Let The Sun Shine

August 12, 2019

The one thing we had while we were in Ireland, was lots of sunshine. Sunshine is not always a given in Ireland, even in the summer months. But we definitely got lucky for the 10 days we were there. It only rained 1 day, that was the day left. And rumor has it it hasn’t stopped since. But we got to spend the majority of our trip, enjoying lots of outdoor fun.

The Husband had a few days break in this busy track meet traveling schedule, so he popped over to Ireland and joined us on our day trip to Howth Co. Dublin.

As you can probably tell, Howth is on the coast, the east coast of the country.

The local fishermen.

We met up with our cousins to do The Howth Cliff Walk.

The youngest lads.

A fabulous day will bring out a fabulous crowd. Lots of people enjoying a costal stroll.

Emily, Keane and Evan, the leaders of our group.

Lots of lovely views.

When little legs get tired, they get to ride on Daddy’s shoulders. And enjoy the benefits of better views from a higher elevation.

Good clear view of Ireland’s Eye.

Keane and Emily had no interest in waiting for anyone.

They even befriended a local dog who was just out for an enjoyable stroll too.

An hour of so in and Evan’s face lets us know that the fatigue is well and truly setting in.

Cullen’s not tired though.

Emily and Keane still leading the group and still enjoying the company of their new 4-legged friend.

Hot and sweaty post walk, we stopped off at Howth beach to cool off. And to take our new kite for a test fly.

Cullen got busy with the sand castle building.

Keane takes the rocky road while Cullen enjoys the cooler, softer ocean.

Low tide.

Mussel gathering.

Befriending the local jellyfish.


August 11, 2019

Happy Monday! Prepping for a busy week ahead and prepping more photo sharing from our Ireland trip. Here’s a little sneaky peeky from our Cliff walk in Howth, Co. Dublin.

Sometimes, after the kids go to bed at night, I don’t want to sit in front of my computer editing photos, or pick up all of the house debris, or clean the kitchen for the 5th time, or deal with endless laundry, or sort through the recycles, or dust/vacuum all of the house surfaces, or prep for whatever is going on the next day or any of the other million and 4 things that need to be dealt with but can only really be dealt with once the kids are gone to bed. Sometimes I just want to go to bed too, and fall asleep trying to watching something on Netflix, or struggle to get halfway through 1 page of a good book. So last week, every evening after the kids went bed, I also chose to go to bed. We were all struggling with jet lag and the kids 4.30am – 5.00am wake up window was making any kind of daily productivity hard to achieve. So the most productive thing to do in my opinion, was sleep. This week we are all feeling much better. Sleep patterns are normalizing (boys now wake a 6am instead of 4.30am) and our energy levels are on the up. As a result, here I am, still up and its past 10pm, ready to finally get started on sharing some photos from our trip home to Ireland.

The town I grew up in (shout out to all my Newbridge peeps) now has a skateboard park and my boys loved it.

Granny got Keane this neat little knee board thing and he spent hours on it at the skateboard park the first few days of our visit.

Cullen got a scooter but here he wanted to take his cousin Emily’s for a test ride.

My niece, Emily.

Oldest nephew, Evan.

Wondering whats going on in the huddle? Its a candy break.

Mouths full of sweet treats.

Keane making friends with the locals.

And letting them take a turn on his knee board.

Cullen got his hands on a shark flag.

And used it to give encouragement to all of the boarders.

Lots of turns on each others scooters.

Hours later and these kids are finally starting to tire.

But the next morning we were back for more.

My youngest nephew Nathan (right, in blue) joined the fun.

Keane still loving his knee board.

Back To School 2019

August 1, 2019

Yesterday, this happened yesterday. And if my brain wasn’t a foggy jet-lagged mess. It would have been shared the day it happened. 4.30am. That was the time the boys woke up waiting for the sun to rise, the rest of the world to wake up and the school to open for their first day of 2nd Grade & Kindergarten. Next time, we’ll plan our trip back from Ireland not so close to the return day to school.

Keane, my 2nd Grader (that would be the equivalent to Irelands 1st class) and Cullen is in Kindergarten (Junior Infants in Irish terms).

As you can see, they are not unhappy to be heading back to school.

How fast is this growing up thing happening??

Too fast.

Yep, this happens all the time these days. Lots of messing and rough housing.

Packing Frenzy

July 18, 2019

This blog post will be less chat and more photos. The reason being I’m in a last minute packing frenzy. Tonight we fly to Ireland, YAY! Very excited to hit the homeland and spend the next 2 weeks hanging with the family and catching up with friends. And taking a break from the grueling Atlanta heat. We’ve packed a variety of clothes, cos Ireland in the summer, is very unpredictable. But we’re ready for it. See you all in 2 weeks.

Beach, beach and more beach. Maximizing our few days at The Cape with plenty of beach time.

I didn’t think he’d do it, but there goes Keane.

And a rare few photos of myself with my kids.

Cullen is not much of a hugger, but when he does opt to hug, he’s all in.

Happy beach vibes.

I can’t tell you how many times I had to bury both of the boys.

Not sure what exactly James and Keane are up to.

James says its not cold, but his face tells a different story.

Castle building right next to the ocean. This could end up a muddy mess.

Yep there it is. Can’t stop mother nature.

Keane in the midst of a big dig.

A hole almost big enough for all 4 Doyle boys.

Our final day at The Cape and it was all about the arts and crafts. Cullen and James get busy drawing over lunch.

Paul & Keane are wearing all the hats and catching up on some reading.

Cos life at the beach can be all kinds of stressful, so Uncle Jack gives Keane a massage.

Back in the creative zone.

Keane has something he wants to draw too.

Aunt Anne and Cullen are deep into a sticker project.

Paul & James are testing my knowledge for a very special quiz.

More reading.

Tablet time and more snacks.

Our last day was overcast, but it didn’t stop us hitting the beach one last time.

A sandcastle and moat in full construction.

Cullen was asked to bring buckets of sea water. You can tell by his face that he hated this job.

Paul is the chief castle builder.

Cullen adds the finishing touches.

Looking good boys.


Paul and Cullen are working on a sand shark.

And of course someone had to get buried one last time.