Pumpkin Pickin 2019

October 14, 2019

Its Pumpkin Season!! The boys have only been enquiring since the summer as to when we’d be going to the pumpkin farm again. And when you starting making pumpkin enquiries in June, well, October can start to feel like it might never come around. But it finally did. Saturday afternoon a tribe of us mommas and all of our kids (8 boys and 1 girl) hit the pumpkin patch hard.

Can’t hit up a pumpkin farm without a wagon to transport your pumpkins.

Cullen is straight into the pumpkin picking.

While Keane is straight into the wagon.

In the absence of a wagon engine, Keane’s friend Luke provides the push power.

Ambitious choice of pumpkin by the big boys.

Still strugglin.

Good idea, something a little more manageable.

Keane in powerhouse mode.

And its in!

Luke doesn’t want to give up on the monster pumpkin.

A break from the pumpkins to play around with the duck pumps.

Ashton, Henry, Cullen and our little friend Julian there at the end.

Julian doing his best to get a look at whats going on.

Cullen and Henry getting maximum fun out of these ducks.


Keane’s got his hands on all the ducks.

Just a couple of dudes making their way to the roly-poly’s.

The roly-poly’s, always a crowd favorite.

Cullen & Henry.

A bit of a roly-poly collision.


More crashing.

Keane & Luke getting an injection of speed from Cullen & Henry.


2 youngest members of group, the twins and their first go in the roly-poly.

Ashton living his best roly-poly life.

Pause for fun snap.

Entering the flower maze.

Logan in a mad rush to find his way to the centre.

Ashton & Keane close behind.

Here comes Cullen.

And not forgetting little Julian.

As the eldest of the group, Keane feels like he’s the one to get everyone to the centre.

The rest are happy to follow the new leader.

Bingo! We made it to the centre.

Making a few new friends around the farm.

Pumpkin checkers.

The face on Ashton, whatever’s happening, he is not one bit impressed.

A tower of tiny pumpkins compliments of Keane.

Back to the pumpkins, with one of the twins, Eoghan.

And his twin sister Verity, helping Cullen make some tough pumpkin choices.

Its good to rest a minute, especially when there’s some hard decisions to be made.

Cullen is a fan of the smaller pumpkins.

This wagon is starting to fill up.

Julian wanted zero help with the wagon pushing.

And break for ice-cream.

Tube slide time.

Time to go, but not before we grab a few more pumpkins for the road.

Choosing some of the more unique looking pumpkins.

One very full wagon and 2 very happy boys.

Team Momma

October 8, 2019

In previous years our Fall break would consist of The Husband and I taking a trip or going on a little camping adventure together with the kids. Our last opportunity to enjoy the good weather before the unpredictability of winter starts to roll in. This year everything got turned on its head. The World Track & Field Championships were a whole month later than previous years, which meant The Husband was out of the country for the entire duration of Fall break. So it was left up to this Momma to find ways to entertain and occupy her beloved children for 11 full days. Yes, 11 days. To make things even more challenging, most of our friends, who’s husband or significant others weren’t attending the World Track & Field Championships, all had their own plans to head out of town on their own Fall Break Family adventures. But as luck with have it, one good friend, one, also had a husband who was away on business for the first half of the week. So we teamed up and planned a 3 day trip to the small mountain town of Helen, GA. 2 Mommas working together to make a Fall break for 4 little boys, fun.

Post breakfast on Day 1 and we were off on a hike to Anna Ruby Falls.

Cullen, with a face full of determination, is very serious about getting to these falls.

Hot on his heels, his good friend Ashton.

Bringing up the rear, Keane, little Julian and my good friend Cassie.

Pause for discussion and some observations.

Keane alternated between surging ahead and lagging behind. His pacing skills are completely random and inconsistent.

The river is looking wild. Must be getting closer to the falls.

We definitely hear the sound of rushing water.

Bingo! Anna Ruby Falls.

Boys were very impressed.

Group shot!

The rocks are our playground. Climbing…..

…and sliding.

Rest stop on the hike back.

Hey there Julian.

Boys found a rock pool they wanted to stop and fish in.

