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The Clem Family 2015

October 3, 2015

Hands down the best part of being a photographer, is getting to be part of some of the most special moments in a families life, and its something I never take for granted. I have met some of the most amazing people through my job, formed relationships and lasting friendships and it has been such a privilege to provide memories and physical images to the story that is their lives. Melissa & Kevin were one of my favorite couples from the moment I shot their engagement session.¬†They are the sweetest, most perfect and nicest people you could ever hope to meet. I had a blast shooting their wedding and a little over a year later, they welcomed their first baby, Eli, and I got to shoot their first family photos. 2 years later, baby brother Grant arrived and I was invited back to update the family album. I can’t say enough about this family. Melissa & Kevin, you will always be one of my special couples and I never take for granted the honor it is to capture your families memories.

Cole Family

May 6, 2015

I wish I could claim credit for the idea of bringing strawberries to the Cole family shoot last weekend, but that was all Taylor. So simple, yet so creative. The boys loved it and I loved the shots this addition of color and juiciness allowed me to capture. A definite nod to summer. Here are some of my favourites images of this adorable family.

Joint Family & Baby Shoot

February 12, 2015

Michelle reached out to me a few weeks ago to set up a day and time to do Reed’s 6 month photos. Wait, what? His 6 month photos already? It honestly didn’t feel like 6 months had past since I was in their house capturing his newborn photos, but apparently it had. So with a little back and forth we locked down a date, but as the day of the shoot approached, we realized that the weather was going to be freakishly warm on that particular day, so we decided to take full advantage of this random day of warmth and turn what was suppose to be baby Reed’s 6 month shoot into a joint family/6 month baby shoot.

Welcome Baby Sawyer

January 13, 2015

A new year and our good friends Alli & Tyler have a new little bundle of manliness to add to our all boy playgroup-troupe. I was so excited to finally meet and capture baby Sawyer in all of his newborn cuteness and see how well big brother Gavin is adjusting to the new arrival.

3 becomes 4 in the adorable Perkins family.

Only 11 days old and baby Sawyer is already eyes open and trying to take in as much of this new world as he can.

So cute when Gavin wanted to hold his baby brother’s hand.

Even cuter when he started giving kisses.

Love this shot of Alli and Sawyer.

Eyes open the whole time.

Giving the thumbs-up to the world.

Baby feet.

Nothing cuter than a man holding a perfect little baby.

Mom, Dad and the new addition.

Gavin gave me a little second shooting assistance. Hard to see but he is actually holding a tiny camera in his hands and trying to copy everything I’m shooting.

Some final shots of the new brothers.

All About The Family

December 4, 2014

Today the blog is taking a break from whats been going on in my family, to share some adorable photos of 2 other families I was privileged to work with this past weekend.

First up with have Kristen and her beyond adorable little boy Wyatt. Its been a full year, almost to the day since I captured Wyatt’s newborn session (Click here for flashback) and what a little stud he is turning out to be.

Us mothers don’t always get the opportunity to be in photos with our babies, sometimes its by choice (a long night can have us looking a little rough the next day) and other times its cos we are the ones behind the camera trying to freeze and preserve life’s little memories. So for that reason we put aside a little time early in the session to capture some precious moments of Kristen with her baby boy.

Eventually we let Daddy in for a family shot.

The air toss never fails to bring joy.

Next we have the fabulous Demeritte family.

But baby Grayson decided he had much better things to do, so took off to do them.

Look photographer lady, a rock!”

Looks like a party up there on Daddy’s head.

Snuggles with Momma.

Love this natural, happy moment between Gianne and Dominic.

Fabulous family.