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Ann-Marie and Gary, when I sat down to put together this blog, I struggled. I had no idea where to start. Gary and I have known each other for years. We’ve been on the Irish track team together since our mid-teens. We went to the same college and travelled the world representing our country proudly at many European and World Championships and also Olympic Games. On the track and throughout his career, Gary was a highly motivated, ferocious and determined competitior. But off the track he is hands down one of the nicest, most thoughtful and considerate people you could ever hope to know.

His new wife Ann-Marie and I only met for the very first time the evening before their wedding, but instantly I liked her. Her smile was infectious and her personality bubbled over with warmth, but there was also an honestly in our conversation that let me know that this women does not play. She knows exactly what she wants and has the drive and determination to make it happen. But somehow she manages to do it all with a huge sense of adventure and fun. To say she was a perfect match for Gary would just be stating the obvious.

Ann-Marie and Gary….  I still feel like I’m struggling to find the right words to go along with this blog. I was so completely honored to be apart of your day. Together you are two of the most kind and optomistic people I have ever met. And despite the nasty presents of biblical winds and rain, you both showed up with a determination to have fun and face whatever the day threw your way, and for that reason your wedding day was perfect. I wish you both all of the happiness in the world. Shinks XO

This little Church has so much history for Ann-Marie’s family. Its the Church were her parents married and also where she was baptized.

Ann-Maire’s dad was a member of the Irish army, unfortunately he passed away 12 years ago, but the entire family made sure his presence was felt in every element of his daughters day.

The groom and his groomsmen kick the day off right, making time for a full-irish.

The simple and elegant details of the bride’s dress.

Proud mother-of-the-bride helps her daughter into her dress.

The proof that I wasn’t lying when I said it rained, hard. Believe it or not, there’s a little flower girl under that sheet.

Only Ann-Marie could arrive in weather like this….

…and still walk down the aisle beaming.

Gary couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride throughout the entire ceremony.

The rings make it official.

The bride and groom exchanged some very personal gifts. Gary gave his new wife his European medal, and Ann-Marie gave her new husband 3 of her dad’s military medals.

Look at this little wedding photographer in the making.

By some miracle the rain stopped just as the bride and groom were exiting the church. So we raced to the reception site as fast as the legal limit would allow to try and grab some sunset photos before the heavens opened up again.

The bride’s mom and her sister also married at this Church, so it was only right that they toast to the legacy.

Never would we have anticipated a sunset like this. So grateful.

Ann-Maire’s gift to Gary were little athlete cufflinks. Loved it!

Reception time.

Oh yeah, the party is officially started.

Rocking the wellies. These smart ladies came prepared to handle all kinds of rain.

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And Still It Rains

December 22, 2013

I’m so over the rain. It appears to have followed us from Ireland all the way back to Atlanta and I’m ready for it to move on somewhere else, anywhere else. “Just go away already”. Its ruining my Christmas spirit. Or maybe its Keane’s new jet-lag induced wake up time of 4am that has me a little off. Either way I am still managing some sort of productivity in the midst of a derailed schedule. And to prove it here is a little sneak peek from Ann-Marie & Gary’s wedding which I am currently in the midst of editing.

It was a recurring theme throughout their wedding weekend. Everyone who spoke of them all said the same thing: Emily and Cameron invest in relationships. With their families, their friends, even people they have just met. Together they make anyone who crosses their paths feel like the single most important person in the world. Its a gift they share.

Emily and Cameron, we spent most of the year looking forward to your special day. I was so very honored to be chosen as your wedding photographer. You are 2 of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out and I am so happy I get to call you friends. I also want to mention both of your families, who were so so thoughtful, generous, warm and embracing. Within minutes of meeting everyone I was made feel like I was part of the crew. Like we all had a history of Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas gift exchanges. Its easy to see now where you both get your giving, generous spirits. To adequately sum up everything you are, the beauty of your day and the fun of your wedding would be impossible, but I hope these photos manage to document all that you remember of your special day.

