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She was a little bashful in her admission, to her it seemed unromantic, unoriginal and not really something to brag about to the grandchildren. When I asked Reagan how she and her future husband, Michael met, she got a little deflated, “In a bar” she said, a little embarrassed. I on the other hand was ecstatic, cos thats exactly how The Husband (my husband) and I met, “In a bar”. This was our very first conversation and right off the bat Reagan and I had something in common, we had both met our men in the first place people tell you not to look, a bar. Single ladies out there, let this be a lesson, there are actually good men to be found in bars.

Reagan and Michaels story began when she spotted a very tall, very handsome man brush past her on his way to the bathroom. Instantly something ignited in Reagan, she followed him with her eyes, watched carefully to see where he was going. Now knowing the path he would take from the bathroom back to his friends, Reagan made sure to place herself carefully in a spot where he had no choice be to see her. The spot was of utmost importance, one did not want to appear to be some sort of bathroom creeper, no, one was a lady and needed to be viewed as such. Wherever Reagan ended up placing herself, it worked. On his way back to his friends, Michael was stopped dead in his tracks by the tall, stunning blond flashing him an encouraging smile. Their connection was instant. Straight away they both knew, knew that she was now talking to the the man who was going to be her husband and he to the women who was going to make his wife.

I’m so honored to be working with Reagan and Michael and to capture their wedding in less than 2 short weeks. I had such a blast shooting their engagement session and am excited to share some of my favorites.

We have to give a shout out to Reagan’s mom, who put in a lot of time and research to find the perfect location for her daughter and future son-in-law to rock their fierceness.

Rolling rivers, covered bridges and some yummy winter sunshine, what more could we have asked for?

One of my favorites from the session.

I have no idea what kind of sweet nothings Michael was whispering to Reagan, but I love that it gave me the opportunity to capture Reagan’s big smile and genuine laugh.

Rock those boots!


Michael did an amazing job choosing the perfect ring for his bride.

Love this old covered bridge.

I asked Reagan to give Michael a kiss and she basically grabbed him and planted the biggest smooch ever on his lips. I loved it.

Michael and I shared a special moment right before I took this photo and every time I look at it, I know they are both trying not to laugh. True professionals : )

Love. It

Another favorite.

Not sure why Reagan was giving Michael this look as we waited to cross the street, but I really like it.

Yes ma’am.

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It was her username, unique and original that initially peaked his interested, then her image popped up and boom! Simon was smitten. Both Simon and Hyoun Joo had signed up on the same dating website and after viewing her profile, Simon felt compelled to reach out. Having received his message, Hyoun Joo immediately went to Simon’s profile and instantly she knew he was different. Good different. Interesting different. Funny different. They struck up a correspondence that eventually led to their first date and a relationship that changed the course of both their lives, for the better.

We started Hyoun Joo and Simon’s engagement session on the square in Roswell, not far from the Simon grew up.


Big Thank’s to Alex McHenry for the fabulous job on Hyoun Joo’s hair and make-up.

I cannot find enough positive words to describe Simon. He is every inch a gentleman and so caring and attentive to Hyoun Joo.

Such a wonderful smile.

Who knew Georgia has so many covered bridges? I certainly didn’t, but this is the second one I’ve shot at in the last 3 weeeks. Love it.


As we walked on to our next location I noticed the very loving and unique way Simon held Hyoun Joo’s hand and I had to capture it cos it was just so them.

I have not idea what Simon said to get this reaction from Hyoun Joo, but I loved it.

Go on with your bad selves.

Jessica & Adam – Engagement

September 20, 2012

“It was definitely not love at first sight”, Adam assures me, the night he spotted the stunning brunette in an Alabama bar out with some of her girlfriends. A mutual friend introduced them and Adam immediately began laying it on thick. He worked his charming smile and was giving Jessica all his best lines, but she was having none of it. This particular night, Jessica did not want to be in a crowded bar, she was not in the party mood. She was in more of a “lets put on our sweats, chill on the couch and watch some reality TV” mood. So when Adam approached her with his best lines, she was completely unresponsive. Adam picked up on Jessica’s ice cold signals immediately, wrapped up the conversation and politely made his exited. However, the very next night, Jessica, now feeling very much in the party mood, was out with her girlfriends and who does she meet in another bar? Adam. But this time Adam kept his distance, there was no way he was getting burned twice. If there was going to be any conversation between the two of them now, it was going to have to come from Jessica. Thankfully Jessica did make the effort and discovered this charming, handsome guy, also had a sense of humor that kept her laughing all night long. And Adam discovered the stunning brunette, was actually the complete opposite of everything he thought she was based on their encounter the previous night.

I’m so excited to be shooting Jessica and Adam’s wedding in November. They’re engagement session was so much fun, its easy to see why they make such a great couple and why Adam was smart enough to put a ring on Jessica’s finger and lock this deal down for the rest of their lives.

