when I posted the story on Facebook, Lisa responded saying they would love to adopt the little fella and make him part of their family of 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a turtle. There may have been a fish or 2 in the mix also. Needless to say, you can see what a caring and loving family this was. Since then Lisa and I have kept in touch through Facebook, and also since then the Brett family welcomed a 3rd baby, baby Eddie. Eddie was born with Sipna Bifida but unless you knew, being in his company, you would have no idea. He crawls around and has the energy of any 16 month old (despite the fact that doctors told Lisa and her husband that this was something he would never do) and for moments when he really wants to get on the move, he busts out his Formula 1 style wheel chair. His gorgeous sibilings Naima and Evan absolutely adore him and it did the heart good to see the 3 of them interact so happily together during our shoot. Lisa, I know you’ve been waiting patiently for me to get back to the US to see some of your photos, so I made the most productive use of my jet-lag and finally, here are some of my favorites.

Evan, already a little rock star.

Gorgeous Naima.

And little Eddie.

The handsome Brett men.

The fabulous Brett ladies.

Infinite energy.

Evan goes airborne.

And they said he would never crawl.


I love this shot for 2 reasons, 1. the joy on Evan’s face and 2. Naima in the back ground jumping along as she pushes Eddie.

Baby Maya

May 12, 2014

This blog post is about baby Maya, the daughter of my good friend Rachel and a very special little girl. Maya was born 9 weeks premature by emergency c-section when Rachel developed preeclampsia. Although weighting in at just under 2 lbs when she was born, tiny Maya had the heart of a lioness and literally put up the fight of her life to claim her place in this world. It was a very long, stressful and emotional journey for Maya and her parents. She remained in hospital for just over 8 weeks and during that time there was much progress but also many setbacks. But with an amazing family and a hospital staff that can only be described as second to none, Maya made it.

I was honored to meet baby Maya 3 days after her arrival and captured a couple of photos of this almost 2 lb little fighter.

Fast forward 10 weeks and here she is. All 6 lbs of absolute gorgeousness.

Maya has now been home for 3 weeks, and 2 weeks ago I was happy we were finally getting to do her newborn photos. However, our first attempt at capturing these photos was a semi-epic fail. Maya made her feelings about our photographing plans very clear by pooping and peeing on both Rachel and I right as we tried to get her in position. Once we got her and ourselves all cleaned up, Maya still insisted she was not in the mood to be photographed. She fell asleep for less than 5 minutes, so I was able to get he above and below shot. But after that, each time we tried to soothe her off to sleep and place her in position, she woke up yelling at us.

The only time she really settled was when she was being held my her momma. So we used the opportunity to get some adorable mother and baby shots and decided to try again a few days later to capture her newborns.

Rachel’s furry baby, Pepper loves Maya.

Ok, so last Friday we went round 2 with little Maya, but this time we were ready for all of her challenging ways. Rachel arrived with coffee to keep us awake and alter while we waited for Maya to drift off into blissful baby sleep. She also brought her mom, so we had extra assistance and someone on hand to quickly remove Maya’s paci (thats a soother for all my Irish peeps) giving me seconds to snap all I could before she started to squirm and quick as a flash, grandma had to replace the paci, least Maya wake up. Rachel actually snapped a few “behind-the-scenes” images of our shoot and here you can see a little glimpse of what actually goes into capturing all of those dreamy, fluffy images of tiny babies. Its a very deceptive game of patients, creativity, weird shooting angles, assistance with pillow elevation and paci (soother) removal and administration, as well as fitness as you work ferociously to secure every angle and every image you can before baby wakes up. Make no mistake about it, cute photos, takes work. Hard work.

But its so worth it when you walk away with images like this.

At the end of the shoot Keane and Cullen go in on a little of the action. Maya was actually born 2 weeks after Cullen, but obviously 9 weeks premature, but it was still fun for us to put them side by side for a little size comparison.

The Perkins Family

February 5, 2014

This past Monday I got to spend the morning with my good friend Alli, capturing photos of her adorable little family. Alli and her husband Tyler are the proud parents of little Gavin, the sweetest, blondest, most adorable, not to mention high energy 16 month old ever. Over the past year and a half, (since the arrival of my own wee man) I have come to really enjoy capturing families, especially the babies and toddlers. They are so honest and in-the-moment, you just never know what direction the shoot will go, which makes for a fun, interesting and completely spontaneous session.

For the Perkins family shoot, since the weather was a bit nasty and unpredictable, we decided to do it at their fabulous new home. How cute is this family?? Seriously.

Gavin gave us about 2 minutes of posing time, then like any 16 month old, he wanted to be set free to run and explore. I was so glad I opted not to wear heels this day, cos he sure kept me moving.

At every opportunity Gavin was ready to break free and go about doing his own thing.

I love how kids can find so much joy in the simplest of things. Pushing the doorbell is hands down one of Gavin’s favorite things to do.

Finding random pieces of wood chips, is like striking gold.

Again, flexing his independent muscles. Did not want to hold Mommy & Daddy’s hand while we went for a walk.

But loved a little swing time with Daddy.

A true boy, digging in the leaves and dirt.

Half way through the shoot it started to rain again, so we headed back to the house, and I just love all of these special little moments I was able to capture of this amazing family in their own home.

Finding an alternative use for Daddy’s chess set.

Ah-dorbale Mom & Baby moments.

A little chill time with Daddy.


Gavin’s special chair.

One last snap of this cuter than cute family.