Yarn + Art = Yart

December 9, 2018

Feeling left out each time we went to the craft shop for yarn. But still lacking the dexterity to fully master crocheting, we found an alternative use of the yarn for Cullen. A use that still required him to graze the aisles with his older brother and friends, feeling like one of the big kids. Making his yarn selections for what was going to be a sea creature masterpiece. Once home, while Keane was busy getting stuck into his crochet, Cullen and I got busy sketching out the vision for his ocean masterpiece. Then armed with scissors, glue and endless stripes of yarn, we began to slowly turn the vision, into an artistic reality.

The first to be sketched and yarn glued was of course, our favorite ocean creature, the great white shark.

A completed great white and now Cullen is sketching a baby orca.

The cutting and the gluing for the yarn took a while. Each creature could take almost an hour. But it kept us busy for most of the day.

After a break for lunch Cullen decided to add a little sunshine.

Looking good.

Let there be light.

More sketching.

Its all coming together nicely.

You can tell Cullen has put in a big effort and is now starting to hit the wall.

So we decided to take a break for the day, letting all the glued pieces dry so we can continue to add even more creatures over the coming days.

Crochet All Day

December 5, 2018

Keane’s new favorite thing, is crochet, all day if he could. Life is a bit of an inconvenience right now, cos life gets in the way of his crochet time. But fear not, crochet is portable, which means we can crochet in the car on our way to school and various sporting practices and the grocery store. Hell we can even crochet in the grocery store, sitting in the trolley with various food items piling up around us. We can crochet over dinner or watching a good movie, even the waiting room of a doctors office. There’s nowhere we can’t make it work. We make weekly trips to the craft store to graze the aisles of yarn/wool. Selecting new colors and textures to work with. Sometimes we bring our crochet obsessed classmates and pass a good hour or more discussing and choosing new yarn. We’ve even asked Santa to bring yarn, 10 years worth of yarn to ensure we are always fully stocked. This whole crochet craze was kicked off at school, months ago, with no sign of it losing steam anything soon. The kids are loving it and honestly I think its great. And its cute to watch Keane channel his inner old lady. I’m also benefiting by having some very unique, one of a kind headbands, wristbands and scarfs to accessorize my daily outfits, and I often bump into fellow mom’s at school drop-off and pick-up, also wearing their now very unique, one of a kind crocheted accessories.

Captured a couple of months ago, when we’d just started out on this journey of crochet.

Why do kids never sit on furniture the way its meant to be sat on? The amount of times I tell both my kids to get off tables, to sit and not stand on chairs on a daily basis is endless.

If Mr. T loved crochet instead of gold. His neckwear would look similar.

Trip to the craft store with his friend Ella and his first crochet hat completed, for his friend Noah’s baby brother.

Craft store haul.

Working on a new hat…

…while watching Polar Express.

Wearing ALL of the crochet to a doctor visit.

No Big Reveal

December 4, 2018

This bundled up photo of woolen coziness can be explained. Just not tonight. My bed is calling and I’m choosing to heed its beckoning. I’m tired and desperate for my own coziness. But will share all tomorrow. Not that this is some kind of blog tease, leading to a big reveal. Am sure with a little imagination you could take a stab at what the story behind the images might be.

Oh Christmas Tree 2018

November 28, 2018

Like most of American, last weekend we mobilized ourselves away from the Thanksgiving leftovers, but not as you might think, to hit up the madness that is Black Friday sales. No, in this house we are allergic to Black Friday. Its a blood sport, pure and simple and we have zero interest in participation. We do however have major interest in spectating. And by spectating I mean we love to watch the Friday evening news, as they show footage of mobs of people trampling, fighting and getting arrested over heavily discounted pots and pans and flat screen tv’s. Its gobsmacking stuff. Also, in this day of online shopping, its baffling and unnecessary. So no, we did not go near any kind of store or mall on Black Friday. What we did do is hit up the tree farm and get ourselves our Christmas tree.

One of the first to arrive. Bright and early and ready to choose our tree.

Excitement pulsing through him, Keane is out of the blocks and in a mad rush to get to the trees.

As usual we go straight to the big ones.

It didn’t take long to make our selection.

And while Daddy took care of the business side of Christmas tree purchasing, the boys took off to play tag amongst the rest of the trees.

Time to load this baby up and take it home.

We’re definitely excited.

Back at home and we are ready to decorate.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a string of Christmas lights to untangle.

Shark ornaments for Cullen of course.

Gobble Jog 2018

November 24, 2018

Another Thanksgiving, another Gobble Jog for this family. A 6.15am alarm shocked me out of a deep and cozy sleep, as I fumbled around in the pre-dawn darkness, not wanting to wake the sleeping men of the house by switching on lights, bitching to myself about myself, wondering why oh why I keep doing this. My good friend Mike who always runs the Gobble Jog with me, had the car already running to defrost the windshield and by 6.45am we were on our way to Marietta Sq and the start of the 2018 Gobble Jog 10K. As per usual, by the time I finish the 10k, I have about 30mins before The Husband arrives with the kids and we make our way back to the start line for the start of the family 5k. This year Keane insisted he was running the entire race, without wagon support (aka, the stroller). So Daddy was elected Keane’s racing buddy. Cullen felt there would be some definite moments over the 5km where he may need to rest his little legs. So we partnered up and I ran close to him with the support wagon. They both did really well. Finishing more tired then previous Gobble Jogs purely cos they insisted on running most of it. And as they learned, running can be very tiring. But worth it when you cross the finish line and gain access to unlimited free Gatorade and cool Gobble Jog shirts with pictures of funny turkeys on the back.

Me, in early morning 10k action.

2 little Gobblers arrive ready to race.

Killing time before we head to the start line.

My friend Mike who ran the 10k with me.

Mike making sure Cullen’s hands stay warm and cozy on this frigid Thanksgiving morning.

The Doyle boys.

Pre-Family 5K, family shot.

Off to the start line.

Cullen’s last minute change of plans as he tells me he’s going to run with Daddy and Keane.

And we’re off.

Keane and Daddy take off.

Cullen and I trot along at our own steady pace.

But look who’s up ahead? We caught up with Daddy and Keane close to the half way mark, as they walked for a portion of the race.

Quick stop at the hydration station.

Less than a mile to go and still going strong.

Cullen’s face of determination.

The post race fatigue had some of us feeling all kinds of emotions. Cullen’s were more angry based as he lashed out at Momma for her picture taking.

Picking up our finishers shirts.

Gobble Jog finishers.

When Cullen is over it, he’s over it. Trying to sweet talk him into a photo with Momma.

I’m over it, Cullen’s over it, Keane is his usual easy going self.

Back to the car sucking down his 2nd free Gatorade.