Gotta love a picturesque plantation wedding in the midst of a perfect Fall day.

The blushing bride gets her finishing touches.

Loved this. The ladies catch a glimpse of the groom’s on site arrival.

Proud mother of the bride watches her daughter get into her perfect dress.

The grooms gift.

To my utter joy, Emily and Cameron decided to do a First Look. I love when couples do this, its such a special and private moment for any couple away from the craziness of the day. Not to mention a perfect opportunity to capture some stunning photos of a truly fabulous bride and groom. Here the bride makes her way to the awaiting groom, helped by her maid-of-honor and sister.

Look at how nervous and excited Emily is.

Cameron anxiously awaits his bride.

Gift exchange.

Emily can’t believe how stunning her new diamond and pearl earrings are.

And Cameron loves his new cufflinks.

Time for a little bride and groom fierceness.

The lads.

The little flower girl was so excited when she saw the stunning bride.

The ladies.

Emily’s adorable 3 year old nephew and ring bearer extrodinare, Stewart.

Almost game time.

The flower girl watches on as she awaits her moment to walk down the aisle.

Getting into position.

Tired of the slow walk, the ring bearer makes a break for it.

Officially husband and wife.

Clearly the groom had worked himself up a bit of a thirst.

The doors to the bathrooms were decorated with childhood photos of the bride and groom.

Bling! Bling!

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Published in the Homeland

November 13, 2013

You may remember back in September I flew to Ireland to shoot the wedding of my bestie, Derval O’Rourke. Actually, not only was I her photographer, but I was also one of her bridesmaids. If your wondering how we managed to pull off that little feat, don’t worry, your not alone. Lets just say I was a potential nominee for the worst bridesmaid award, but favorite to take home the David Copperfield award for most magical photographer. After the wedding, much and all as I would have liked to share tons of images from my friends special day, I had to respect the fact that Derval and her new husband, Peter wanted to keep much of the details and memories of their day private. However, being that Derval and Peter are 2 of Ireland’s top Olympians, Derval for track & field and Peter for sailing, the Irish media was not going to let this sporting couple away with sharing none of the images. So last Saturday my bestfriend and her new husband were the feature of the Irish Examiner’s Weekend Magazine.

I have admit, I completely geeked out when Derval sent me a shot of the magazine cover. There is nothing cooler than seeing an image that you shot appear in a publication, let alone the cover.

The shot as I captured it.

And I believe this shot of a very happy/nervous/excited bride arriving at the church is the photo that accompanied the article within the magazine.

For 2 days prior, the air was thick with signs of Fall. Chilly, overcast with a slight blustery winds blowing up and down the streets of Columbus. However, the morning of Molly and Reed’s wedding, the sun burned through like it was still the tail end of summer. Surrounded by close friends who truly honor who they are and everything they aspire to become, Molly and Reed celebrated a wedding day filled with love from college buddies and long embraces from family members.

Molly and Reed, as a friend I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am for you both, but as a photographer, I was honored to capture such an amazing day. From start to end your day was the embodiment of your care and devotion to each other, but more so, to those around you. I wishes you both many years of happiness.

Proud and beaming mother of the bride.

Love this moment of the bride helping her mom into her amazing dress.


Loved ALL of Molly’s bridesmaids. Honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better team of girls to have your back on your wedding day.

Molly reading a sweet letter from her future husband.

Some pretty cool transportation.

The ladies, rocking the fierce.


The groom reads a letter from his future wife.

Cigars, very manly.

Reed, the ever dashing groom.

Molly’s dad couldn’t hold back his emotions when he saw his daughter as a bride for the first time.

How cute is this little flower girl? At just 11 months old, baby Tess did an amazing job waddling up the aisle.

Mr & Mrs, finally!

The ladies represent Ohio State.

While shooting out on the Columbus streets, we bumped into another bride and groom who were very much in the party mood and ready to share a shot.

A little veil straightening assistance from a local police man.

The happy couple make their grand entrance.

Father-daughter dance.

Time to party.

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