St. Patricks Day 2021

March 28, 2021

What better way to show back up on my own blog, then with pictures to share from our St. Patricks Day Tricolor of Fun with friends. There was Guinness (& cider & beer for the thirsty grown-ups) , there was a hunt for leprechaun gold, there were rainbows made and shamrock cookies to decorate. It was high energy, high paced and everyone was high on either sugar (the kids) or an adult beverage (the adults).

The gathering. All kids on deck ready for the “Go!” to look for leprechaun gold.

Go! Go! Go!

Keane has found a stash at the base of a tree.

Cullen & our friend Nash in a race to find all the gold.

This was little Owens first hunt for leprechaun gold.

Its pure chaos. Kids running in all directions.

Verity was a first time hunter too.

A stampede of kids.

Leave no place unsearched.

Make sure to look up in the trees too.



Comparing gold quantities.

Verity is the only girl in the group. But she was well able to keep up with all the boys.

Gold in tricky places.

Time to see how well everyone did.

Flying the Irish flag.

And we’re already eating the gold.

Recovering from the hectic gold rush.

Time to sit down to count & eat the gold.

Onto the rainbow making and cookie decorating. Verity and Owen are actually twins.

Another year, another successful St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Cullen is 7!

February 10, 2021

7 years ago today, this sweet boy came kicking and screaming into our lives. Cullen is the sweetest, funniest, most mischievous little fella. Full of complex questions that make my head spin. But this Mommas is not ashamed to admit she doesn’t have all the answers. Google does, and I will happily sit next to him researching websites and articles and watching informational videos until we are satisfied we found the answers we’re looking for. He loves everything to do with planet earth, especially all things animal and creatures. Currently he is in a feline phase. Cats, tigers, leopards, basically everything in the feline family. So trying to figure out how to celebrate his birthday, given the pandemic world we live in, was a bit of challenge. Until I came across a Cat Cafe. I mean, who knew there was such a thing as a Cat Cafe?? Well there is, and I found it. And as luck would have it, they were doing small group parties. Talk about everything working out perfectly.

Happy Birthday buddy!

Listening to the cat cafe rules.

The crazy cat crew.

Play time for the cats and the kids.

Keane bean.

This cat was so chilled. No amount of handsy children was going to disrupt his afternoon nap.

This poor kitty looked a little traumatized by my clicking camera.

Cullen came up with the design of his birthday cake. But I didn’t make it. A better baker than I could ever be made it.

Sweet faced little guy.


Joint Fall Break Adventure

February 1, 2021

Well, I did warn you months ago, the blog posts were going to be random and were going to bounce back and forth between current time and past time. The struggle to keep up with sharing life and its adventures, has been real. Pandemic living does not allow for structure and routine. One minute my kids are in school, but with one e-mail, boom! suddenly they’re out again. Then they go back, but even as I drive them towards the school, I wonder if by the time we get there, someone will be waiting at the closed gates, telling me to turn around, cos today will be a virtual day. Thats how quickly things change and it’s exhausting. I know my experience is not unique. I know everyone is living this life right now. Some have it even worse. But damnit, we’re all entitled to a little bitch and a moan.

But before I let my privileged ass slip down a rabbit hole of superficial complaining, I’m going to use this blog post to take us back a few months, to our 2020 Fall Break. We packed up our camper for a week long trip to St. Augustine, Florida with friends who also packed up their camper for a joint Fall Break Adventure!

The beaches of St. Augustine were amazing.

Keane, Cullen and their friend Ashton.

The ocean is Cullen’s happy place.

2 little besties, living their bestie life.

Keane Bean.

So much wind. Perfect for kite flying.

A visit to an alligator farm.

The eldest of the group Keane, helping the youngest of our group, Julian to get a better shot at the various reptiles.


Stare down.

Big turtles.

Keane got himself in a bit of a situation with one of the alligators.

Up close.

Love a board walk.

Feeding time at the farm. Rats are for lunch, in case you were wondering.

Best view is always on Daddy’s shoulder.

More beach time. This particular beach allowed bikes.

Cullen would stay on the beach all day everyday.

Keane’s going to try a little body surfing.

Oh yeah, Dexter came with us. This was his first ever visit to a beach. I think he liked it.

Waiting for the right wave to ride.

More kite flying.

For anyone wondering if I was really there, I was.

Spent one of the mornings exploring the area on bikes.

Keane is so obsessed with biking right now. Even during an afternoon downpour, he still wanted to get out and ride.

My good friend Cassie and I, with 3/4 of our collective kids.

BMX Obsessed

January 11, 2021

BMX obsessed! That is what the boys have become over the past 10 months. Pandemic living forced us to get creative with how we spent our days. As much as possible looking for fun outdoor things to do that gave us a mental break from the house. Thats when BMX entered our lives. A spontaneous visit to our local BMX track, has turned into a 10 month and counting obsession. The boys go there every week and have managed to pass their love of track riding to most of their friends. This guarantees them a constant supply of buddies to ride with each time we go.

On this particular day we went with Cullen’s bestie, Henry. Well, technically he’s both boys friend. Being close in age means Keane & Cullen typically inherit each others friends.

Keane is all geared up and ready to ride.

Cullen is BMX ready too.

Henry patiently waiting for his turn.

Go Keane!

Henry taking on the hills like a little pro.

Intense focus.

Keane on track.

Enjoying the chats between rides.

So proud of Cullen stepping outside his comfort zone. Up to this point I would typically run alongside Cullen as he rides the course. He doesn’t feel as confident on the track as the other boys, so he likes the reassurance my running next to him gives. But his day he was feeling ready to go solo. His awesome brother and friend stepped up to help and support him.

A big push off.

And there he goes!

Yay Cullen!

Keane back on track.

Working on his jumps.

The fans.

Pandemic Christmas 2020

December 31, 2020

Before we switch over to a new year, I thought I better share some photos of Pandemic Christmas 2020. The only “normal” thing about this Christmas, was that Santa still came. Despite restrictions and isolations, he still managed to deliver gifts. Wearing a face mask and showing himself in sanitizer as he hopped from house to house I’m sure. The morning was an explosion of wrapping paper and boxes and lots of Christmas bits. We then spent a large chunk of the day FaceTiming and Zooming with family and friends we would have preferred to see in person. But an odd Christmas to top off a very odd year.

The boys team up to open the first gift.

Cullen very happy with the new books Santa brought.

A smile of approval for whatever was in that particular gift box.

Boston was a big fan of laying on all the discarded wrapping paper.

Keane is happy with his new books too.

A happy Christmas mess.

This gift kept Keane stressed the past 2 months. He asked but wasn’t sure if Santa would approve of his request for a dirt bike. Apparently, he did.

Trying on the safety gear.

Daddy and Keane putting together Cullen’s new electric scooter. So Keane can take it for a test ride.

Trying out some new accessories for playing Minecraft with their friends.

Dexter is wrecked from all the excitement.

Oh lord. Here we go. Taking the dirt bike for a test ride.

Cullen getting to grips with his electric scooter.