Fish. The Return

November 15, 2018

We had a fish tank for 2 years. I didn’t like it. It was suppose to be Daddy’s responsibility. He was suppose to keep the water clean and fresh, the chemical balance in check and the fish feed and healthy. That lated a few weeks, then, just like everything else in this house that needs to be kept alive (kids, dogs, cats and gecko’s) they end up my responsibility. So as the fish began to pass (cos fish don’t have the longest life expectancy), we stopped replacing them. And eventually, we were fish free and the tank was gone. Bye! That was until Cullen became a major fan of all things ocean. He’s obsessed with sea creatures but he’s completely obsessed with sharks and has been for over a year now. Recently we read a book about a girl who loved sharks, as much as Cullen does, and in the book her mother got her a fish tank so she could have her own “mini aquarium” at home. You can see where this is going. Yep, the fish tank is back. Its smaller than the previous one, but its back non the less. And I’m not thrilled. I’m thrilled it brings Cullen joy and he gets to engage in something he loves, but I await the moment when once again, another living thing ends up on my list of “Things to Keep Alive Each and Every Day”.

The first week we had a some casualties. Learning to get the chemical balance of the water right is a tricky business and 2 of the fish did not survive our learning curve.

But like the responsible aquarium owner he is, Cullen fished out the casualties.

That is/was “Pleaky”.

The boys prep to give the fish a proper burial and dress in some of their old Halloween costumes for the funeral.

Little sticks to mark the sacred spots of “Pleaky” and “Whitey”.

Lacrosse or Nothing

November 11, 2018

Keane waited all summer long for his first lacrosse practice. On one of our visits to Massachusetts, while watching his cousins Paul and James play, he decided that this was a sport he needed to try. So I hit up the Google machine in search of a local lacrosse teams that catered to 6 yr olds. Not an easy task as it turns out. Most clubs I discovered, required the boys to be 8 yrs old before they could play. I talked to Keane about this, suggesting maybe he sign up for Fall soccer instead. But he was having none it. It was lacrosse or nothing. So back to the keyboard, back to the Google, text messages to moms I knew had older kids playing the game to see if they had any inside info on lacrosse for younger kids. Eventually, I found a team, and luckily it wasn’t far from where we live. I searched the world via the web to find a team that was basically up the road from our house. And I can’t say enough about this team and their coaches. They were top class. Which makes such a difference to the kids enjoyment and participation. A happy kid, a well run team and amazing coaches, also makes for a happy parent.

Here are a bunch of pics from Keane’s first practice. Which was last month. You might say I’m bit behind on life right now.

Listening to the basics of lacrosse from coach Chris.

Working hard on mastering ball pick up.

Drills time!



Drop it!

Race back!

Time for team jersey.

Keane is number 26.

More skills work.

Wait for the whistle.

Now go!

Team talk at the end of a great first practice.

Sweaty and happy.

Lacrosse is a game with lost of equipment.

Drills & Skills

November 6, 2018

Last year Cullen had a more hate, less love relationship with soccer. If I had to describe Cullen and his interest in sport right now, in this moment, I would say he’s not sports biggest fan. He has moments of interest and brief participation, but overall his interests lie elsewhere. This year a couple of kids from his class signed up for Fall soccer. I asked Cullen if he’d like to sign up too? Fully expecting him to say, “Hell. No!”. But to my surprise, he said “Yes!” Wow, ok then. So sign him up I did, albeit skeptically. But in a surprise twist of events, this year he was into it. Happily taking part in all of the drills and skills. Hustling in games. Showing his inner thug by dragging on the arms and shirts of players on the opposing team when they tried to take the ball. And displaying lots of emotion (tears) when the other team scored. The exact opposite of the Cullen that played soccer last Fall. Which was nice cos that saved me a mental battle of doubt and guilt with myself, for feeling like some kind of pushy mother, making him do something he had no interest doing.

Off to practice.

Dribbling and scoring skills.

Cullen’s friends and teammate, Ashton.

Ashton was excited to share his goal scoring excitement with our other friend, Zachary.

More skills work.

Game time and Cullen with the kick in.

There he goes!

Oops, some illegal handball action.

Doing his best to get between the red team player and the ball.

Yep, watching the other team score can be emotional.

End of game high-fives cos if nothing else, we’re good sports men.

Everyone wants a “Well Done” sticker from coach.

But look who got the “Player of the Game” medal, Cullen!!

So proud of himself.

Shot with his friends and teammates.

Now off to the playground for even more fun.

Halloween 2018

October 31, 2018

One Great White Shark. One Inflated T-Rex. One Daddy Shark (Doo-doo-do-doo-do-doo). A Momma Raptor. Another amazing pre-Trick-or-Treat party hosted by our good friend Aisha and a fun evening of collecting ALL the candy. Halloween 2018.


October 30, 2018

Those pumpkins we got at the farm, are now Halloween ready. Decorated with painted sharks and fish (Cullen) and carved dinosaur (Keane).

Not a big fan of pumpkin guts.

A shark painted with glow in the dark paint.

Coming together.

A touch of fish for our ocean themed pumpkin.


A touch of paint for the smaller pumpkins.

When your pumpkin picasso doesn’t turn out how you expected.

“Momma, Dexter’s trying to eat our pumpkins”.

Nevermind, its all good. Dexter doesn’t like pumpkins.