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This weekend I’m in Greensboro, North Carolina to shoot a wedding with my friend Katrina and I’m so excited. Since we’re both out-of-toweners, we decided to drive the 6 hours from Atlanta to Greensboro today, giving us plenty of opportunity to get lost, which we did, cruise the outlet stores, which we did and hit up many a gas station bathroom, which we did, all in the comfort of knowing that the wedding is tomorrow, so this was the day to make all the logistical mistakes, which we did.

Don’t ask me why girls pee so much, I have no idea, but we do. Genetically smaller bladders or something. Here I am after emergency bathroom visit number 154 of our 6 hour road trip.

Once we arrived in Greensboro, we checked into the hotel and went straight to the rehearsal to check out the location of the ceremony and reception. And let me just say, its going to be fabulous. The park is stunning. I can hardly wait to start shooting. But for now I’m tired, so its time to crawl into my hotel bed, turn on the TV and fall asleep to some quality reality show. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

Here Katrina gives the groomsmen a little crash course on where to stand and what to expect during the wedding ceremony.