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Cold With A Side Of Rain

February 28, 2016

Flying with kids is a risky business. I’m not going to lie and say I enjoy it. Its hard, way hard. But for me the opportunity to take the kids somewhere new, or visit family and friends greatly outweighs the struggle of changing your toddlers nappy in an airplane bathroom no bigger than a phone booth, while your 3 year old sits on the sink just to give you the few extra cm’s of elbow space needed to get the job done. Or wearing yourself out trying to come up with entertaining games and conversation in an effort to distracted the kids from the length of time they’ve been stuck on plane. Or trying to not to lose your temper when for the 2 seconds you had to focus on your 2 year old, your luggage and your flight information, your 3 year old disappeared to play his new favorite game of “hide and remain silent” and all of a sudden your head is spinning, your stomach has fallen to the floor, theres a check-in lady asking you repeatedly for your passports but you can’t even hear her cos your in a mental panic thinking something bad has happen to your child. Then he pops out all smiling and joyous shouting “boo” and you want to simultaneously hug him and yell at him. “Stay close. Listen to momma” is what I find myself saying over and over again. Its a tough gig for sure. Its exhausting and its such an effort trying to present yourself as calm and totally in control so that the kids actually enjoy the traveling process and not associate it with momma turning into some psychotic and over bearing nut job. But on the inside thats exactly what I am, a psychotic over bearing nut job with elevated blood pressure and a desperate need to chain the kids to me, at least until we reach our destination. So its no surprise once we do finally reach our destination, all I want is a nap. But of course all the lads want to do is explore. And once we reached my parents house in Ireland, they were off.

Unlike Orlando, Ireland was mostly cold with a side or rain. Or was it mostly rain, with a side of cold? Either way the lads didn’t care, they were busy digging up my parents driveway for the purpose of rock forte building.

There are a ton of toys at my parents house, but this is what all the grandkids love to do the most, dig and play with the rocks on the driveway.

Making sure to abuse all of granddads garden tools as they smash up the place.

Later in the evening we had a visitor. A lovely little lady by the name of Dafne.

Dafne is the baby girl of my friend Derval and she the happiest, smiliest, most edible little thing ever.

My boys loved her.

Lady D is a big eater. She’s just started on her solids and can’t get enough of this new world of flavors.

Post dinner and Cullen gives Dafne a lesson in clapping hands.

While the babies went to bed, the mommas stayed up drinking wine, but the babies never took our late night of boozing into consideration when they woke us up at 6.30am looking for breakfast and playtime. So we rallied, and here they all are, a group shot of their early morning pajama fun.

Not sure what happened, but suddenly Cullen had the urge to stick his finger in Dafne’s mouth. Keane showed his skills as the eldest by correcting Cullen and saving Dafne.

Dafne, shocked and confused and less than impressed. Cullen, thinks its all the craic really.

Third World Water Status

March 3, 2015

I’m still existing in a cloud of jet-lag. I’ve been so focused on getting the boys schedule back on American track and dealing with a couple of disasters that occurred during our absence. Some small like a broken remote, flat tyre on the car, and some big like a burst water pipe during the freeze here in Georgia thats currently left us without water. I swear I will never take water for granted again. Now that I’ve been reduced to buying water for drinking and making the daily trek to The Husbands gym to fill empty buckets and jugs, not to mention shower, I’ve come to appreciate the true luxury of running water in the home. Right now we’re not sure when we will rejoin our first world water status, its a matter of trying to locate where exactly the burst pipe has occurred and unfortunately for us, it could be anywhere along 1000 yards of pipe thats burned under ground. So we literally have to start drilling for water. Until then, if you spot me in the early evening sunlight, washing our clothes down by the lake, do beep your horn and offer a friendly wave, even a little kindness can brighten the hardest of days.

Pictures of my boys completely unrelated to the topic at hand, but just cos they are so cute.

Its been a low-key, slow paced and snotty start to our 2014. Illness has been bouncing around the house a bit. Keane seems to have passed his Irish cold on to me and as a result I rang in the first few days of the New Year from my bed. Thankfully am now back on my feet and we are returning to life as usual after all of the Christmas festivities. Some pretty heinous weather has kept Keane and I inside for most of the week, but with a little break in temperatures today we were able to venture out for a nice little forresty walk complete with some stone and stick throwing action.


August 20, 2010

Last night I had the distinct honor of co-hosting the first ever SmugMug group here in Atlanta. SmugMug for those of you who may not know, is an awesome awesome site that allows photographers a convenient and professional place to showcase their clients images. Clients can log on, check out their photos, share them with friends and family and if they so desire, order their prints right there from the site. I’ve been using SmugMug for almost 2 years now and if I, a girl with the technical ability of a nat (whatever a nat is) can tell you its amazing and so stankin easy to use, then believe me, its amazing and so stankin easy to use. Photographers out there, if you haven’t checked these guys out yet, do it, you’ll love em.

Anyway, on top of all that, SmugMug is all about trying to bring photographers together to talk, share and basically chew the fat on everything connected to the business of photography. Many successful Smug groups have already been set up in various cities around the US and now finally Smug has targeted Atlanta. My good friend Rupa Kapoor was selected to be the leader for our city and me the co-leader, wha-what, and last night we had out big launch and it was amazing. Photographers from all corners, sports to wildlife, architecture to wedding, came out to mingle and learn. Our guest speaker for the evening was Liana Lehman, an amazing amazing destination wedding photographer based out of Atlanta that I envy and adore and for her presentations Liana decided to challenge us all to think about who we are, why we do what we do and what makes us stand out from our competitors. It was a little bit of a reality check for some of us, but truth be told, a necessary one. Otherwise how else are you suppose to learn and grow, right? So a big THANK YOU to Liana for braving the Atlanta traffic on her brand new scooter to bring us a presentation full of cold harsh realities.

And thank you too to everyone who came out. You really were an enthusiastic, energetic bunch. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I can’t wait for next months meeting. Its gonna be even better. Rupa and I are working hard to ensure it. Lastly we have to give a shout out to PPR Atlanta for letting us use their studio space to host our meeting. Really, truly appreciate it. Finally, I’m done gushing, so here are a few photo from the first ever Atlanta Smug meeting.

Rupa gives her welcome speech while I appear somewhat spaced out in the background, wondering what super-power I would choose if given the choice.

My turn to speak and I believe I’m telling the crowd that invisible would be my super-power, or wait, in light of recent events, maybe I should choose the ability to fly.

The straight shooting Liana.

Some of our Smuggers

Liana wanted to shake things up a little, so she decided to sing the second part of her presentation. No, not really.

Rupa models some of our high-fashion Smugwear.


June 5, 2010

Bad news, Fintan is not doing so well. He has not eaten since his return from hospital, as a result, he has to go back. I’m so stressed. I’m in North Carolina until tomorrow, Sunday, so my good friend Mike has been watching him and thankfully is able to take him back to the hospital today. But you better believe I’ll be hauling ass back to Atlanta as soon as I humanly can.

Poor little guy.