Later that day we went gem stone mining.

Panning for the rocks that will make us rich.

Keane believes he’s found something special.

Julian with a little help from his Mom.

Busy, busy.

The cabin we stayed at had a hot tub. So guess where we spent the evening??

The following morning was spent at the Unicoi State Park beach.

After the beach we took the boys to ride the Mountain coaster. 1 person is this photo appears to be more excited than Cullen about our ride to the top and back down the mountain.

After Cullen’s and my safe return back down, it was time for Keane and I to take on the mountain. Then Cassie & Ashton.

Nothing quite like a carriage ride to let the world know your a tourist.

Back On Track

October 3, 2019

And the catch up is happening. Finally, day 2 photos of our cousins trip to the lake. With the boys back in school this week, things were a little more productive up in these here parts. Some sh*t got done and I’m beginning to feel a little less battered. I still haven’t managed to get through the first episode of “Peaky Blinders”. I just keep falling asleep. Suppose the fact that I start trying to watch somewhere around 10pm, tucked up in my cozy bed, doesn’t really help with the effort of staying awake. But its the only part of the day when I get the opportunity to watch anything. Sure we’ll keep trying. One of these nights I’ll surely manage to get through episode 1.

Bright and early on day 2. Cos none of these kids know what a sleep in is, we’re up and out and ready for some tubing.

“Hi Keane”.

Cullen and James.

A lot of discussions around how fast everyone does or doesn’t want the tube to go.

James, Keane and Paul wanted a fast tubing experience, Cullen a more moderate speed. So the fast boys go first.

Cullen enjoys watching the boys get tossed around.

A bold move by Paul to “surf” the tube.

Which resulted in a overboard situation.

Time for all 4.

Cullen and I are abandoned in the middle of the lake, while the rest of the lads head off for another round of tubing.

“Bye fellas”.

We dropped anchor for a while, to enjoy a splash around. Thats Keane taking a dive.

Dinara thinks trying to push your child underwater is pure comedy.

Captain James drives us back to dock.

The group shot.


September 29, 2019

All quiet on the blog. All quiet cos the boys were on Fall Break from School all last week. Which means pretty much zero down time for a mother cos we’re busy doing lots of “fill the day” activities. And filling the days of 2 seemingly endless energy boys, will leave a mother battered and wrecked. Too battered and wrecked to do anything but crawl into her bed in the evening and pass out 10 minutes into her 3rd maybe 4th attempt to watch “Peaky Blinders” on Netflix. #momlife.

Anyway, lots to share, just searching for the opportunities to do it. Have a part 2 post on the cousins visit and trip to the lake cabin. Also during last weeks Fall Break, a fellow mom friend of mine and her 2 boys, me and my 2 boys took a trip to Helen, GA for a few days. So a post in the works on that too.

In the mean time, here are the 4 Doyle Boys (& Dexter). As captured on the final morning of our trip to the lake.

And 4 friends, as captured on our friends trip to Helen, GA last week.

The Adventure Bunch

September 22, 2019

I took soooo many photos. I always do when the cousins get together. They’re an adventurous little bunch of fellas who never stop going, so me and my trigger happy shooting finger worked overtime persevering all their together moments. A couple of weeks ago when the cousins came to visit, we took ourselves off to the lake for a weekend. Rented a dotey little cabin style house right on the water for all of fishing, boating, tubing and swimming needs.

I’m currently trying to type this post out on my phone, and I have to be honesty, it’s not going well. The phone screen while wonderful, doesn’t always give me the full view a desktop monitor would, so my sentences seem to disappear off the edge of the page only to reappear but not always in the right place. The battle of thumb size v’s key size is real and autocorrect is endlessly trying to put works in my mouth which I don’t appreciate, cos I’m more than capable of coming across foolish all by myself. Thanks anyway autocorrect. All this to say I’m done fighting with my phone in a effort to share the photos in the post, so I’m skipping any commentary on the various pics. Today, the photos will have to speak for themselves. Commentary will resume for next post as I will be back in front of my wonderful desktop by the end of the week. Until then, enjoy!