For their engagement session Jessica and Adam wanted to go to Stone Mountain Park, the place where Adam proposed .

Three years later and within a split second, Adam can have Jessica laughing.

Love, love, love the boots, and lets not overlook Jessica’s fierce legs.

Adam working his fierceness.

Jessica, stunning.

Loved this old mill tucked away in a small corner of the park.

Work it girl!

Jessica has the best smile.

Another adorable feature at Stone Mountain was this covered bridge. Very Bridges of Madison County, made fierce by this hot duo.

Handsome, handsome.

Adding a little spice to the Stone Mountain monument.

Here I asked Adam to work his serious face, but while I was shooting he was mumbling things to Jessica that had her cracking up and brought out that fabulous smile of hers. Loved it.

Busting out their playful side.


A seriously good looking couple.

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He was certain it was because their apartment had carpet, thats why the girls from across the hall started hanging out. Clearly Drew and his fellow roommates had a home that was cozy and inviting and the ladies just couldn’t resist it. However, Katherine smiles guiltily as she admits the real reason she and her roommates began dropping by the boys apartment was simple, they had a TV and they had cable. The carpet, had nothing to do with it. Both students at GCSU, Drew was one of the guys living in the “cozy” apartment. He and Katherine became fast friends thanks to her and her roommates daily visits for their TV fix. Then gradually over time, their friendship morphed into something more special and that something has lead them to the point where they are now planning the rest of their lives together and I couldn’t be happier for them. They are such an open and genuine couple, who radiate a happiness and positivity that is completely contagious and I feel so extraordinarily lucky that I am the one that gets to document this very special time in both their lives.

Katherine and Drew, you two are beyond amazing. In the abominable plus 100 degree heat you rocked the hell out of your engagement session, like absolute pros. Based on our time together last weekend, I cannot wait for your wedding day later this year.

The engagement session took place on Katherine’s parents property. 70 + acres of open fields and so many unique and special details. We began the session at the small creek that runs next to their home, on a bridge built by Katherine’s dad.

The handsome, handsome Drew.

The stunning Katherine and her radiant smile.

Fierce legs, fierce boots. My kinda girl.


How perfectly cute are these two? Seriously.

Yes ma’am, work it!

The pinky hand hold.

Amazing, amazing light and amazing, amazing couple. Love it!

I flipped when I saw this tire swing. How completely country and how completely romantic is that? Love!

And the sunlight that just poured around them was to die for.


Katherine, seriously, FIERCENESS.

Off to the open fields for some truly stunning and romantic shots.

Those eyes, die!

I just love how much fun this couple has together.

I’ve had bling envy from the second I laid eyes on Katherine’s engagement ring. A flawless, perfect diamond, left to her by her late grandmother and beautifully showcased in a setting designed by Drew. Go Drew!


I have the best clients, willing to climb to the top of a rustic old barn for some fierce shots.

The camera couldn’t get enough of those deep baby blues.

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They were both working at the same company when they caught each others eye. She thought he was cute and he thought she was smokin, but in the name of being cautious and professional, neither was about to show their cards. They continued to work in close proximity, getting to know each other better through a combination of work related and the odd personal conversation. However, on a series of after work company gatherings, in a more relaxed, social setting, Michelle and Keith really got the opportunity to talk, and discovered they had a natural chemistry. Everything about their personalities just clicked. Now all of a sudden that “cute” guy was more than cute, he was funny, attentive, charming and romantic. And that “smokin” girl, just added hot, funny, happy, smart, understanding and positive to her arsenal of attributes. Everything about them was a natural fit. This couple was just meant to be. A year or so after they began dating, Michelle and Keith added one more adorable element to their relationship, their daughter Lily. The cutest little thing you will ever meet with a personality that emulates the best of both Michelle and Keith. And later this summer she will get to rock her very own princess dress alongside her mom and dad on what is sure to be a very special and fun filled wedding day. I cannot wait.

Michelle and Keith wanted an engagement session that was a little scenic, but also a little urban and rugged, so we hit up one of the downtown Atlanta parks before roaming one of the city’s more “questionable” streets.

Work it Keith.

Love this. Michelle, radiant.

Loved the coolness of their hats. Perfect for the heat and humid of Atlanta.

The best thing about Keith, he can make Michelle laugh without even trying.

OMG, rawr!

Even more uber coolness.

This little park was a perfect backdrop, offering so many cute and different corners for photos.

Keith looking way chilled.

Michelle, in all her stunning’ness.

After a quick outfit change, Michelle and Keith took their fierceness to the “questionable” Atlanta streets. And wow were they fierce.

Smokin hot couple.

Few people can make a simple pavement look this fierce, but this couple absolutely can.

Bam! Michelle workin the hell out of her fierceness.

These two, natural models.

Bling, Bling!


And yes ladies, Keith is this smitten and attentive to his stunning future wife all the time.

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