Summers End

September 8, 2018

This is it, the last summer camp related blog post, and it also finally marks the end of summer. I have to say, Summer 2018 has been pretty fun. Lots of adventures with friends. Lots of travel and time spent with family. And lots and lots of water related activities. Beaches, lakes, pools and splash parks. Like summer should be when you’re 6 and 4 years old. Now we’re just waiting for the weather to realize summer has ended and for the cooler temperatures to start creeping in. Then we can get cracking on all of Fall related fun stuff.

But for now, lets wrap up the summer. Final day at camp and we managed to squeeze in 1 last tubing excursion on the lake.

Cullen with his big cousins.

Tubing at a cautious speed was more Cullen’s vibe. He likes to leave reckless to his brother.

Time to switch out 2 of the Doyle boys.

Keane is now front and centre.

And this time there was no holding back. Full speed and airborne.

Time to bring them in.

4 happy post-tubing boys.

Photo with our speed boat drivers George and Mark, guest appearance from a shark floaty.

Back at camp and we’re getting crafty making friendship bracelets.

All packed up and ready to go, but not before we grab some group shots in our cabin.

Time to leave our mark. Everyone signed the door to our cabin.

Cabin from the outside.

4 happy little campers.

The jokers of the group, James & Cullen.

Cullen was obsessed with the map of the camp, so we stopped by one last time before leaving.

“Bye” to our councilors and “bye” to the amazing Sue, owner and operator of this wonderful camp.

Final group shot.

Take Aim

September 3, 2018

I’m still combing through photos from the summer camp. It was only a 3 day camp, but we managed to pack in a weeks worth of activities. These kids hit the ground running from the second they opened their eyes at the crack of dawn each morning, until they literally fell into their beds late in the evening. I have no idea where they dig their energey reserves from, but it was down right impressive. I do however know where Dinara and I had to dig to get our energy from to keep up with the 4 boys. We dug into coffee, wine and the odd cider. Yes, they allow evening beverages of an adult nature at summer camp. Cos these camp organizers know, parents need to be rewarded for keeping up with and surviving each and every action packed day with their kids. Cos in the job of motherhood, you get paid with small incentives, like a glass of wine at the end of a long day. So cheers to mommas!

Its archery time!

Initially reluctant, Cullen did eventually tap into his adventurous side. He’s got his bow, he’s got some arrows and he’s almost excited to give it a go.

Keane gets a little coaching for his maiden voyage into archery.

You can tell its not Paul’s first time to channel his inner Robin Hood.

Nor is it James first time either.

Getting better.

Love the closed eyes.

A little help from his cousin.

Victory! Even managed to hit the target.

Everyone was responsible for collecting their bows.

It really became fun for Cullen once he managed to get some bows on the board.

We may need to invest in our own garden archery. Keane really enjoyed it.

Pool time!

Finishing out the day with a game night. Cullen on the putting challenge.

Paul on the bowling.

Followed by Keane.

James tries his luck with roulette.

Cullen, the silent observer in the back.

James on some kind of tossing game.

Keane looks suspicious of his fellow gamblers.

Let There Be Sun

August 30, 2018

Great plans to over share bunches more photos from the boys summer camp experience this week. But alas it never happened. All time, all attention got sucked in a completely different direction. And it wasn’t binge watching the latest “Trending Now” shows on Netflix, sadly. Nope, it was a lot less fun and a lot less chillaxing based adulting type stuff. But I finally got a window in my evening, the kids are sleeping and for once I’m not struggling to keep my eyes open, not for the next 30 mins at least. So thought I’d quickly jump on the old desktop and throw up a few more pics from Camp Emerson. There’s quite a bit more to share, but for now enjoy the moment the rain stopped, the sun bust through, the water slide was inflated and the foam machine kicked into action.

Foam Party! Thats Keane’s floating head in there.

Paul emerges covered in foam.

Cullen is going in!

Keane and Paul.

Keane’s about to be swallowed by a giant floating foam ball.

Got him!

The last of our summer adventures. True my kids went back to school 3 weeks ago, but our Massachusetts cousins still have a few more weeks to enjoy before they’re back in the trenches of education. And one of the things on their summer list of fun, was a repeat trip to Camp Emerson situated in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. Rave reviews from Paul and James about all of the activities and adventures they enjoyed at the camp last year, and suddenly there I am filling out applications and making a deposit for my 2 Doyle boys to team up with the other 2 Doyle boys for 3 days of nothing but fun at their August Family camp.

The boys had been looking forward to this camp all summer. And wouldn’t you know the day we arrived, so did the rain. But shitty weather or not, these little Reservoir Doyles are here to play.

The relentless precipitation has Cullen all kinds of baffled. So far his summer has been nothing but rays of sunshine.

Rain or no rain, we are game on!

Bumming a ride to the evening campfire from camp counselor George.

VIP transportation for the boys, while the mommas walk the muddy roads.

Despite the wetness, they manage to get the fire going.

Bright and early the next morning and we pay a visit to the camp rabbits.

Cullen finds himself a shark rock. Or was it a crocodile?

With the rain on pause we are off to begin our day of activities.

First stop, the marina for tubing.

Mark runs through the hand signals before to take to the waves.

Paul, hanging in the boat, patiently waiting his turn.

There they go!

With less of an appetite for speed, Cullen wanted a more leisurely tubing experience.

Funny guys.

Cullen swaps out to let Paul in.

Excitement and anticipation.

These 3 were all about the speed.

Wave of encouragement from Cullen.

Look out! The mommas are about to have a go. First up, Dinara.

My turn! My turn!

When you pass your camera to a stranger to grab a group shot, and he manages to squeeze you all in, on the lower end of the frame.

These Doyle boys.

A 2nd attempt at a group shot. Much better.

After lunch are we are off on a wilderness adventure.

In the middle of nowhere and the challenge is to build a shelter.

Material gathering.

Keane takes on the role of project foreman.

Lots of direction from Keane.

When you need a break from your boss. To just sit.

Keane’s vision for his and Cullen’s shelter involved a lot of rope.

The team in back in action.

Coming together nicely.

James powering on with his wilderness home.

Keane’s checking out Paul’s finished product.

Yep! It works!

Cullen test drives James’s shelter.

The Rainy Day Plan

August 22, 2018

I know I dragged it out. It basically took me 3 weeks to share a weeks worth of posts from our trip to Ireland. But life people. Life. It gets in the way of all kinds of fun and all kinds of picture sharing from exciting trips to Irish places. But here we are, the final installment of photos from said Irish trip. And I have to say, this has been one of the fun’est trips home. As I mentioned before, the boys being older now means our visits back have become more adventurous and we have started to explore different corners of the country. What was also handy was the fact that our visit coincided with a surprise but very welcomed heatwave. This only helped increase the fun factor 1000%. Out of the 14 day trip, we had a total of 2 rainy days. Now that is some Irish luck right there. One of the rainy days happened during our trip to Dingle, but we were ready for it and planned some pretty interesting indoor activities.

A misty morning, but the kids don’t care. They hung out in the back yard of our Air BnB, Keane threatening everyone with an inflatable microphone he won the pervious night at the town fairground.

Keane’s face, the face of a violent attacker. But I assure you, he loves his brother.

Rainy day adventure no.1, off to learn how to make pottery.

The people at Louis Mulcahy pottery were amazing. Rules and explanations were kept to a minimum so the kids could enjoy lots of hands on pottery creating action.

A perfect little vase.

Next on the wheel, Cullen.

A perfect little bowl.

After lunch, for our 2nd rainy day adventure, we visited Dingle’s Oceanworld Aquarium.

Stopping off in the kids activity room for some fun puzzles and face painting before venturing in to see the sea life.

Keane, the only one who wanted his face painted.

The mesmerizing sharks.

Everyone loved touching the sting-rays.

Closing out the day with some group shots for the memory albums.